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Do You Know What Caused Your Candida?

I am pretty sure I know what caused mine.  Well kind of.... I have it narrowed down and probably all of them together did it.

Fosamax   I was on this for about 6 months and started having really bad arthrits symptoms

Actonel   I switched to this because the Foxamax gave me problems and was on it about 2 years.  I started having problems like really bad constipation, acid reflux... at least thats what the doctors said.  How wrong they were

Antibiotics  Because of a Hip Replacement, the doctor wanted me to use high doses of antibiotics before each dental appointment.

Bad Eating Habbits   I loved sugar, I craved sugar, I ate sugar every chance I got..... probably because I had candida and didn't know it.     I would eat a hot fudge brownie sundae in place of a meal... thats how bad it got.

Oh yes.... I also believe Candida Is Hereditary

So there you go... that is what I am almost sure caused my candida to get way out of control. 
I do think I have had this since I was young but it didn't affect my digestive tract until later in life.

UPDATE!!!  I have one more reason I think I ended up with candida.   Parasites!!!  Yikes!!!  Check out my Humaworm Parasite Cleanse Review
After I finished the parasite cleanse, I started taking a very high potency Probiotic and my burning tongue went away.  I can now eat almost anything.     

Let me tell you though, if you have tried a probiotic and it didn't work, that is NOT THE PROBIOTIC FOR YOU.   I had tried so many diferent ones and none of them worked.... When you find the right probiotic, you should feel it working.

If you know or think you know what caused your candida, Leave me a comment.


  1. I am pretty sure, I ended up with candida because I (used to) drank enough Dr. Pepper to float a small ship and ate way too many things that where both "sweet" and "white".

    Getting on a bread making binge when you are already fighting candida is not the smart thing to do!!! ;)

    And I still like my sweets and fresh baked bread....but, I have cut way, way back on Dr. Pepper. Instead of a couple of two liter bottles a day, I occasionally have a glass with a hamburger or Frito chili pie.

    I do use xylitol (but not 100% of the time) and have cut back on sweets and breads.

  2. We think that mine was caused when I was very little. I was on antibiotics a ton. We have chronic sinus and ear problems in my family. I now know much of mine is from Candida. I wonder how many of my other family members have it. I a pretty sure at least two of them do but they don't believe me.

  3. Ive had candida problems for over 10 years. It sucks. I think it was many things that caused this to be in my life. I had a pneumonia 4 times as a little kid (lots of antibiotics there). Had lots of allergies all my life, ate sugar and cheese through my adolescence, in my twenties I had constant sinus infections so I had 2 surgeries and about a year on antibiotics and prednisone. All the bacteria in my stomach was killed off and my immune system was starting to be not so functional after all of that. I think it a lot of people with it also have a more sensitive body and it cant handle all of the crap that we all put into them. MOst of the foods that we shouldnt eat no-body should really eat. SOme people are just lucky or hardier and their bodies will still function with all of that stuff they are eating and ingesting. We are like the canaries in the coal mine. BUmmer though.

  4. I know I am little early, but I am out Making Friends on Monday!Following your blog now!

    Anna, The Pilot's Wife

  5. I'm pretty sure I've had some Candida issues most of my life. I had digestive issues at a young age, Chronic stomachaches with no reason for them, I started getting headaches when I was 12 and have taken aspirin daily since then. I had Mono at age 18 and now I have Epstein Barr syndrome. From that I've had chronic sore throats, and ear infections. Lots of antibiotics for that and other things. Sugar, White flour, bad eating habits, Lots of Diet coke, eventually a slight alcoholic (luckily I have been able to control that) sugar is my drug of choice.
    I must have had a cast iron stomach because eating garbage didn't really bother me until recent years. Now I have to be much more careful.

  6. I have been dealing with Candida literally all my life! I was BORN with thrush, so bad that I would choke when being fed a bottle. I was fully immunized, then received 14 shots (one each consecutive day) for rabies at the age of 6. I remember having strange symptoms as a teen; achy joints, nausea and constipation. For the past 11 years, I have been dealing with food intolerance and allergies. First HFCS, then ALL GMO corn, gluten, and now nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers). I am weary of this disease. I fasted for 21 days (drinking only live juice) and felt wonderful. As soon as I began eating again, symptoms reappeared. I am going to hit this candida HARD now. So glad I found your blog today! I'm your newest follower :)

  7. My experience is antibiotics are the number one cause of Candida. I work with numerous cancer survivors, several of whom have had one or more cancer relapses. Over the years we learned the antibiotic Doxycycline had an almost magical power over some very difficult blood type cancers. The down side is that most every cancer survivor that indiscriminately used the antibiotic ended up with Candida. We now recommend anti-Candida supplements in conjunction with any antibiotic cancer regimen. Your blog does a nice job of setting out many of the same problems we have endured. P.Dazzler

  8. "I have one more reason I think I ended up with candida. Parasites!!!"

    It was really fascinating to read your humaworm journey! Learning about parasites and candida is a revelation!

    Unfortunately the medical mafia have stopped humaworm sending products into the EU!!!

    Any other suggestions to humaworm?


  9. Anonymous12:55:00 AM

    There is only 1 thing that causes Candida and that is would you believe it...Sugar and especially Fructose. Go on a sugar free diet and eat your garlic and you will eventually get rid of it.

  10. I am not sure what is going on with me, but I spent 5hrs + in the ER the other night (using borrowed money) and they told me I likely had a candida type yeast infection on my skin which is fairly common and more so as people age (I am 66) I also have something going on with my ear - it leaks around where it is attached to my head and for a while from the inside. Doc couldn't see anything wrong, but said I likely had "swimmer's ear". I don't swim. He prescribed Azithromycin tabs, ketoconazole 2% cream, and neomycin,polymyxin B,hydrocortisone drops for my ear. I make sure I take my probiotic daily and eat yogurt to prevent other problems. But I do not really think my horrendous rash (anyplace skin touches skin) is getting any better, my ear might be, but I have to do something. My scalp itches and has big, thick pieces coming off. I feel like I am falling apart.

  11. Mine is due to too many antibiotics since I was a baby. And now since i'm in my mid twenties a bad diet and perhaps too much drinking alcohol in college. Now I have, like Judy, the skin issue. Anywhere skin or clothes that are tighter itches. I will be doing a coconut oil cleanse tomorrow and see if that jump starts the ridding some of this out of my body. Also buying multiple herbs and probiotics to help after.

  12. SMW830,
    I wish you luck. This is a long hard road to travel but you can get there.

  13. Mine was a combination of too frequent antibiotics even as a child, too frequent use of steroids for my excema, and like you, I was a sugar-addict.

  14. roxbox1711:50:00 AM

    Several things - I think I always had a low grade Candida since my 20's (46 now). Was a M&M fiend for years - that was my sugar fix instead of soda. Terribly itchy ears, hair loss were the first and oldest signs. For fun I rode horses on the weekends and horses have permanent and increasingly drug resistant parasite loads, (due to unnatural confinement to stalls - in nature herds roam and naturally remove themselves from dropped fecal matter) Horses all rotate for different strains of parasite and egg treatments throughout the year, like dogs.

    The invisible eggs are everywhere in air and horse's coats, in hooves, and they shed virus and you can just simply inhale or not clean your hands well enough and they get into your stomach. One barn had free roaming dogs and they pooped everywhere and no cleanup. I'm sure lots dried away and got in the soil over time and it became aerated into the environment. Totally disgusting and surely why dogs are not allowed in public places. I love dogs but always wash after touching / don't touch my face. If you have dogs as pets...look at their parasite cycle and put two and two together... If you are not compromised by candida, you may not get the parasites. Looking back, I did have one condition to be susceptible and likely both.

    Combine the parasite infestation with gut candida and POW - you get systemic candidiasis.

    How I ruled it in:

    I've done the spit test to confirm it, along with seeing many more symptoms like a suddenly swollen finger joint), fatigue and persistent inappropriate sleepiness, a four-month bout of bronchitis made much worse when lying down. Knocked that out with Oil of Oregano gelcaps. That's what really drove me. This coincided with beginning sensitivities (wheezing) to wheat / bread / milk.

    How I think it happened:

    A few years ago, after first son (C-Section with antibiotics; only other instance of using antibiotics was for wisdom teeth). Lowers my good gut flora. I go back to riding my horse a couple of months after delivery. I had a constant very sharp intense coughing spell only at night for several (4-6) days (coincides with swallowed larvae maturing from inhaled eggs into my lungs, which now needed to get to my stomach.) I didn't connect this to parasites until later, when I felt them break out of me! One night after dinner, where the left leg meets the groin, they cut through my intestine and wiggled under my skin and went down my leg. Felt like sawing through, I tell you. Felt like 30 of them, with my fingers I pressed my skin on my upper leg. So now they are loose in my whole body system...probably bc they are not human parasites but dog or fish or horse ones...(I ate sushi with some frequency too.)

    Not knowing what to do and thinking they'll just die on their own, a few months go by and I visit a doctor (no insurance = wait and see approach) I describe my observations and my theory, take parasite / fecal tests which turns up nothing observable but come away with immense frustration and feeling defeated and disbelieved.

    Several years more (my son is almost 7) I feel only one parasite mostly at night when I recline - he moves about and it can be anywhere from my lip to my shoulder to my elbow or fingertip. Just anywhere random. There were two at one point and one would be at each lower leg area at night and come out roughly the same time, so I thought some sort of hormone or digestive signal brought them out. Then the one.

    I still have sugar cravings which I fight, but am now going to renew my efforts and resolve to beat this once and for all. I don't know how to get a loose parasite out of my body though, I think the parasite cleanses only work in the gut. So, I may have a problem there, depending on how long these parasites live. Maybe the alkaline diet will help, I sure wish I could find more information about loose parasites.

  15. roxbox1711:57:00 AM

    Also, I discovered food grade (important distinction)diatamaceous earth (DE) and fed it to my kids, myself and my horse, and sprinkled it into his environment.

    I know I felt better, and DE is not resistance forming for animals as cuts the bodies of parasites to ribbons.

  16. roxbox,
    You know, my sister had a worm come out the top of her head and I had one come out my eye, ear and nose. I was using the Humaworm so maybe it might work for loose parasites.

    Sounds like you have a lot of these .... what about your son? Does he have any problems?

  17. Candida can also be caused by excess corisol, which is the stress hormone released by the adrenals. The build up of corisol can kill the good bacteria, which then starts a cycle of yeast growth... and then it just perpetuates itself.

    So, in addition to probiotics, it's prudent to examine stress levels.

  18. Thanks redsox!! I can remember when I used to get nervous my candida would get worse.


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