Bladder Problems And Candida

I have had bladder problems all my life.  As I child I was a bed wetter.  I concealed it and don't know if my parents even knew.  I was soooo embarassed.

For probably 8 years of my adult life, I took Detrol La for what was diagnosed as an over active bladder. I had to pee all the time and sometimes at night I would wake up either wetting myself or on a mad dash for the bathroom, even with the Detrol La. It did help some but not completely.

That was all before I found out I had candida.

Flash forward to June 2009 and I was at my wits end trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I had given up gluten and many vegetables that made me feel very ill. I now know it was the candida causing my body to reject certain foods.

I told my husband, "If I don't figure this out, I am going to die" He just looked at me not knowing what to say. Right then and there I decided to give up all processed sugar.

Do you believe with in 2 months, I was no longer taking the Detrol LA. I no longer had to pee all the time and I didn't get up 10 times during the night. I was elated but still had no idea what was wrong with me.

After giving up the sugar, I replaced it with lots and lots of fruit......way to much fruit and I started having problems again (I have a lot of digestive issues also). To make a long story short, I discovered I had CANDIDA. Not a fun thing but now that I knew I was bound and determined I was going to cure this thing.

And.....that is where I am today. I am about 8 weeks into the Anti Candida Diet and doing very well.....although I have a problem with carbs and need to really cut out more of them ( UPDATE....I cut out the most all carbs and am doing great) I think I am doing very well with the diet and really don't miss most of the foods I used to eat. Probably because I know how sick it will make me if I eat them.

As for my bladder problem...... What bladder problem???? I no longer have a problem.
I still get up to pee once in awhile but maybe only once a night, if that.

Who woulda thought that all the sweets that I loved so much caused all my bladder issues. The doctors had no clue.....thats for sure.


  1. I experienced the same thing with my yeast overgrowth. It's no fun.. that's for sure. I'm glad you got to the root of the problem. This is a great blog post for people having this problem. There's a natural cure with altering the diet. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I just discovered the same thing recently. For about 7 years now, I've had a strange pain that I could tell stemmed from my bladder. The pain actually radiated into my hip and prevented me from walking sometimes. After ultrasounds on my bladder and kidneys and an MRI on my hip, doctors were completely baffled. I don't have to get up in the middle of the night, but my bladder leaked a tiny amount of urine quite often, and way too much during intercourse. It actually was ruining my life. I started thinking that my urinary tract felt coated, like a vaginal yeast infection. While speaking with a friend, she was saying that candida is a fungus that can grow extensive roots and if not controlled can tear holes in the tissues. It clicked immediately that was the problem with my leaky bladder. Ugg! Candida diet is so difficult, but I am determined to cure this thing, so it doesn't take over my body completely.
    Thanks for the Anti-Candida Diet suggestion. Now thinking about it, doctors claim a lot of bladder issues are stress related and they don't know why. With American diets, I think more people are plagued with bladder candida than we know. I wish more doctors would put two and two together. I could have avoided years of struggle and thousands of dollars in useless medical tests. I'm glad you have this blog. I hope it helps others. Thanks. Good luck to everyone in their battle with this terrible fungi.

  3. I am doing great with my bladder but now I have discovered candida has caused me to have leaky gut...Now I have to try to heal that.

    If it isn't one thing it is another. Candida sucks!!

  4. Anonymous12:30:00 AM

    Thank goodness people are actually talking about these issues. The pain and suffering of people with so-called IC (which in my opinion is a catch all for "IDK") is absurd. I can speak from personal experience. Even just getting a diagnosis is difficult when urinary urgency, pain and spasms make life almost impossible to live. This problem is debilitating on a number of levels, and only those who have experienced the urinary and vaginal pain can understand. My heart goes out to anybody who has suffered in this way. When I describe it to family members, I start by asking them if they have ever had a bladder infection... They always comment on how horrible it feels to have one. I ask them then to imagine how they would rate their quality of life if they had those symptoms 24-7...

    I have gotten major relief with dietary changes. The sad thing is that I cannot enjoy even a single bite of sugar as the very next day my symptoms RETURN! I was pain free for a while and then broke the diet. Now I am right back to ground zero. This problem demands self-control, focus and faith that the body can and will heal from the horrible symptomology.

    The medical community at large should consider the alternative diagnosis of candida overgrowth as a viable problem. Chinese medicine has an entire protocol for these issues which includes dietary changes, herbs and sometimes accupuncture.

  5. Anonymous3:16:00 AM

    Wow, these posts give me hope. I have had bladder/urinary pain, spasms, urgency, etc for months. Have been on antibiotics, ut herbs, Dr visits, etc ... frustrated, still in severe pain that has controlled my life for 2 months, and at wits end. Thought tonight about candida and then found this blot post. Thank you. Candida diet is not tun, but going to start it.

  6. Anonymous,
    The best thing I did for my bladder is to give up sugar. I am now on the alkaline diet and like what I eat on it so I will probably stay on it the rest of my life.

  7. Anonymous9:45:00 PM

    About 5 years ago, I began struggling with intense desire to pee, but I never could go. It was awful. Then my doctor said my bladder and cervix was swollen. She gave me the wrong drugs and I was so much worse. After I went to a doctor that specialized in natural medicine told me I had Candida. I change up sugar and lots of things and got better. Slowly, I began eating lots of sugar again and now I'm stuck with this again. So I learned a hard lesson, eating sugar and white flour is not worth it. So to everyone else hang in there and I will too, and we will get better.

    1. Yep!! been there done that. When I gave up sugar, I healed my bladder.

  8. I need help as for the last 15 years I suffer with awful bladder issues. I just always feel like I need to pee 24/7 :( had all the tests and Drs just said overactive bladder :( Flared up severely this week will never get fixed :( Georgina x

  9. Georgina,
    Have you tried not eating any cane sugar at all? That really helped me.

  10. Hi, so do you think Candida could be causing years of bladder issues? Haven't eliminated sugar so cut out all sugars even fruit? X

    1. I don't know it that is what has caused yours, but for me sugar was a huge problem and it ended up being candida. You could try cutting out all cane sugar and eating fruit sparingly and see how that makes you feel. If you want to do the candida diet, here is the link.

      That is the diet I used in the beginning.

  11. Anonymous11:10:00 AM

    There is a product It's a natural herb in liquid form and you can purchase it from a place called "the herb hut." If you take this product along with the no yeast diet for 21 days you are on your way to clearing your body of candida. Ive had the same issues all of you are speaking of and it is no fun. Every couple months I will drink sugary drinks and redbull and the urgency will return and I will have to start my diet all over again because I get to about day 12, and start feeling better so I revert back to my old ways. But I know for sure it is a yeast/candida issue. If you have been told you could possibly have IC, chances are you have candida! Please call the Herb hut in Covington Indiana, they will ship you the Can-sol and tell your how to follow the no yeast diet. I know how awful this can be, but it will get better! I'm in the middle of a flare uo right now but I know it won't last forever

    1. Anonymous,
      I no longer have this problem so I am good but thank you!

  12. Anonymous7:11:00 PM

    To avoid feeding your candida or for those with cancer of any type, with sugar, know that all fruits have sugar called fructose. Thus all fruit, though they may be good for others w/out candida and cancer, must be avoided.

    Carbohydrates must also be avoided because they convert to sugar in the body.



  13. Anonymous3:20:00 AM


    The diet is giving me worse pain than ever!!!



    1. I got pretty sick doing the candida diet at first too. I think mine was the toxins dying off.
      If you feel it doesn't work for you then don't do it.

  14. I had my gall gall bladder pain in back removed a few years ago and I suffered with pain in my right shoulder area as well.


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