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Humaworm Parasite Cleanse Week Two

NOTE: This blog is for my own healing, if you read and try something I do... you will be trying it at your own risk.  I do some pretty crazy things to heal, some work, some don't.  So please, check with your doctor before you do anything I do.

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In recap, I have 7 days into the Humaworm Parasite Cleanse.   It only took 3 days to start seeing parasites. 

Day Eight....  I didn't have a great night last night. My gallbladder hurt, my tongue was burning and I felt like I could almost puke.   I still feel like I could throw up, and my gallbladder is sore.

You know, It could be toxins from the parasites.... it kind of feels like when I had die off with the candida cleanse.  UGH!!  That was not a fun time.

I am having pretty good BM'S but there is a lot of undigested food in it.  That tells me my liver and gallbladder are not working properly.  Dr. Bailey told me this over the phone... now I know for sure. 

I am pretty sure my burning tongue is due to poor liver and gallbladder function because last night, everytime my gallbladder hurt worse, my tongue would burn worse.

3:00PM  Feeling much better... have gone to the pot 2 times today.  I also mixed up a batch of my herbs that seem to help with my gallbladder.  I don't know if it heals or just helps with digestion but what ever.... it is working to make me feel better now.  My gallbladder is still sore but my tongue feels better.

Day Nine...  Feeling pretty well today.  My liver and gallbladder are only tender if I push on them so they are feeling better.

My tongue is still acting up a little, but not as bad with my digestive enzymes.

Had a great BM,  still some un digested food in it, but it seems there is less... either that or I am chewing it better.

8:13PM Having a lot of dicomfort in my gallbladder and it seems to be moving to where I think my liver area is.

Around 9PM  I took a spoon full of castor oil when I made up a castor Oil pack, then I laid down and rested. I actually think it made the discomfort less on my right side. Could this be stones moving out.... I felt this funny gurgling feel like something was moving in my liver..... If it isn't stones, maybe it is worms..... HMMMMmmmm Any Ideas? Anyone?

Day Ten...  Well, I didn't sleep real well last night but I woke up with no liver or gallbladder pain so maybe the Castor Oil Pack worked. 

Had a pretty good BM... That 2 days in a row. I hope it stays that way. Getting constipated is no fun

Day Eleven..  Feeling really good today... still have some burning tongue, but my liver and gallbladder.... Well lets just say that I don't even know they are there.  So thats a good thing.

I took a nice relaxing bath then I did the Castor Oil Pack.   I slept very well last night.  Everything seems better when you can get a good nights sleep.

My BMs seem to have hardly any undigested food.... Thats Great!!

Day Twelve...  Having another good day.  It feels like I have nothing wrong with me.... well, except for a slight burning tongue.   I just hate to say how great I am doing because every time I do, I end up getting sick again.

Had 2 really good BMs today and it is still before noon.  Hardly any undigested food in them.  Just some nuts.... and not a lot.   I am wondering if the Castor Oil Pack is helping.  I am just having a hard time wraping my mind around the idea that laying an oily rag on your stomach helps with digestion....  Well... I am going to keep doing it.

Day Thirteen...  I had some strange things going on while I was trying to sleep last night. 
First, I had low stomach cramps.  Then I had these palpatations in my back on the right side.. probably where my bladder or kidneys are.  I really don't know where it was, but it kind of felt like when you get heart palpations, only on my back at the right side.

My nose also feel crawly and I forgot to mention but for the last two or three days, my eyes have felt really wet.

Feeling a little constipated today..... hmmmm going to have to take care of that.

I felt constipated earlier, but later in the day, i had a really good bm...

Day 14...  Two weeks down and two to go.    My tongue is burning today a little.  
Today I found these thread like clear things in my BM.  I don't know if they are parasites or just mucus.

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I was not paid, nor was I ask to do a review of this product. This product works and I will continue to use it and write about it. Sometimes I find a product that works and just need to write about it.


  1. Hi Terry! Added you to my blogroll on the Health and Fitness blog! Thanks for following! I'm following you too.

    I'm getting sort of scared, because I've been passing so many tapeworm segments with the coconut oil flush and now the Humaworm cleanse. Either I have a terribly long tapeworm, or a lot of them. No wonder I have no energy!

  2. I hesitate to suggest this after all you've been through, but I take diatomaceous earth regularly for worms and parasites, and feed it to my cat too so I don't have to use chemicals on him. Kind of gritty, but no ill effects.

  3. Thanks Deb!! For adding me to your blog roll.

    I bet seeing all those tape worms was really scary.... I would of been scared too. I was scared seeing round worms.

    Hope you get to feeling better soon. Terry

  4. Thanks Marti,
    I am always open to suggestions. I have heard of diatomaceous earth but haven't tried it. I should because of the heavy metals.... I am going to check it out. Thanks!!

  5. I am curious if you have had skin issues. I have perioral dermatitis, which I have concluded after much reading is a side affect of yeast. I have been doing several things to help it...but don't think I have been as strict on the diet as I should have been, so that changes today. I am still struggling with it, I have had it for over 2 years..but just recently made the yeast connection. My derm. put me on antibiotics which cause hives and a much worse skin condition. After that I started checking into natural cures. I can't wait for more follow up on your parasite blog, I think I may need to give that a try.

  6. Leanne,
    I have had skin issues in the past, but I never attributed it to candida... that is until I learned more. Now I know most of my problems came from candida.. or possibly the parasites.

    My daughter has exczema off and on... no other symptoms of candida, so she is not really doing anything about it.

  7. Hi Terry,
    I got my Humaworm yesterday and just took my first dose this morning.
    Wish me luck!!

  8. Hi Terry
    I hope you are feeling better. Do you know how you picked up the parasites? I've heard of people picking them up from raw fish and contaminated sea water but I'm wondering if there are other causes too. Good luck and hope you are feeling full of energy very soon! Katie x

  9. Katie,
    I don't know for sure where I picked the parasites up.

    I used to have dogs, my daughter has dogs and my step daughter has dogs. I also have eaten sushi.

    Dr Bailey told me 90% of the population most likely has parasites... they just don't affect most people. With candida, my resistance was at an all time low, so if I already had them.. they were able to make me sick.
    If I didn't have them I was not able to fight them off....

    I am doing so much better now that I have totally figured out all my problems.

    As soon as I finish the Humaworm, I am going to start the Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse.

  10. Katie,
    Here is a link to how you pick up parasites

    I could of gotten them from Raw Vegetables... I have no idea.

  11. Terry, GREAT works! Thanks for sharing your journey with us! I haven't used Humaworm yet, tho I'm certainly inclined to do so now! Thanks again! ~ Karen