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Heal Boils And Cysts

NOTE: This blog is for my own healing, if you read and try something I do... you will be trying it at your own risk.  I do some pretty crazy things to heal, some work, some don't.  So please, check with your doctor before you do anything I do.

When I was young, my sister got boil / cysts quite frequently.   I have only had them a couple times in my life.   Here is a picture of my last cyst / boil.

This came after doing a parasite cleanse.   I am convinced that some boils are really parasites in disguise.
Did you know that if several boil appear in a group it is called a carbuncle

Here is what I did to heal my boil

I put a hot compress on it for about 15 minutes a couple times a day

I used Boil Ease, it is an antiseptic Drawing Salve
When my boil came to a head, I squeezed it, but you should not do this.  You could get it infected.

Other Home Remedies That Are Suppose To Help Heal Boils And Cysts

Blackstrap molasses
castor oil
hydrogen peroxide
For me, the drawing salve worked great!

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