I have completed Stage l Of The Candida Cleanse

Before I really get started on this post, I want to tell you I AM FEELING GREAT!!!  This has been a long time coming because I had no idea what was wrong with me.   Now that I know I have CANDIDA, I am treating it,
To get started on my Candida Cleanse, I started eating very differently than I had been.  .  I ate mostly vegetables, I bet more that 60% of my plate is filled with vegetables.  I also ate a little protein and NO PASTA, POTATOES OR ANYTHING THAT RESEMBLES A CARB.

I used  some very powerful antifungals.  

Pau d' arco is a natural antibotic and a VERY powerfull anti-fungal. You can also getPau d' arco in a liquid or capsule form.    Both of them are very good, the capsule is more convenient when you are on the go a lot.

Pau d'arco contains selenium, one of our bodys natural defenses against yeast infection.  It is an  antifungal and aids in the elimination of candida. It fights fungi that promotes athletes foot and other fungal skin infections.   It has also been shown to be effective in treating other infections such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, strep, and dysentery. 

Oil of Oregano is another VERY POWERFUL antifungal.   This is my favorite and gave me some pretty powerful Die Off.  That is what I wanted....lots and lots of die off.

Oil of Oregano treats both internal and external candida.   Oil of Oregano destroys all varities of fungi and yeast, regardless where they reside. 

We can't forget Acidophilus
You need to take a really good Acidophilus to put the good bacteria back into your system. 
Here is what I did in the Stage One Candida Cleanse,
I completely changed my diet....No sugar, No fruits....No NOTHING SWEET.   I stopped all flours, grains, seeds etc for awhile.  You have to be careful because you can get yourself into BIG trouble doing stopping all grains without help from a professional.  I got myself into trouble with constipation by stopping all the grains etc.
Take antifungals and probiotics, with meals.   I took 3 antifungals with each meal but that might be more than your body can handle....or maybe it is not enough for you. 
Now that I am finished with stage one, I am on to stage two.    I am so excited to be healing and feeling so well.  I never want to go back to where I was.  


  1. Anonymous6:12:00 AM

    I really need to start on a program like this to get rid of my candida, at least I think it is candida.

  2. Yay Terry!
    Here's to continued good health. There's nothing like it!

  3. I certainly have to try the Oil of Oregano for nail fungus.

  4. Anonymous10:24:00 AM

    Hi, what do you mean by this "You have to be careful because you can get yourself into BIG trouble doing stopping all grains without help from a professional".

  5. When I stopped all the grains, I did it for 2-3 weeks. I ended up with contipation so bad that it created hemorrhoids. I almost had to go to the emergency room to get help moving my bowels. It was really bad and also...clogged my toilet when I finially did go.

    I will never completely stop grains again....

    The body also needs the vitamins and minerals provided by grains.

  6. how did you know when to start on stage 2?

    I must give oil of oregano a try, thanks for the suggestion

  7. Hi shinywhiny,
    To me, stage 2 is when you can start eating fruit again.

    It took a lot longer to get to that point than I expected. I think I was off of fruit for 4 months.

    I tried to wait until I was feeling better. The herbalist told my sister to start with a green apple. He told her to sit down, relax and eat it. If she got any pain (any pain, any where) or unexplained feelings, to stop the fruit for a couple of weeks and then try it again.

    I know I was kind of afraid to go back to fruit again. I was afraid it would start the candida up again.

  8. I'm on week three of my candida diet and all I have been eating for grains is some quinoa and I also started to have some brown rice cakes..... Are those okay?

  9. Sarah,
    You do need to have some carbs and rice cakes are usually pretty safe. If they don't seem to bother you, eat them in moderation.

  10. Just starting following your blog ;) I suffer from candida and am constantly suffering form it's affects. Glad to have found you! Would be great to have you follow me back!

  11. roxbox176:34:00 PM

    I don't remember if I posted a similar comment elsewehere on this site, but I swear by the Oil of Oregano capsules. Knocked out my 5 month bout of wheezing and bronchitis. No drugs, no frustrating and (uninsured) doctor visit, and no antibiotics. :)

    My wheezing I believe, came from development of food allergy from wheat / grains, and I am prone to bronchitis after prolonged colds, Having been compromised by parasites and candida I'm sure have some role there too.

  12. How do you know when you've finished stage one? I've been doing the anti-candida diet and taking probiotics/antifungals for almost 3 weeks and my symptoms have improved somewhat.

  13. Emma,
    It took me about 4 months before I was ready to start eating fruit... even a little. If the symptoms have just slightly improved I would wait until it is more noticable.

    When I started eating fruit in stage 2. I just ate a little to see how it affected me. When I seen it caused no problems, I would eat a granny smith apple once a day. If that was to much, I would back off.

  14. Kortney Gable2:50:00 PM

    I've been on the stage one diet for 2 weeks today. I started to take an antifungal (aloe vera) and some probiotics but they were making me itch internally. My throat started to itch on the inside (best way I know how to describe it) so I didn't take anymore. I'm waiting to hear from my Dr. to see if that just might be a die off reaction or not before I continue to take anymore. It took 3 days to get that feelings out of my system. Also, does anyone know if lemon or coconut is recommended in stage one? I've heard mixed feelings on both.

  15. Kortney,
    I did both coconut oil and lemon in stage one. Not sure what your itch was all about but parasites can cause itching.