Green Smoothie Colon Cleanse

If you have been keeping up with my blog, you know I have been having a lot of issues with constipation and hemorrhoids

I did not do a colon cleanse before I went on the Anti Candida Diet and I think that was a mistake. 

Well better late than never......I am doing the Green Smoothie Colon Cleanse.  For THREE DAYS I am going to do this....starting now!!!    I will keep you posted in updates for the 3 days.

There are a lot of recipes out there, but you don't have to follow them to the T.  Just use whatever fresh green vegetables you have and go from there.

If you are not on the Candida Cleanse Diet, you will be able to use fruit to sweeten your smoothie.   Since I am on the diet, I just used vegetables and stevia to sweeten.

Here is one of my recipes.

Green Smoothie
ground flax seed

I blend all this in the blender until it is just the way I want it and drink.

I did add a teaspoon of castor oil to get me started.

I am also drinking herbal teas throughout the day along with lots of water.   I slosh when I walk.  

Day One
4:30 PM  (I know, I should of waited until tomorrow to do this, but I didn't)
Drank my smoothie with 1 teaspoon of castor oil in it to get me started.   I hope I am not up all night, but it will serve me right to not of waited to do this until morning.     Oh yes, I did take my calcium and acidophilus.

Going to go take a hot bath in Epsom Salts and relax.  I have always known how great epsom salts were but it was SarahBeth at  SarahBeth's Candida Connect clued me in to the fact I could soak in it and draw out toxins.  If you click on her blog you can read all about the health benefits of epsom salts.
Day Two
Due to unforseen circumstances, I did not sleep well...this has nothing to do with the colon cleanse.  
In fact I feel very well. 

5:30AM Had a cup of milk thistle tea and then had a slight BM, nothing major.  I thought things would work a little faster than this.

6:00AM  Drank my smoothie for breakfast.  I put ground flax seed in it.  I am kind of feeling like I might have to go to the bathroom but nothing else going on. 

6:12AM  I did go potty but nothing like I think I need to.

7:15AM Went to the bathroom again.  Not much but it is getting softer.  Also had a cup of marshmallow root tea, sounds good doesn't it.....well it's not, it is kind of nasty tasting stuff.

10:00AM Made another smoothie that I will have for lunch,  this one I put in tumeric (for parasites,,,just in case), flax seed, brussel sprouts, carrots, spinach and celery.

1:17PM Finally had a half way decent BM.  I am suprised I have not had the runs but so far I haven't.

2:00PM  Just finished my snack.  Another green smoothie, imagine that.  
The good thing is, I am not really hungry on this cleanse. 

3:19PM  I know it isn't in the smoothie plan but I just ate a piece of Coconut Almond Fudge, it is mostly made with coconut oil and I am able to put that in my smoothie.  There are also finely ground almonds in it.     Maybe the oil with make me go better.

3:45PM  Really sleepy, I didn't get a lot of sleep last night.  Took a nap which I never do unless I am really sick or really tired.  I maybe take a nap 2 times a year....maybe.

5:15PM  Drank my green smoothie for supper.....getting a little tired of green smoothies.   I am still not really having great BM's.   

8:00PM Having a cup of Chamomile tea to relax.  Survivor is not on tonight so I will probably go to bed early.

Day Three
Went to bed really early last night so I was up at 3:00AM and had a cup of Licorice Root Tea.

4:20AM  Had a very slight BM.   I can tell you, I am not really impressed with this Green Smoothie Cleanse so far.

4:27AM  Went back to bed

6:12AM  Must of fallen asleep for awhile.  Guess what I had for breakfast.....You are right,,,, another smoothie.   I put some olive oil in this one along with the flax seed and tumeric.   I can tell you, I have had about enough of smoothies.  They have become nasty tasting to me.  I think I am pretty much done with them and really, they did not do much for my problem. 

9:31AM  Had a BM....not good.  I had read where if the green smoothie cleanse wasn't working to drink 1 tablespoon epsom salts in 8 ounces of water, so that is what I did.

10:13AM   Boy, that was quick....The epsom salts worked great.   Goodby to the green smoothies, for me they really didn't work that well.

11:30AM Having another glass of epsom salts.  1 Tablespoon epsom salts to 8 ounces of water.    This stuff tastes bad...You have no idea, unless you have done it before.   You can put some lemon juice with it but I tuffed it out and drank it down with nothing.

12:23PM  Whoooo....Hoooooo.....  Things are working now.  Kind of the runs.  But that is okay because I really needed and good cleaning out.

1:30PM  Took 2 Tablespoons of olive oil and am now going to go rest.

5:00PM  I think I cleaned myself out enough so I ate a light supper.   I did take a teaspoon of olive oil before I ate to hopefully keep things moving along.

8:00PM  Went to bed feeling really crappy, upset stomach and a headache...I hope it is toxins coming out.

I am never going to do a colon cleanse again, at least that is what I say now.

Hopefully I can now get back on track.


  1. Interesting! I came across your blog and found it kinda humerous,the green cleanse smotthie!!!I am on a sort of thing called a herb cocktail, by Avena .It works ok but if I don't use it every day I do have smaller stools ,for sure!But I do use it every other day now ,and I believe it works for me.

  2. Anonymous5:58:00 PM

    Look up Salt water cleanse. Make sure to use good salt and warm water (soup temp). I've convinced myself it tastes like broth. It's more gentle than the epsom salts and a lot easier to drink:)

  3. Great Article and thank you for all the excellent advice. I use candida supplements as well as other natural methods, mentioned above, for helping to melt the tension in the body that is created by these causes. Try

  4. Hi, I did an herbal cleanse a few days ago. Psyllium mix from GNC, really worked well, went to the bathroom about 4 times a day. Just take 1 tbs 1cups of water every day twice for 10 days. Also try the lemonade diet.

  5. I use psyllium sometimes. Not for a cleanse but just when I think I might need it.

    Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you back sometime.

  6. At one time i have incorporated green smoothies into my diet. I have candidiasis and worry about sugar, even natural sugars in fruit. When I was drinking them in the morning I did have a little energy at times and other times I just felt bloated and tired from maybe too much fruit. I will say this, it did help me to eliminate better. Better stools. Now I just blend dark leafy lettuce and mix it into my foods like salads or oatmeal and my stools are great! There could be a couple of reasons why you had trouble with your bowl movements. Maybe you where too stress, expecting to have great stools and needed to relax more, or loosen up and exercise. Or maybe you added to much fat, fat takes awhile to break down in the body. Or maybe not enough water. All the teas you where drinking could have dehydrated you causing constipation. These are all just opinions of mine. I wish you the best of luck in curing your candidiasis problem.

  7. Julie,
    Thanks!! But I have found that I have parasites and that is a lot of my problem. Plus my liver and gallbladder are not up to par.

  8. have you tried chlorella (organic without binding agents)? i am taking this along with my candida diet and natural strengthen my liver and kidneys.
    milk thistle is supposed to help with die-off
    you may also want to check your zinc levels as a deficiency in this may result in constipation..


  9. You need to drink phsyllium or some type of soluble fiber food/drink along side the green smoothie. Otherwise it is pure fiber being forced through with no lubrication. This was advice from my gastro Dr.
    Yes it works and to much fiber with no soluble fiber will just keep you constipated and cause other problems.

  10. Have you done Paragon for the parasites already? Nasty buggers! They can be worse than the candida. Enemas helped .

    So often we want healed now when detox takes time. Lived with candida for twenty years and then it got real quiet when the parasites were gone. They often mimic the same symptoms as candida. Look into prescription for Nutritional healing for a thorough body cleanse. Excellent resource.

    1. I haven't done Paragon, but the parasites seem to be gone now. I also did a lot of enemas at one time. Now I only do them when I am cleansing.