Leaky Gut Caused By Systemic Candidiasis ~ How I Healed The Burn In My Stomach

NOTE: This blog is for my own healing, if you read and try something I do... you will be trying it at your own risk.  I do some pretty crazy things to heal, some work, some don't.  So please, check with your doctor before you do anything I do.

Now that I have cured my candida, I have been working  on my leaky gut, well I am not sure I had leaky gut, but I had many, many of the symptoms.

What is Leaky Gut?

Leaky Gut is when the gut wall or intestinal lining is damaged and unable to do their job properly.  Briefly, it is when things that belong in the stomach and intestines leak out into the bloodstream and cause problems.
Here is the post I did on pictures of the inside of my stomach Pictures Of Candida In My Stomach.

Symptoms of Leaky Gut

Abdominal cramps
Fatigue or Fever
Food sensitivities
Gas and bloating
Skin rashes
Irritable bowel
Joint and or muscle pain
Memory loss
Poor concentration
Shortness of breath

Leaky Gut can lead to many things... Crohn's disease, multiple sclerosis, hives, inflamatory bowel disease, eczema, fibromyalgia, and many many other things.

What I did to heal my Leaky Gut
I used
L Glutamine
Digestive Enzymes

I took 3 digestive enzymes before each meal
2 Times a day, at breakfast and supper, I took the Rutin and L Glutamine
I took 3 Probiotics before I went to bed

Tumeric also helps to heal the stomach so a lot of days, I would eat that with my meals or I would just put some on a spoon and eat it.  It didn't taste as bad as you might think.
The herbs below are also useful in healing and restoring the mucosal barrier of the gut
Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice
  Silymarin (Milk Thistle)
Slippery Elm

Now I am not going to tell you my problems are not completely gone, but I no longer have a burn in my stomach and my food allergies are not as severe as they once were.  For me that is a plus. 

I am continuing to eat the way I have been, at least for the most part.  I have added many different foods so I am pretty happy about that.  I even made myself a small pot of chili last week... Of course I had to leave out the onions and garlic, but it still tasted very good.  Hub even had some of it and thought it was pretty good.

The burn in my stomach is gone which is GREAT!!! But as I posted before My Tongue Tingles.

I am working on the tongue now so keep checking if you are having a problem like this.

****This blog is for my own healing, if you read and try something I do... you will be trying it at your own risk. I do some pretty crazy things to heal, some work, some don't. So please, check with your doctor before you do anything I do.


  1. Anonymous4:05:00 PM

    I have the candida and leaky gut with no end in sight yet. I get very discouraged, as I can't eat any foods close together, or else I get very dizzy and disoriented. My diet is so limited I have nocturnal leg cramps, heart palpitations, etc. I am 72 years old, and am getting very tired of fighting this battle. I believe I started with this whole mess after having antibiotics after gall bladder removal. I've also been diagnosed with gluten intolerance, so no grains, not even brown rice, as I react to all grains. I keep praying for a break thru, but so far one thing leads to another. Sorry for the length, just guess it was a need to unload.

    1. I have a possible solution for all of the members here: it's buffered 35% food grade H2O2. and . It's really a miracle. I cannot take it anymore because i have severe stomach problems. I used it for 2 weeks. I noticed major change when i used 1/2 oz. twice a day with a intake immediately a glas of water after it. It works better if you use it with water (which is probably a sign of leaky gut). Everything goes away. I could not believe it. For getting rid of systemic yeast you have to use it for at least 6 weeks, which is to heavy for me. I know now that nobody will believe me because they tried everything but this is a cure if your stomach can handle it. product: liquidaily oxy aloe. Finally i have the answer and my stomach is not able to be holding up really depressing. Friends and family of mine have no problem with the product.

  2. I had the same problem with all grains.... any carbs.

    Your leg cramps could be low levels of magnesium, potassium and possibly zinc.

    About a month ago, my tongue started burning terribly. I can not figure it out...
    I am working with a lady at Humaworm who is trying to get me back on track. If you want her email... let me know. Terry

  3. Digestive disorders can lead to such problems that are unheard of.Like breathing problems even acute ones sometimes caused by gas.Therefore best way is to take care of health and look after the body.

  4. Anonymous7:18:00 PM

    What were the name of the Enzymes? I have no clue which one's to take, or how many for that matter.

  5. I think they were called Daily Essential Enzymes. I usually took one or two 15 minutes before each meal. I didn't think at first they were working, but I stuck with it and eventually got to feeling better.

  6. This is what I have!!!! I just went to the natural store today and picked up some bitter herbs, liquid multivitamin, plant enzymes, anti-yeast herb/garlic combo, and cod liver oil. I took everything at lunch time and things are already feeling better. I also cut out gluten and dairy (just for 14-21 days to help things heal faster).

  7. I have been healing for 3 years. Don't know how old this post is by I have to switch to a Paleo diet with good fats like coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, grass fed/pastured animal fat and give up eggs and nightshades. I had a lot of damage. Took me a year and a half to get rid of the Candida. I have relieved so much inflammation it's incredible. Also I have been using Thorne Biogest and Liver Cleanse. Also fish oil, multi, acidophilus and other probiotics, acv, gse, SF722. My digestion was so bad too and is still improving. I wasn't absorbing my nutrients. Had these problems my whole life. Severe depression. Just can't do too much fat or my digestion clogs up. Anyway, the more I heal the more I get burnng tongue/mouth. I can feel it's my gut healing that reflects in my mouth. It drives me crazy but I know eventually it will stop.

    1. Robert,
      I found the less carbs I ate, the more my tongue stopped burning. I tried to limit my carbs to 17 to 20 a meal. I know that is not very many but it worked for me.

  8. Thanks for this post, as well as the blog in general. I started using humaworm and the colon detox a few days ago, and at the start of day 2 I already noticed some weird squiggly stools, as well as a booger that looked exactly like a parasite. ;)

    The leaky gut thing also seems like it's going on with me. I've noticed blood in my stool more frequently over the past 2 months. Despite my diet being cleaner. I'm beginning to think maybe my body's getting rid of some toxic blood as a last ditch effort to keep the bloodstream clean? At any rate I'm going to start including the digestive enzymes. I already take probiotics regularly, and get a colonic once a month. I already did colonics once a week for about 2 1/2 months, and noticed quite the difference. The undigested food in my stool has stopped, as well as the majority of the abdominal cramping. My naturopath agreed that once a week is no longer necessary for me. Most, if not all of the impacted stools have cleared out, and I've gone from a 15 second fill, to over a minute.

    Yet things still aren't quite right. The colonics worked wonders. The humaworm and colon detox is working too. I know I'm still early in this treatment to pass judgement overall, but leaky gut does sound like it could be happening. Something just still doesn't seem quite right if you know what I mean.

    Anyways, thank you for this blog. It's been very helpful, and in a way relieving to see someone else is finding a way to win this freaking bizarre battle. Keep up with the updates, and I'll do the same.

    1. Jason, I am glad to hear the Humaworm is helping, but the blood in the stool doesn't sound good to me. What does your naturopath say about the blood?

    2. The blood's a tricky one. I tore a hemorrhoid years ago, and it apparently didn't heal right. Went through a few years of alcoholism, etc., and it happened once every couple of months. I'd feel a weakness in my midsection, and then I'd deal with that lovely flow for a few days, then it'd stop. I quit drinking full time, exercised 5-6 days a week and I'd go for about a year without it happening.

      I explained the blood to both my naturopath and my GP, and both aren't really sure about it. But it seems anytime I feel that weakness in my midsection, the blood would start. So there is some kind of correlation there. I know that the humaworm and colon detox does clear out your intestines of bacteria (both good and bad unfortunately), so maybe my gut hasn't been producing the proper enzymes for a while, and leaky gut is the culprit? My skin's been getting progressively worse over the past year and a half as well. Dryness, redness, and rashy patches all over my arms and back, despite me moisturizing my skin daily.

      I'm getting a digestive enzyme supplement later today, so I'm going to start taking that with meals. Things that have popped up lately like my gluten allergy just don't seem to add up. I've been eating quite healthy, and cut back on the booze to once a week (and improved the quality of it too), so why this would start happening is beyond me.

    3. Jason, Why don't you call the Humaworm people and try to talk to Dr Bailey. She might be able to help you. Read my post where I went to meet them. The email to reach them is there... maybe you can set up a phone consultation or something.

  9. Hey Terry, it's me again. Went to the doctor again, she doesn't believe that it's something intestinal related, so needless to say, I'm looking for another doctor right now.

    I've been doing the alkaline diet for a few days now, and have definitely noticed some changes. My stool has quite a bit of those white spots in it. I haven't experienced any blood in my stools, and my abdominal bloating is getting less and less with every passing day. One thing I did notice the first day, was a lot of abdominal cramping, nausea, and gurgling after a bowel movement. It's been slowly subsiding as the days pass. At first (when I tried an alkaline diet for a couple of days before discovering this blog), I thought I was having a bad reaction to some food. So I stopped doing it. Now I'm convinced that I'm cleaning house, and kicking out whatever nasty bastards are in my digestive tract. I haven't tried any raw vegetables (my doctor that gives me my colonics noticed a lot of undigested veggies in my stool whenever I went for a treatment), but I've been frying up some asparagus in avocado oil with soy sauce and chopped garlic, and haven't noticed any undigested food in my stools. And yeah, that combo of asparagus, avocado oil, soy sauce and garlic works BIG TIME. All hell seems to break loose for a bit, but like I said, it's getting better with every passing day.

    It also seems I don't have a gluten allergy, it's the yeast that does it. I've been avoiding pizza for a while, and mainly having gluten free crusts whenever I'd have it. Then one day someone at work mentioned that our pan pizzas (I do delivery for Domino's, so I'm willing to bet it's greatly aided the nastiness in my gut) have little to no yeast. I tried a few slices, and surprise surprise, no pain, or feverish reaction to it. I still avoid the stuff because of all the processed stuff/non-alkaline foods in it, but it was a relief to find it's not a gluten allergy.

    Anyways, I best get going and make my dinner. I'll keep you posted over the next couple of weeks as to how I'm progressing.

    Thank you very much for this blog. I'd likely be going crazy, and probably be on meds if it wasn't for this.

  10. I hope you continue to get better and better Jason. Sticking to a diet can be such a pain, but in the end, it is very worth it.

  11. "Leaky gut" is a misnomer. Histamine makes the gut wall permeable, what you are describing all over your Blog are symptoms and evidence of local gut allergies - food allergies involving the immune system but non IgE in nature. There is increasing amounts of research into this, one type of allergic gut condition is Eosinophilic Disease which we have. Candida does exist, and a small minority suffer with over colonisation - but the majority of those who do are immunodeficient or immunosuppressed. My friend;s daughter is constantly battling systemic candida infection, she is a chronically ill little girl and immunosuppressed.