My Parasite Cleanse

If you have Candida, you most likely have PARASITES.   Kind of a scary word PARASITES.  I don't know if I had parasites for sure but I decied to do a parasite cleanse anyway. 

At the end of this post,  I explained how I did my parasite cleanse.    I did a lot of searching before I decided what to buy  to do my cleanse. 

For 2 weeks I did  Black Walnut and Wormwood Complex, which by the way is ALCOHOL FREE.  This also has cloves in it but I still chewed 10-18 or more cloves.  Even if I didn't need them, they freshened my breath.   I did 30 drops of   Black Walnut and Wormwood Complex 3 times a day along with the cloves for 2 weeks. 
I had only done the  Black Walnut and Wormwood Complex about 2 days and my Candida seemed to get better. 
After 2 weeks of Black Walnut and Wormwood Complex, I started doing  Oil of Oregano Capsules.   You can also buy a Oil of Oregano in a liquid form ,  but I decided to do the capsules.   I took 3 capsules, 3 times a day along with the 10-18 cloves.
 Oil of Oregano has a lot of healing properties which I will get into on other posts.

Here is exactly what I did for a PARASITE CLEANSE

30-50 Drops Black Walnut and Wormwood Complex 3 times a day for 2 weeks.  If you want you can also do 10-18 cloves 3 times a day right along with the  Black Walnut and Wormwood Complex.
Then I stopped the Black Walnut and Wormwood Complex and did

3 Capsules Oil of Oregano 3 times a day along with the cloves.

I switched  from the  Black Walnut and Wormwood Complex to  Oil Of Oregano Capsules every 2 weeks for 2 months.  I continued eating the cloves right along with both of them.

I took a 2-3 week rest.  If there are any parasite eggs left, this will give them time to hatch.  Now you can start again for one month. 
30-50 Drops Blackwalnut and Wormwood Complex 3 times a day for 2 weeks.
Stop that and start  Oil of Oregano Capsules (3 capsules 3 times a day) for 2 weeks 

This cleanse should kill all the parasites and eggs.

Black Walnut Hulls (from the black walnut tree)

Wormwood (from the Artemisia shrub)

Common Cloves (from the clove tree), Most of you probably have these in your kitchen.
One thing about the cloves.....they stained my tongue brown.  It will go away so don't worry.

I used the three herbs together.
Black walnut hull and wormwood are very effecetive herbs that kill adult and developmental stages of at least 100 parasites.
Cloves help to kill the parasite eggs.

I still have no idea if I had parasites but this cleanse has improved my candida some, because of the black walnut and wormwood.   I now have both of my sisters doing the parasite cleanse using  Black Walnut and Wormwood, plus the Oil Of Oregano.

   All 3 of us have Candida.  I am pictured in the center.

UPDATE::   I just wanted to let you know that this did not seem to help at all with the parasites that later I found I had.  It did help some with the candida but about a week or so after finishing it.... It seemed like I was as bad as before I started.  

Since this post, I have found Humaworm who sell a really good Parasite Cleanse.  Here are some of the posts I have done while using it.

*I was not paid, nor was I ask to do a review on any of these products.  I do them to keep track of how different products work for me.  Sometimes products I use don't work and then, Sometimes I luck onto a product that works and works well.


  1. Wow, all 3 of you have candida. I guess misery loves company.

  2. Have you ever heard of people taking food grade diatomaceous earth? I have heard a guy on the radio who takes a tablespoon daily but I never really knew why. Then, we started feeding a stray cat who had been hanging around and he is pooping in my flower beds and I started worrying about him passing worms to us and any future dogs we might have, so I checked into diatomeceous earth and was amazed to see that it is connected to cleansing of bacteria in the gut, and is credited with absorbing the toxins of Candida so they can be safely eliminated. Anyway, I bought some today & plan on logging my progress. I am having a little problem dealing with the ick factor of swallowing the stuff right now.

  3. Marti,
    I am going to keep a check on your progress. I hope it works....I am going to do some serious checking into it. Terry

  4. Anonymous3:01:00 PM


    I am tyring to make sure I do this right. I have Candida and am looking to do the parasite cleanse, do I do the humaworm or the black walnut & wormwood complex? Is there several parasite cleanses I can buying one at my local natural health food store? Any feedback as to what to do first would be great.



  5. Angela,
    The first parasite cleanse all my sisters and I did was the one above which is wormwood, black walnut and cloves. We seen no worms!! So we thought we didn't have parasites.

    About a year later, all of us started having issues or.... maybe they never really went away.

    I called Dr Bailey and she told me I had parasites... over the phone she told me this. I didn't believe her but did the Humaworm parasite cleanse anyway. Holy Cow was I surprise. Worms galore!! I was poluted.

    For me the Humaworm worked and the other didn't. If you want to talk to Dr Bailey, she will talk to you for free. Click on her link on my blog and her phone is on her site.

  6. Anonymous11:05:00 AM

    I will try to get ahold of Dr. Bailey on Monday. I am worried that my body can't handle the humaworm cleanse right now, I am so weak with severe fatigue, have headaches, nausea, burning sensations on my head & throughout my body at times. Would it help to do the wormwood first? I am following strict diet and taking antifungals for my candida. Just nervous so any advice would be great.


  7. Hi Angela,
    My sister had burning sensations on her head. She ended up getting a lump up there that they said was parasite.

    I don't know what to tell you about the wormwood except it didn't work for me alone.... or with the back walnut and cloves.

    You know clove destroys the eggs. I am doing that now with cinnamon and ginger. I also do garlic powder, onion powder, sage and tumeric.

    It sounds like you are having toxins from all the die off. Headaches are usually a sign of that.

    Could your liver be bad? Your problems sound so much like mine did, except I didn't have the burning on my head or body. My tongue burned. I still think it was my liver.

    Have you ever done a coffee enema? I was doing that for 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off and it really helped me. I don't know if it will help you. I ended up getting liver flukes out with that.

    I can't do the coffee enema right now because I am on a cleanse and don't want to wash the herbs out.

  8. Anonymous9:38:00 PM


    You said you are doing cloves right now, how? Also, did your sister feel the parasites in her head. I don't know if I'm losing it or not, but I feel like I can feel the parasites now on the top of my still burns off and on but I feel like they are moving in my head. I did start the coffee enema you think I'll have bad reactions to it? Isn't it just getting rid of toxins and die off I've already killed? Sorry for all the questions, what I wouldn't give for a phone conversation with you.

  9. Angela,
    What I am doing now is 1/4 teaspoon each of garlic powder, onion powder, thyme powder, sage powder, cinnamon, clove powder and ginger powder.

    I mix the garlic, onion, thyme and sage together and take 1/2 teaspoon 2 times a day.

    The same for the cinnamon, clove and ginger.

    They taste terrible... you can put it into caps but I usually sprinkle the garlic mixture on a salad or vegetables and the cinnamon mixture I mix into applesauce or something like that. Sometimes I just eat it off the spoon. Really bad!!!

    My sister did fill funny in her head and it would burn quite often. I wish she were here to talk to. She doesn't have a computer.

    Yes, the coffee enema gets rid of toxins and really seemed to work for me. I actually miss it. It cleans the liver... I think I read that somewhere.

    I don't think you will have reactions to the coffee enema, ... your liver might get a little sore feeling... especially if you have liver flukes that are trying not to get washed out.

    No problem with the questions, ask what ever you want. You can also email me,.

  10. I forgot... I also chew on whole cloves throughout the day. They burn my mouth sometimes... but I chew them anyway.

  11. Thanks for stopping by CLB CeLeBrations. Your blog has some great information and after reading some, I am curious as to how one makes oil of oregano. I must research this! Thanks for the tips!

  12. Hi Bovee Family,
    I don't make oil of oregano... I buy it.

  13. Anonymous12:50:00 AM

    so why do you need to take all that other stuff if your're taking humaworm? shouldn't that do the job by itself??

  14. Anonymous,
    This post was written a year or so before I discovered Humaworm.
    Not only that.... I am always trying new things.

  15. Your blog is fascinating and full of information. Thanks for sharing your journey. I recently finished round 2 of harsh antiobiotics for h pylori. The first being 18 months ago. For a month now I have tingling and muscle weakness on my left side. MS has been suggested by doctors which frightens me, but can't help thinking it is related to the h pylori,meds,electrolyte imbalance, and candida has always been an issue. Constant loss of appetite lately and diarrhea. Doctor had me do a stool sample to test for infection and parasites-results not back yet. Drinking vitamin water and using magnesium oil is helping probable electrolyte imbalance which affects nerves and muscles. Came across Humaworm today and then your blog while looking for reviews. There are many things I would like to treat. Where do you suggest I start? Sorry for length. You can email me at Thank you!

  16. I think you rock, putting out all this good info. I've been working on my candida for two months so far and I'm slowly getting to where I feel I've got a shot at killing off this stuff. I figured out on my own that I had candisis about two months ago. I knew there was something wrong with my insides, but my doctor wasn't trained in this area. Whose gp is? I got a clue from him about 10years ago when he gave me something for mouth thrush. After languishing for 15 years with this stuff in me (30 actually) I retired which gave me the time to study my problem. Today I'm on the right course, encouraged by your blog. How assuring this is to have a peer and peer group like you and the people who follow you. Great website. It's gonna be a long road but I'm gonna contain and then kill this monster inside me. Thanks for your honesty, integrity, and intestinal (a little play on worst there) fortitude.

  17. Thanks Brian,
    Candida and parasites are not easy to beat but you sound like you are ready take on the struggle.... and believe me it is a struggle.

    Let me know how things are going for you.

  18. Anonymous12:29:00 PM

    Ok. I have a question. I've been doing the parasite cleanse (black walnut/cloves/wormwood - I'm just starting my 2nd week. I've not really noticed a change in my body, but I have noticed what looks like black pepper in my stool? Are these eggs!?! IDK. I haven't seen any worms. Also, when I'm done with this cleanse I'm going to do a colon cleanse, when can I do the Humanworm cleanse?? Thanks.

  19. Anonymous,
    The black things some people say are dead candida, but who knows. Not sure myself what they are.

    I wait 3 months between parasite cleanses.

  20. What is your diet.

  21. Dawn,
    I range between the candida and alkaline diet. Both are on my blog. I do eat fruit, but didn't until I had the candida under control.

  22. Anonymous5:14:00 AM

    Did you think of vitamin b12 deficiency?

  23. B12 was one of the first things I tried to take care of... With candida, you become deficient in most every vitamin and mineral known to man.

  24. Anonymous6:03:00 PM

    What i your opinion on prescription drugs such as albendazole, compared to herbal remedies such as these?

    1. I can't answer that. My Dr would not believe I had parasites and wouldn't help me at all. The one who I found that did believe told me to keep using the herbs because the other would be hard on my liver.

      I am now parasite free... or think I am. Doing very well but it took time and patience.

  25. You can always do the stool test for parasites. Did you ever tried to do the pH balancing accordingly to "The pH Miracle" for example? It is about cleansing, detoxifying and alkalizing.

    1. Thanks leilani, This post was a long time ago. My sisters and I are doing very well now.
      As for the stool test. I had had 2 of them done by Drs. They told me no parasites.... but they were completely wrong.

  26. Did you feel dizzy and confused on the black walnut? I have just tkaen some tincture in water and I feel really dizzy - like I am underwater. Should I be worried? I know it has toxins in it, and I am really scared.

    1. JR Read my post here. This is what happened to me.

      You have got to do what you think. I am not a Dr and won't or can't tell you to stop or continue with the black walnut. This blog is just my own resource.

  27. How do I get in touch with Dr.Bailey?

    1. Their email is in this post. I went there to visit a couple of years ago.