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Breakfast Shake For Constipation

If any of you have read my blog for long, you know I have a major problem with constipation, First try, Second try. If you are having problems you may want to try some of the things I tried.  They might work for you.
  Well I am finally able to say I am no longer constipated.  Read below,,..

Every morning I drink this breakfast shake made from Chatfield's Carob Powder, Psyllium, Stevia. and Almond Milk.   So Good!!!   I can't wait to get up in the morning so I can drink it.  By the way Chatfield's Carob Powder tastes more like chocolate than any carob I have tried. 
I mix 1 teaspoon of psyllium powder, 1 teaspoon Chatfield's Carob Powder, 1 serving size Stevia and 8 ounces of Almond Milk.   I mix it well and let it sit to thicken while I am getting my cereal ready for breakfast.   Then I drink it down.  Kind of tastes like a chocolate shake.

Check out Chatfield's for more of their products.


I grind flax seeds up in my coffee grinder (since I don't drink coffee, I might as well use it for seeds) until it is kind of fine.  

I add 2 heaping teaspoons to water or what ever milk I can drink.  I also add stevia and  Carob Powder.  This makes a chocolate drink that is full of fiber.

I can assure you I have no problem having a BM any longer, but I do need to get my fiber.  I do continue to take the magnesium daily.

UPDATE...  Although this helped me with constipation, I could not skip taking it or I was constipated again.

I found out I had parasites.   I did 2 parasite cleanses and am now taking potent probiotics.   Until I get rid of the parasites, I will continue to have problems with constipation.


  1. You know I just learned about the magnesium. I am supposed to start on a 200mg supplement. I already do 4 Tablespoons of ground flax a day, and that's not enough. Hmm... I may have to go back psyllium once the entirety of my allergy test is done. Psyllium is such a Godsend!

  2. I was using both but now I am just using the flax, it seems to be working. I save the psyllium for the tough times.

  3. I'm not a doctor either or know anyone with Candida, but while looking for a safe colon cleanse and countless hours of research I came to find out that psyllium is a dangerous ingredient in herbal colon cleansers. (url removed by blog owner)
    I did not suffer from constipation (at least I didn't think) but after coming across the Web site mentioned above I found out I needed to have a minimum of 3 bowel movements a day and I was only having one or two. After starting my cleanse I felt less slugish and more focused which led me to more productive days at the office. I am in no way shape or form trying to advertise this company but when it comes to diseases this is my Wiki.

  4. Hi Terry,
    Good morning drink. Love it. I use psyllium as a thicking agent in a lot of my raw food recipes. In pies, bars, soups, the raw pancakes..... anything that you want to stick together. Along with flax seed ground into a flour in the coffee grinder, you can stick anything together. Ha ha

  5. Hi Manzy,
    I usually take psyllium with me when I travel. I don't need it so much anymore... just in case.

  6. This sounds like a real TREAT to me right now! :) Gotta try it! Thank you for all your encouragement and wisdom!

    1. Cheryl,
      It was a treat. I can remember not being able to wait to get my breakfast shake.

      I go pretty well now, but once in awhile I have to use either flax ory psyllium.