Herbs And Supplements That I Think Helped Rid My Body Of Candida (HOW I HEALED MY CANDIDA)

NOTE: This blog is for my own healing, if you read and try something I do... you will be trying it at your own risk.  I do some pretty crazy things to heal, some work, some don't.  So please, check with your doctor before you do anything I do.

A few days ago, one of my blog readers ask me if I would tell them what antifungals I used to help rid my body of candida and how I did them.   Below is what I took.  I tried to explain the best I can how I did them in rotation.    You also need to know,  I FOLLOWED THE Anti Candida Diet.  I Followed this diet to the T... I did not cheat!!

Do NOT do any of what I did without checking with your Doctor!!!

Buy A Very Good Probiotic
I took  1 Capsule-3 times a day with meals.  This restores good bacteria.
I take this right along with the antifungals.   This is one of the best probiotics I have found.

Besides the Probiotics , I took a good digestive enzyme.  I am not sure they did me any good, but I took them anyway.

Caprylic Acid I took 3 capsules 3 times daily (9 capsules a day with meals)

I took caprylic acid right along with the other antifungals and the probiotic to help give the candida a good punch to hit the road.   I only took it for a couple of weeks in the pill form and then I stopped.  I sometimes use raw coconut oil and that has caprylic acid in it.   I don't think the caprylic worked well for me, but I did use it because I wanted to rotate with other antifungals.


I did the antifungals on a rotation so I would not become immune to them.  I did one antifungal for 5 days and then stopped that and then I started on another.  I Made sure not use the same antifungal again for 2 weeks 
For instance I  started with Grape Seed Extract, use it for 5 days.   Stoped the Grape Seed Extract and started Pau d' arco, used that for 5 days.  Stoped the Pau d' arco and started Golden Seal, used it for 5 days.  Stopped the Goldenseal and went to the Oregano Oil, used it for 5 days....Then  started up with the Grape Seed Extract again.  This seemed to work very well for me.

Also,  I took  a good acidolphyus with every meal and also used digestive enzymes to help digest my food.

I happen to have a lot of antifungals because I went to a health food store that was going out of business and could not pass up the great prices.

The Antifungals that seemed to work best for me were,  Grape Seed Extract and Oil Of Oregano, Pau d Arco and Goldenseal.

Grape Seed Extract...I took 3 capsules-3 times a day with meals.  This   seemed to
work very well for me.   It gave me a lot of die off so I know it worked.

Pau d' arco ...  I took 3 capsules three times a day with meals.  You can  also get this in an extract (pictured).

Tumeric Extract...I took 3 capsules-3 times a day with meals.   Tumeric is also good for killing parasites.  I also buy it in bulk at  some health food stores.

Goldenseal...I took 3 capsules-3 times a day with meals.

I chose this because it is not suppose to kill off the good bacteria, just the candida.  Who knows if it is true.

Oregon Grape...I took 3 capsules-3 times a day with meals.

Oregano Oil...I took 3 capsules to 3 times a day.     There is also oil in dropper form and I have use that also.                                 
Besides killing candida, this is suppose to boost the immune system.

This is an aggressive antifungal, with properties of oregano oil that work effectively against stubborn fungal infections such as candida.  I have also used the oil for atheletes foot, tooth and gum infections respond quickly to oregano oil.  This oil also helps me with colds and flu symptoms.

It is said that Oil of Oregano is also effective against parasites such as head lice, scabies and also internal parasites.

Olive Leaf Extract...I took 3 capsules-3 times a day with meals.

Some other anitfungals include:
Origanum Oil
Caprylic Acid
Grapefruit Seed Extract
Colloidal Silver
Barberry (this is suppose to kill just the candida not the good bacteria)

I get most of my antifungals on sale or buy one get one free.

Candida is a terrible disease and you can get so much money wrapped up into trying to get better.

IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTICE: The information and products on this website are not intended to be used for the diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention of any disease.


  1. Lady Earl6:05:00 PM

    Thanks I was wondering how to do this. I need to start some antifungals soon.

    Do you think raw garlic works better than the pills?

    1. Anonymous11:00:00 AM

      Yes! Raw, ORGANIC garlic is a miracle healer! I take 1 garlic clove each night b4 I go to bed. Cut it into tablet-size pieces and take with plenty of water: Steam Distilled or Alkaline. If the clove is too big, cut it in half and save the other half for the next night. DO NOT cook the garlic! This takes the healing property called allicin out of the garlic. You will NOT smell like garlic if you take it raw as I described above. Garlic is an antibiotic,antiviral, germicidal, antiseptic, and antifungul healer. People who've taken a clove of garlic daily have lived to 100+ yrs. If you get a cold, you can mix organic garlic minced, organic lemons juiced, and honey together to make an excellent healer called garlic milk (do not use dairy ever!) 3 lemons and 9 sm cloves garlic from one bulb plus the honey for taste - some don't care for the tartness. Take 2 tablespoons every 2hrs and get plenty of rest. Within 12-24hrs your cold, cough, sore throat and all uppper respiratory ailments will be gone!!

    2. I tried your trick of cutting the garlic into pieces. I think I am getting a sore throat.... the first in many years. Anyway, I think it is helping, slowly...
      My Hubs told me I smell like garlic though. I told him I don't care.

  2. The raw, unpreserved version of garlic is far better than any that they can compact into a pill.

    The problem with raw garlic...People are going to smell you from far away. is better to smell like garlic and get rid of the candida.

    I don't use garlic because it causes me stomach problems. Like really sick to my stomach.

    All I can tell you is...try it for a few days and if you get sick to your stomach or can't stand the smell of yourself, there are a lot of other antifungals out there.

  3. Wow! You have a nice blog with alot of helpful imformation. Thank you so much for following my blog. Im now following back. You have a great day.

  4. Thanks for joining Admirer Monday! I follow you! Hope to blog with you again soon!

  5. Hi! Thank you for for visiting my blog and following! I'm following you back.

  6. Can you tell me what worked best for you to get rid of candida?

  7. Sue,
    That is really a good question, but just remember, What worked best for me, might not work so great for you.

    The anitifungals that really worked for me was GRAPE SEED EXTRACT and OREGANO OIL. I used them at separate times and they really got the die off kicking up. That is how I know they were working well.

    What helped finish off the candida was doing the parasite cleanse. I used Wormwood and Black Walnut. I also ate cloves.
    If you go to the right of my blog you will see the different cleanses I did. Click on the parasite cleanse and it will tell you exactly how I did it.

    Believe it or not I could feel the parasite cleanse just moving the candida right out of my body.

  8. VERY INTERESTING ! I am fixing to go read more! Thanks ! I hope you will stop by my "Deal Seeking" blog sometime.

  9. Thanks for the list, Terry. Sometimes I have to find one I haven't used yet.

  10. Congrats on getting rid of your candida! Are you still following the diet to prevent regrowth? Also, how long did it take you to get rid of it?

  11. Thank You Cat. Yes I am still pretty much following the diet to prevent regrowth. I am slowly adding foods, and finding some of the things I add don't really agree with me. Like oatmeal... I love oatmeal and now have an allergy to it.

    It probably took me close to 5 months to get rid of it. I had to do the antifungals the whole time. I still take probiotics every day.

  12. Cat,
    I take that was probably closer to 6 months getting rid of the candida.

    You will know when it is gone, at least I did. I was no longer sick to my stomach and I didn't have that funny burn in my esophagus.

    If you have any questions at all, please ask.

    1. I have a funny feeling in my throat on the left hand side, also my gland seems to be swollen. It doe not hurt just feels puffy. Is that from the candiais? I am learning alot on here and have been fighting this for a year from to many antibiotics.

    2. Anna,
      I have glands in my neck that swell too. I told my Dr they seem to swell when I have acid problems. He just shrugged his shoulders. He has no idea, but I know when I eat too many carbs that it gets worse.

  13. Anonymous1:30:00 PM

    Read a study on Caprylic Acid the other day

    First, this study proves that Caprylic Acid has ZERO EFFECT on candida. (I took these as well :( )

    Second, when I open my pill, it smells like coconut, so i'm not convinced it was "Only Caprylic Acid". Lauric and Capric Acid, within Coconut DO have an effect.

  14. Anonymous,
    I tried caprylic acid early on. It had no effect on my candida either.

    My sister says it worked well for her, I know others who say it works... who knows!!

    I have it listed above as an antifungal. It just might help some and not others.

  15. Anonymous6:41:00 PM


    What kind of probiotics did you use? Trying to make sure I'm doing this right.

  16. Anonymous,
    In the beginning, I used any probiotic. Then, I found TruFlora and I could feel it healing when I had a burning tongue.

    I had no idea in the begining that not all probiotics did not get through stomach acid.

    Here is a link to their site

    If you have any questions about it, here is a number and a lady named Sarah will help answer any questions you might have.
    (800) 926-2961 Ext 3

  17. Anonymous1:40:00 PM

    I am trouble healing from surgery. I was given antibiotics and went into full blown candida mode. Help! Thanks, Domi

  18. Domi,
    Since you just had surgery, Did you talk to your Doctor about the candida? Most Doctors don't believe in it, but you might just want to run it by him.

    I wouldn't do a lot since you are healing. Eat lots of protein and vegetables. Try to cut out your sugar intake.

    Here is the anti candida diet I used.

  19. Michelle4:02:00 PM

    Thank you for your blog!! It is helping me so very much.

    I am wondering if you took the antifulgals 3 *3/day dispite what the label says?? Most of the labels say take 1 pill 1 to 2 times per day, I just want to make sure I am taking enough to kill the candida but not hurt my body.


  20. Michelle,
    If I were you, I would do what the bottle says. I did take much higer doses than the bottle said to take. But you need to check with your Doctor before doing that.

  21. Michelle7:22:00 PM

    ok, thank you.

    I was also wondering if you have any insight as to how to tell the difference between a candida symptom and a die off symptom, I have been doing this for approx 2 1/2 months and still cannot tell the difference??

    Thank you

  22. When I had die off symptoms, I felt like I was getting the flu, headache, spacey feeling, sometimes dizzy.

    Here is a post I did when I was going through it.

  23. Anonymous9:38:00 AM

    Allisin garlic is a mainstay for me. If I miss a day of it candida comes back. At least 3 tbls of coconut oil a day helps too & the oil works better than lamasil etc at stopping itches, coconut oil also helps tighten up the stools. The polish off was adding peppermint/thyme/rosemary oils in enteric coated capsules. The candida is foundationed on an imbalence in my digestive track so I take 100 billion cultures a day in enteric coated capsules (enteric coating gets it past the stmach acids). I miss one day of probiotics & my stools are so acidic it makes me bleed. Adding a lrg serving of mustard greens every day means food is less likely to lay there & burn in my stomach, also artichoke extract aids a bit in digestion. NO SUGARS! NO ASPARTAME (NEUROLOGICAL POISON) OR SUCRALOSE (15,000 x sweeter then sugar, POSSIBLY WORSE POISON THAN ASPARTAME) EITHER. JCII

  24. Anonymous,
    My Doctor just told me that until I get rid of all the parasites, I am not going to keep the candida away. So that is what I am working on.... Parasites.

  25. Is there a way to test for candida in the intestines? Im male and doctors really avoid it even though I had several yeast infections due to diet and diebetes.

  26. Bret,
    There probably is a way to test... but if you mention it to a Doctor he will probably shake his head and tell you it is acid reflux. Over 2 years I let Doctors tell me I had acid reflux. Finally I told them I was NOT spending any more money on their drugs that didn't work.

    Candida starts in the digestive tract and spreads from there.

    You can ask for a scope of the stomach and maybe they will listen to you.

  27. It amazes me how much you know about Candida. I never even knew about it until I first visited your blog. Your posts are always so informative and interesting :)

  28. Hello! I'm not sure how old this blog is, but I have been trying to get rid of candida overgrowth for about 6 weeks. I started with one diflucan, then nystatin, and have been using natural antifungals ever since. I get die off from just one pill. How long will this last? I've been out of work since all of this started? I am feeling better, but there is no way that I could function at work. I have tons of questions and need support. Please help!

  29. Hi Molly,
    This blog is about 4 years old, more or less.

    Die off lasted for me quite awhile, but it would come and go. My sister worked right through her die off. I don't know how she did it, but she did.

    My Email is at the top left of the blog. Click contact me.

    1. Hi again!
      When I try to click contact you, it won't let me. The hyperlink may be inactivated?

  30. Molly,
    Once you click contact, you have to scroll down where it says email.

    My email is terrylee5151 at aol dot com

  31. Thank you.soooo much this site was so informative an i was using it as a shopping list at the vitamin shop thanks again and i hope it continues to work well for you..

  32. Thank u sooo much site was very informed an i used it as my shopping list in the vitamin store..hope it continues to work for you and thanks again for your story an hope for the rest of us ;)

  33. Hi Jay,
    That is funny that you are using it as a shopping list. I would find mine on sale or on clearance sometimes. Once I went into a herb shop that was closing and bought a lot of the things I needed.

  34. Anonymous12:55:00 AM

    I am experiencing a yeast infection, but have also had itchy armpits and sometimes neck, and hive-like bumps there. Does this sound like an effect of candida to you?

  35. Anonymous,
    The yeast infection sounds like candida, but not sure about the hives. At the top of this blog, click contact then click on the first email up there and ask them.

  36. Thank you for this site! I have dealt with this since a child and it has so many symptoms! Recently I have dandruff along with bloating, indigestion, skin rash and vaginal infection. I take probiotics and digestive enzymes 3 times a day. I have cut out a lot of sugar and it helps a little. I am going to the health food store to get the recommended Items. You have given me hope! :)

  37. You are very welcome Hm. I hope you feel well soon.

  38. ABout using raw garlis - it is VERY important/beneficial to mince, slice thin or grate the garlic you eat and leave it exposed to the sir for 3-5 minutes BEFORE EATING. Even if you then put in cooking, the most potent aspects of the garlic are then active.
    All the BEST!! Dana

  39. Thanks Dana,
    I don't use the garlic because It smells so bad. My sister used it and none of us could stand to ride in a car with her. We wouldn't even stand near her.

  40. Terri, if I wrote recently to try to switch herbs every 10 days. Every 5 days would be optimum.

  41. Colleen9:10:00 PM

    Hi Terri!

    Love this blog! I have done a few para cleanse/candida cleanse before and now feel I need to cleanse again. I have body acne that won't go away...over 6months. I chronic sinus issues and just that feeling of no energy...feeling of being blah. I have acid reflux and have to be careful with taking herbs as it may make the reflux wacky. Can you give me a suggestions to which anti fungal herb(s) to start with along with the candida diet.
    Thanks so much for this blog!

  42. I don't know if one is better to start with than another. There are a lot of good herbs out there for candida.

    Grapeseed extract worked well for me, so did Pau D Arco. Some swear by caprylic acid, although I don't think it worked for me.

    Do you think maybe you still have parasites?

  43. You said you take the antifungals 3 times a day with meals along with the probiotics. While researching candida diets and antifungal and probiotic recommendations it seems as though as lot of people say to leave at least 3 hours in between doses of antifungals and probiotics. However, this is making it difficult for me to get all the doses in during the day. Are you taking them all together with a meal? Do you discredit the idea that they cannot be taken in conjunction with one another?

    1. Anonymous11:19:00 PM

      Hello - I'd like to share a tip that has helped me get all the doses in per day, especially if something is to be taken on an empty stomach......what I do is leave any one supplement supplement in the bathroom so that I can take it in the middle of the night or very first thing when I awaken in the morning. This gives me more hours to take several supplements and is especially handy if one needs to be taken w/o food !! Hope this helps!

  44. Noelle,
    You need to do what works for you. If you are sticking to a diet and taking the antifungals you will know if it is working if you have die off. If it isn't working keep changing until it does work.

    I am sure I didn't always stick to a certain protocol. Sometimes, I would take them right before I went to bed and when I got up the next morning. It will be much easier for you to stick to this if it works for you.

  45. Anonymous2:59:00 PM

    Hi Terri,
    I have been batteling candida for 3 years now. Did you have any yeast infections?

    1. I never had a lot of yeast infections but did have them now and again. My sister had terrible yeast infections that wouldn't go away. She is better now that she has taken care of the candida.

  46. My body was riddled with candida and this is how I got rid of it.
    Neem capsules (I make them myself as I have several tree in my garden)
    Life yogurt 3x a day and with every meal or snack natures bounty 3 garlic tablets and 200mcg folic acid (to a total of 1200mcg)
    while following the candida diet (no bad carbs)
    for the viginal type and BV also douche with equal part peroxide and water once a day (and after intercourse)
    incorporating raw unpasturized apple cider vinegar into your diet will see very fast result (I had chronic candida and have not even had a flare up in 3 years)

  47. Lucy you to have a neem tree or two in your garden. I can't even get it fresh here. I have tried the dried but it just didn't work.

    I am now rid of the candida... but it took a long time. Happy to hear you are also candida free.

  48. Carolyn from MN11:50:00 AM

    What brands of capsules did you use? It is hard to see in the photos. I took NOW oregano capsules, 3 a day for a month, and they didn't do anything for me. My sister did the same, but made her own capsules which of course WEREN'T enteric coated, & she got rid of her candida that way.

    Garlic doesn't seem to do anything for me... I am taking clove oil now, because rosemary oil didn't work, I think I pooped out candida twice, but not for a few days now, was hoping for more. I've had it at least 7 years now (I didn't have money to treat it, but have been on the diet & taking 1 probiotic a day & a serving of cultured cabbage.)

    I am also going to start on unfiltered ACV today. But I don't know how long I can keep that up. I bought it secretly, 2 bottles. I hardly ever get to go shopping by myself. (my living situation is complicated).

    1. I think the capsules were natures answer... but I did so many different things that it is hard to say which one worked exactly.

      If you can handle the ACV, it might just do very well for you.

  49. Carolyn from MN12:21:00 PM

    Did you take the oregano oil drops straight?? That stuff burns.....
    I'm drinking chamomile tea after meals instead of taking enzymes. Also drinking burdock tea 3x a day, & dandelion root tea to support my liver. I get those free. :)

    1. Carolyn,
      I did do the oregano oil straight. It tastes so bad I didn't want to ruin anything I was eating or drinking.

      Great that you are getting the burdock and dandelion free. You must be digging them.

      I did liver flushes to help my liver. I have it posted on my blog somewhere.

  50. Carolyn from MN5:01:00 PM

    How many milligrams were the grape seed extract pills? How many milligrams, then, did you take per meal? There are 100, 200, & 50 available.

    1. Carolyn,
      Sorry, I am not sure... but I was using as high of a dose of things as possible. I was probably over dosing, but at that point, I didn't care. It has been so long since I have treated candida that I have a hard time remembering.

  51. Carolyn from MN2:49:00 PM

    How many drops of oregano oil did you take at a time? I just did a parasite cleanse (which I don't notice any difference from) & am going to order a bunch of anti-fungals this week.

    1. Carolyn,
      Can't remember how much I took. It was on the bottle and I did it 3 times a day if I remember right.
      What brand of parasite cleanse did you do because some don't work well for me either.

    2. Carolyn from MN12:59:00 AM

      I was just wondering if you took more than the recommended dose. My instructions say to take 2 drops. If I want more, I'm supposed to dilute it with oil.
      I took something called Para-cleanse but I don't know the brand. Already recycled. I just don't think I should have a lot of parasites because I eat diatamaceous earth every day.

    3. Carolyn,
      I did take more than the recommended dose. Lots more.. but I don't recommend doing that. Not sure how safe it was doing it.

  52. Carolyn from MN2:51:00 PM

    Also how many drops of Pau d'Arco?

    1. Carolyn,
      I can't remember any longer how many drops I took. It was so long ago. Usually on the bottle they give you an idea of how many to take. Sorry... it has been years since I did a candida cleanse and now when I do a parasite cleanse I use the Humaworm

    2. Carolyn,
      I did a lot of liver flushes. Lots of them. I still try to do one every month. I feel it cleans out all the toxins from our livers and that is very important to keep me healthy.

  53. Anonymous2:41:00 AM

    I'm Native American and the elders say the BEST herb for their antifungal/candida problems -- is trumpet vine. Jesse Whiteraven

    1. Thanks Jesse,
      I am going to tell people to try trumpet vine when someone emails and asks me.

  54. Anonymous5:16:00 AM

    My own has lated for 20 years now and I wanted to get married and I want to ask is it transmitted through sexually and does it affects sperm count or stop people from having babies

    1. Some women that have candida have yeast infections and that can be passed along. As for affecting sperm count... I have no idea. You need to talk to a Dr about things like that.

  55. Anonymous3:14:00 PM

    So you take 15 capsules before every meal?

    1. I really don't remember the dosage but I think I took mostly 3 capsules 3 times a day,... maybe 4 times.

  56. Anonymous10:09:00 AM

    You didn't mention zinc sulfate? That stuff has put my candida into control (that and the change in diet).

    1. I have never used zinc sulfate. I learn something new everyday. Thanks for the heads up.

  57. I hope that I've not been doing things wrong, but learning how to kill this crap!!
    I've been taking Turmeric 500 mg.(2-once a day), Grape seed extract, Oregano Oil, Colloidal Silver and Barberry all at the same time...everyday and not alternating anything. Just all at once everyday. I see where you said that you alternated. Should I take them together like that or would it be best to do one for a week, then go to another? It wouldn't hurt me to do the way that I'm doing, if it doesn't hurt me..right? I don't want to build up and immunity to it. I didn't know @ that, until I read what you posted. Am I doing this wrong?
    I have Lyme and it's co-infections of Bartonella and Babesia, Systemic Candida and Addison's, which was the Candida. Now, I read that online that Candida did cause Addison's. What are your views on that, may I ask?
    Oh..I have one more question for you. I was recommended to take the Grapefruit Seed extract, but still on a lot of Doc ordered meds..Fentanyl Patch(50 mcg every 72 hours), Hydrocodone/acet. 5/325 mg.(2-3 x a day-as needed for breakthrough pain) and with the Addison's, take Hydrocortisone 5 mg. tablets-3 x per day. I also take allergy meds and GSE will interact with a lot of what I'm taking. I've read where taking GSE will make your meds release more and don't want that to happen, with such strong pain meds. I just wandered how you felt @ using it. My LLMD told me to take it, even when I told him of my meds and being worried that it says no Grapefruit. :o
    Thank you ever so much for your site. It really is proving helpful and I'm learning so much. :)

    1. If what you are doing with the herbs is working for you, then I would keep on doing it. Listen to your Dr... if he says no grapefruit then that is exactly what I would do.
      Have you changed your diet. I found that eating as few carbs as possible starved the candida. I think finding the proper balance in diet is much better than any of the herbs you can ever take.
      I have a candida diet on this blog, but I really think it offers to many carb choices.

      I think candida causes many, many health issues so it probably can cause Addisons.... but I think Parasites is the cause of most people having candida.

      I have done a lot of parasite, liver, colon... all kinds of cleansing. For me, they help me stay candida free.... or at least as free as I am today.

      I have noticed if I eat too many carbs, my tongue will burn. So, I try really hard not to eat many. The problem is... It makes you feel hungry most of the time.

  58. Hi Terry - I just stumbled upon your blog a few months ago (Nov 2015). I love your blog. Thank you so much for sharing with us. I know it is not an easy thing to do from a personal privacy and amount of work aspect. May God bless you for that! I never comment but I have to say this regimen has provided me with the most success. I've tried tons of things from niacin, h2o2, acv, oregano, cinnamon, cloves, vit c, probiotics, no sugar, no carb, lufeneron, tissue salts...I mean, it everything under oh yeah and let me not forget the ever potent turmeric (made myself really sick on that one time taking 3 tbls 3 days in a row - DO NOT DO THAT). Anyway, the things I've tried in the past helped and may be why I was so responsive to the regimen you tried. I did one circuit in mid Nov - mid Dec then switched to the humacleanse parasite and colon cleanses (with the antibiotic and liver cleanses on standby after I'm done) But unfortunately my symptoms (throbbing sore scalp and neck and body aches) (I also have many of the same symptoms you describe but these are the most bothersome to me) have returned now (1/21/16) (I'm including dates for reference but will refrain from doing so if I shouldn't-shrugs). Anyway I'm going to start back up with the anti fungal rotation and I was wondering how many cycles of the herbs did you do? Did you take a break in between?

    Again, you deserve a humanitarian award for the work you've done here. I offer you my sincerest gratitude - peace and love 8> :)

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    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


  59. I haven't posted this yet, but my sister and I have discovered something we think is related to Candida.
    Uric acid. After both of us have tried to get our pH levels in balance I said to my sister, I bet if her urine is at acidic levels and so is her blood.

    I bought a uric acid flush and some amazing things started happening. First off my pH is more balanced than it's been in a long long time.
    My tongue also quit burning.

    My sister was having trouble with bladder infections plus yeast infections. They completely went away. Anyway now both of us swear by the Uric acid flush .
    I'm sure it hasn't cured everything on us but it sure helped out with A lot of things


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