I can not digest raw vegetables ~ Raw vegetables make me sick to my stomach

Now that I am over the candida, I am having a few.....well, more than a few digestive issues.

I can not digest a lot of raw vegetables.  Vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, celery, peppers, onions, garlic, cabbage, sometimes carrots, celery or lettuce.

The cabbage I can digest if it is made into saurkraut.  Probably because saurkraut is fermented and aids in digestion.  You can't just use any has to be homemade, store bought has vinegar in it which kills me.  Not only do I get sick, but there is un digested food in my BM's. 

I find that if I take digestive enzymes, I don't always seem have a problem of being sick, but there is always undigested food in my stool.  Sometimes I can eat celery and sometimes I can't.   I haven't tried them with onions, garlic and peppers.  Those 3 have always caused me some issues.

The digestive enzymes helping but I am still having some problems.
I was told to take 3 digestive enzymes, three times a day... with meals.  I am going to continue and hopefully it helps.

UPDATE::  Although the digestive enzymes helped... I was still having some problems.  I found out I was really low on my B vitamins,  I couldn't digest Carbs either.  It was getting to a point where I couldn't digest anything, even with the digestive enzymes.  The B Vitamins helped some.... but I am still sick most of the time when I eat most anything.  My stool has so much undigested food in it that I am sure I am not getting any nourishment.

UPDATE::  I have been doing the Parasite Cleanse, I am in my 4th and final week.  I no longer seem to get as sick from vegetables and sometimes ( most of the time) I am not finding food in my stool.    I will be doing  a liver / gallbladder cleanse next and hopefully this will take care of the entire problem

UPDATE::  Just to let you know, I am now digesting VEGETABLES, plus I am now eating gluten.  Thank you Humaworm!!  Check out My Parasite Cleanse In Review

****This blog is for my own healing, if you read and try something I do... you will be trying it at your own risk. I do some pretty crazy things to heal, some work, some don't. So please, check with your doctor before you do anything I do.


  1. Sounds great, hope your enzymes get better!

  2. I'm having this problem too. It's tough because raw vegetables make up the bulk of my diet! So this makes things even more restrictive.

    One trick my naturopath told me about is drinking the juice of half a lemon a few minutes before you eat. It has the same effect as enzymes in that it causes your stomach to release acid before you begin eating. I've found this really effective actually.

    Do you know why this happens though? Like why after being on a candida diet for many months would the body suddenly have a hard time breaking down vegetables? I know that food that isn't digested properly feeds candida... Maybe it has something to do with that?

  3. Emilie,
    I am not sure why this happens but I know candida causes all kinds of things.

    I had some resistance tests done yesterday and they found my gallbladder is not up to par..... not bad but not good either.

    They also found I am completely candida free... YAY!!! Now they are working on a scar I have that is blocking my system from working correctly. They think that might clear up the gallbladder also. I hope so!!

  4. Terry,

    What kind of specialist did you see to help you get over your candida? I've tried two different naturopaths at different times, who had radically different approaches. They both helped, but neither managed the solve the problem and frankly, after a year on this diet I'm starting to loose my mind. It's just getting too depressing.

    Are you still on the diet?


  5. Emilie,
    Are you sure you are not over the candida? The herbalist I went to did not get me over the candida. I did that myself. I just use him for testing me and a few other things.

    Are you in the US? I should give you a call if you are.

  6. My email is at the top of this blog.

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  8. What specialist did you go to for your tests? I Live near Warren Pennsylvania!

  9. Kelly,
    I used to have a camp in Warren Pa. I live in Hermitage, Pa now.
    I went to my Dr for parasite testing... he said I didn't have them. He was wrong,...
    I had a blood test at an herbalist right near Franklin, Pa.

    I feel the tests are worthless, because you will know if you are over it or not. If you still have digestive problems, thrush etc.. you still have candida.