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Athletes Foot (feet) Cure ~ Or So Some Say

Do any of you or did any of you have athelets feet that seemed to come back again and again? This is just another one of those candida symtoms I did have.

I have had trouble with this since I was in my 20's I am now in my very late 50's, and I mean very late. So that was 30 years of off and on athletes foot. I did learn how to keep it away and never had much of a problem unless I got lax with my method. I was also very, very careful not to infect anyone else.

I always used to keep medicated foot powder or athletes foot powder on hand and every night after my bath I would put it between my toes. This worked very well but the problem was still there and would sneak up on me when I least expected it.

I kept this athletes foot problem very well hidden from everyone. I don't think my Husband ever knew and I don't know if my Daughter did either. It was my embarassing little secret.

Since giving up PROCESSED SUGAR in June 2009, I no longer seem to have the problem. I never use the foot powder any longer and I seem to be just fine.

It just seems so strange to me that this Candida can affect the body in so many ways and giving up sugar along with other things like taking a very good probiotic cured my athletes feet.I know I posted earlier about Reocuring Athletes Feet, although my problem is cured, I wanted to let you know how I alleviated it.  This method only masked the problem.  I did not completely cure Athletes feet until I went on the  Anti Candida Diet

Athletes foot is a condition of the feet that is caused by a fungus.  It looks similar to mold and the feet become infected, itcy,  cracked and moist.

Here are some tried and true ways to stop all the symptoms of Athletes foot.  Like I said... these methods do stop it... but it came back until I did the Anti Candida Diet and the parasite cleanse.

Oil Of Oregano is my personal favorite

I put the Oil of Oregano directly on the infected area, put on a clean white sock and go to bed.   You will see a vast improvement the next morning.

Another good thing to try is Pau D Arco Drops
You can buy this in  other forms besides drops but the drops can be applied directly to the infected area.

Oh yes....If you are brave, you can try garlic.   Chop the garlic up and put it between your toes, put on a clean white pair of socks and go to bed.   When you get up throw the socks away, you might have to change all your bedding because the garlic smell will be in everything......including the matress.    Plus Garlic Burns

Here are a few other things I do.

Collodial Silver
Tea Tree Oil
Olive Leaf Extract

Before trying any of the above, check with your doctor.


  1. I suggest horsetail and apple cider vinegar. Visit my blog and let me know if you want the recipe.

  2. I'm going to give all these a try - hubby has really bad athletes foot. Not sure that I would have the guts to use the garlic though!

  3. Anonymous11:40:00 AM

    I have cracked itchy feet and I noticed that it completely disappeared when I was back east to Ohio where there water is more acidic then in the west. I also swam in lake Erie off and on for two weeks. Somehow my foot problem gets worse when I shower or swim in alkaline water. Anyone know why that is?

  4. Anonymous,
    I wonder why that is too! Maybe because you are out getting more air to your feet and not having them closed up in shoes all the time.

  5. Candida thrives in alkaline environments. If you increase your intake or caprylic acid (extra virgin coconut oil) that will help. I blend Tea Tea Oil with Coconut oil as a base and use it as a topical antifungal rub. It works great. But sadly i have to sat eliminating sugars via the candida diet is probably the only way to really get rid of candida overgrowth.

    Good luck!

  6. elgope,
    I don't have athletes foot any longer. Not at all .... hope it never comes back.

    Caprylic acid for some reason never worked for me.

  7. Anonymous12:19:00 PM

    How do know if it is cured?

    1. If it goes away and never comes back... then it must be cured. That is the only way I know to tell.

  8. For the burning sensation at night, I wash my feet with cold water and oat dry. Apply lotion and let the fan blow in my feet.

    1. I have never tried that Paleo Moxie. I don't have a problem with that burning much on my feet. Once in awhile when I am on my feet for a long time they get a funny feeling sensation.... and they hurt.