Candida Is Hereditary

When I was younger my mother was diagnosed with ulcers. She never seemed to get better and always had problems with food. Later in life, she had a rash all over her body that just drove her nuts. The doctor told her it was a yeast infection that gotten out of control. They never did cure her of it and she died (not because of) still having a rash.

In December 2007, I developed what Doctors told me was acid reflux. I am not going to go into the story about how wrong they were but I was never getting better by listening to them.

2 years later or around that time frame, my younger sister, Kim, also developed stomach issues that the doctors had no idea what her problem was.

January 2010 my older sister Kathy developed allergies so bad that she could not stand it any longer.

All three of us have CANDIDA
Above from left to right, Kathy, Me (Terry) and Kim
We are now all on the Anti Candida Diet and doing very, very well. So, I am here to say....Candida is hereditary.


  1. Hi Terry

    That's interesting. You've got me thinking now as I think my sister has had it too.

    If its hereditary rather than lifestyle can we really prevent or eradicate it? I am doing fine now but I always worry it will return.

    take care,
    Katie x

  2. Celiac disease is also hereditary and the similarities are eerily similar. I had acid reflux for 5 years, digestive issues my whole life, sensitive skin prone to rashes my whole life, iron deficient anemia, migraines, body aches, constantly was getting bronchitis, horrible asthma since childhood and the list goes on and on. Well anyway every time I get glutened I get a horrid rash and can't stop sneezing, migraine, diarrhea(I know TMI,sorry) and body aches galore. Well anyway I remember you saying you had gluten issues, are you on a gluten free diet??

  3. Celiac Disease is forever...but following my diet symptoms vanish. When I am glutened they return, but you know how that is. I am like you I try to stay away from restaurants, I don't get sick at home. You can't really prevent CD per-say but if you stay away from gluten as much as possible you wont be at risk for it's awful side-effects...not just symptoms. It can cause a lot of crazy stuff to's an autoimmune disease than can create other autoimmune diseases if it's unsuspected for too long. I don't mean to scare you or anything, but these things are good to know. There are a lot of things I know about CD now that I wish I would have know years would have prevented alot.

  4. was I supposed to e-mail you back??? If so my bad.

  5. My Mom was diagnosed with lichen schlerosis and I have candidas and possible parasites.Does anyone know if Mom's could be related to the candidas?

  6. Sherry,
    Candida and Parasites ...... Wow!! They are finding that they can cause a whole lot of different symptoms.

    Personally, I think candida and parasites cause a lot of the illnesses we see in this world today. Many people might disagree with me and that is okay. You gotta do what you gotta do for yourself.

    I know a fellow that has cancer, it seems if you have have candida. I told him that I bet he also has parasites. He thought about it for awhile and did the parasite cleanse. Sure enough. He had parasites.

    It is just such a scary thing...

  7. Hi Terry, that's an interesting theory. I came to the conclusion that I had Candida after I developed a bad case of jock itch, yes, women can get it too. I discovered that there is a link between Candida and mercury poisoning and if the mother had mercury poisoning she can pass that on to her children. I am quite convinced that my mother also had Candida and mercury poisoning. I had all of my amalgam filings removed and replaced by a biological dentist and followed that up with a heavy metal detox.I also learned that if you have severe Candida you likely also have cancer. So I began to treat myself as if I did have cancer and began doing coffee enemas. I developed pain in my liver and the lymph nodes in my upper chest which eventually dissipated. I believe that doing the coffee enemas called the cancer out. I'm still fighting the cancer and Candida, but I'm doing well and confident I'll get through this. One last thought, I was an alcoholic, so was my father, so are my brothers. I have a theory that alcoholics have Candida, that is why they can't control their drinking. Candida feeds on alcohol too and makes the body scream for more.

    1. Anastasia, I am sure I have a problem with mercury. My mother didn't have mercury posioning, but I think she had parasites and candida and parasites go hand in hand.

      I too have done the coffee enemas. It took a long time to get my liver working properly, but it seems to be pretty good now. When I feel it slowing down, I will do an enema or a cleanse to get it going again.

      I was never much for drinking alcohol, but my Mom was and so was my Dad.

      Glad to hear you are doing well... that is wonderful. It sounds like you plan on sticking with the program so I am sure you will continue to do well. Good for you Anastasia!!

  8. I am very suspicious that candida is genetic. My mom, grandma, and myself are all migraine sufferers and sugar addicts. Depression and alcohol addiction also run in the family (grandma's brother and my brother). My grandma lived in Germany during WWII and believes she has mercury poisoning. My mom and my grandma have also both had gallstones and digestive issues. I seem to have the worst digestive issues of all of us (mainly constipation)- perhaps compounded from bad genetics and the high sugar diet/antibiotics/contraceptive pills that have ruined my gut flora. I have beeen diagnosed with IBS and SIBO, but highly suspect candida for the following reasons: fructose intolerance, elevated liver and kidney markers, sugar cravings, symptom improvement from removing contraceptive pills, itchy skin, water retention around ileocecal valve. I feel extreme digestive relief when I eat less than 20g of carbs per day. I am only 22 years old and have never consumed alcohol. I have also been very health conscious my whole life other than giving into my extreme sugar cravings.

    1. It took me a long time to get rid of my constipation problem. I did a lot of herbal enemas which helped a lot. I also did a lot of cleansing as in parasite cleanse, liver, colon,... Just anything to help with my digestion. Liver flushes also worked well.
      You know, come to think of it, I used to have migraines and so did my Mother when she was alive. I hardly ever have a headache at all any longer. If I do have a headache, it is because I am doing a cleanse and toxins are causing the pain... or... I am catching a cold. I hardly ever catch a cold any longer either.
      Those sugar cravings are horrible. I quit cane sugar cold turkey and started healing right away. I healed my bladder and kidney problems just by totally giving up sugar. The more I ate healthy the more my kidneys seemed to heal. I used to take Detrol LA for what the Drs called an overactive bladder. It was only over active because it was probably trying to cleanse that BAD sugar from my body.
      I now use NuNaturals Stevia to sweeten my foods and on occasion I use agave.