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Toxins Or Candida Die Off...No One Told Me How Bad It Can Get

When I started the Candida Cleanse, everyone talked about the toxins leaving your body and that I might get sick.....But believe me, no one told me how bad it can get or that I would think I might die.   There were days when I didn't feel like curling my hair because my arms felt like lead pipes.

Sometimes I would feel great and then maybe an hour later, or the next day,  I would feel like I was going to pass out, throw up,  fall asleep or just lay down and die.  I would get a headache that would not go away.    Then came the dreded yeast infection and atheletes feet, lucky for me that only lasted one day.  I never get yeast infections and it was almost the straw that broke the camels back.

I was ready many days to just give up and deal with the acid in my stomach and throat.  Then, I thought....I am two weeks into this and the acid in my
 stomach is feeling better, maybe I can tough it out.

The candida die off is not as severe as it was but I still feel crummy some days.   Hopefully,  the toxins are almost gone.  I will keep you posted.

Update, February 24, 2010
Just a couple of days ago, I think I had more die off.  I was really sick to my stomach for about a day and then the next day I felt great.   It was right after I switched to Grape Seed Extract so maybe by switching the antifungals it gives the candida a boot in the rear.  Lets hope anyway.

Update, March 16, 2010
I hardly ever get die off any more, but today I think I have a little.  I switched my antifungals again and every time I do that I usually get a little crummy feeling.

UpDate, December 14, 2010
For the most part, die off is a thing of the past.  I have been dealing with many things brought on by the candida.   I was told by an herbalist that I am still detoxing.  Sometimes it can take 2 years to completely detox.  

If you are going through die off symptoms, Please... don't worry... they will go away.   I still have my days now and again but I am so much better.  Curing yourself from candida and all the devastation it causes takes TIME....LOTS OF TIME.  

If you have any questions, please ask them.  I can only tell you my experience but maybe that will be enough to help you.


  1. I have been working at this for about a month now and am still feeling really horrible. This past week/week and a half, I haven't been able to sleep...suggestions?

  2. Anonymous6:00:00 PM

    Hi ,
    It has been two months for me ; but still getting die off symptoms. Earlier was light flu and depession and now it is mood swings . May I know how you change antifungals and what are those to minimise effects.

  3. Ms. S.
    I had such a time sleeping until I started taking magnesium with folic acid. I also take potassium with the magnesium. That seemed to help me sleep.

    My Hubs was having trouble sleeping and I started him on the magnesium and he is sleeping very well now.

    You could also try the valarian tea but it tastes really bad and smells even worse.

    I hope this helps you. Terry

  4. Anonymous,
    I had die off symptoms for a long time but I am feeling so well now that I must of done something right.

    Here is what I did.... I used Grape Seed Extract for 5 days. 3 at breakfast, 3 at lunch and 3 at supper. I also took the probiotics with each meal.

    Then I would switch to Pau d' Arco for 5 days. 3 with each meal just like above.

    Then I went to tumeric extract and did it the same way.

    I had a lot of antifungals because I found a place going out of business and bought a lot of them. I did the antifungals in rotation because some of them, your body becomes immune to and then they don't work. But if you switch them up, the candida can not become immune. You need to stay off each one for 2 weeks and then you can use it again.

    Here are some of the others you can use

    Golden Seal
    Oregon Grape
    Oregano Oil...this is one of my favorites
    Olive Leaf Extract
    Origanum Oil
    Caprylic Acid
    Grapefruit Seed Extract
    Colloidal Silver
    Barberry (this is suppose to kill just the candida not the good bacteria)

    What really knocked the candida out of me is when I did the parasite cleanse with the Wormwood and walnut oil. I also ate whole cloves.... my tongue was brown from chewing them. Below is my parasite cleanse. It takes awhile but it really worked well for me.

    Be sure to check out my apron giveaway and enter...Thanks and if you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

  5. Anonymous2:22:00 PM


    When you say a long time for die off, could you be a little more precise? I have been treating my systemic candida for almost 7 months now...still deal with alot of fatigue, anxiety, & insomnia at times. Any feedback would be great.

    Desperate "L"

  6. This has been a long time ago, so I am sort of guessing. But I think I had die off off and on for over 4 months. You have to understand that not all of it was as bad as some days.

    I think the really bad lasted for maybe 3 weeks. I had candida pretty bad though.

    I don't know if you have looked at other things on my blog... but I found out that I could not completely get rid of the digestive problems until I got the parasites under control.

    I found about 7 months or so ago that I was poluted with parasites. Candida and parasites go hand in hand. So..... now I am dealing with parasites. I am pretty sure the candida is and has been gone quite awhile. I am just finishing up the Humaworm parasite cleanse and have not seen any candida to speak of.... so I think the candida is gone and the parasites remain.

    I am now eating almost anything I want... I have knocked quite a few of the parasites down but they are still there. In fact, today my ears are ringing and have been since I finished my second parasite cleanse.

    I am feeling very well, other than the ringing in my ears so I am going to take a 6 month break from any kind of cleansing and will do another parasite cleanse the end of December.

    If you want to email me, my email is at the top of the blog where it says contact me.

  7. Anonymous9:35:00 AM

    I'm so glad I found your blog! I've been wanting to connect with others about candida since this whole thing started. It's been a month and a half for me now. I have definitely experienced die off. I began feeling hopeless just recently and am glad to have found this site. I will stay in touch on the stages. Glad to know you're there.

  8. Hi anonymous,
    You are welcome to email me if you want!
    I know how alone you can feel in this. Even though I think I cured the candida. I still have a lot of things I am working through.

  9. Anonymous12:01:00 AM

    A very important thing to do if you are having die off is to keep your system cleansed. My homeopathic doctor started me on colonics. I was skeptical at first, but now I schedule myself once a week. The faster you can help your body get rid of the toxins the faster you can heal.

  10. Instead of colonics, I now do coffee enemas. You are right, it does help with die off. I didn't know about it when I wrote this post.

  11. Hi

    I just wanted to say that I unknowingly had problems with candida all my life. I struggled with the mood swings, burning and itching, asthma, "autoimmune diseases", etc. I suspected candida because I was on humira which is an immune suppressor and I was horribly sick after taking it. I tested positive for candida in two seperate sputum cultures and the doctors brushed off the results as "contaminated samples". I continued to deteriorate and my wife came across your blog two months ago(11/2011)and she showed me. What you described was exactly the symptoms I had. I decided to strictly adhere to the diet and anitfungals. Within this time I lost 40 lbs (mostly edema from yeast) and I look and feel 20 years younger and like a different person. I am still not anywhere near 100% but Im now on the road to a healthy life. I will stick with this lifetyle for as long as it takes. Thankyou very much and please continue to get the truth out about candida.

  12. Santo.... Hello!
    Thank you so much for your very thoughtful comment. I am happy my blog has helped you. I too had a hard time figuring out what was wrong with me.

    When I started this blog, it was so I would remember what I did to heal.... or what I did that didn't work. I had no idea that it would help others.

    As far as being 100%... I know exactly where you are coming from. I get where I am 100% and then it comes back. Not like in the begining but it does come back. I don't know if you read that I found a doctor that believes in and treats candida.....

    Anyway, this doctor told me.. I will never be completely well until I get rid of all the parasites. I am and have been working on that. Doing much better but still have a ways to go.

    Thank you so much for your very kind comment. Terry

  13. Anonymous1:44:00 PM


    Ive been experiencing die off for nearly three weeks and it doesnt seem to be easing. My body feels fatigued, inparticular, my lower legs which feel like lead. I did the candida diet a few years ag and the die off lasted 2 weeks although I was taking supplements at the time to support my body but unfortunately, I am not in a position to be able to do that now. Any advice or support would be appreciated. Kerry

  14. I hate the die off... but to get rid of candida/parasites, we need to have it.

    Mine lasted a long time, months.

    Sometimes taking an epsom salts bath can help draw the toxins out. I also take milk thistle to help draw the toxins out and get rid of them. Dandelion root might help too, I have only drank that as a tea, but right now there are tons of them in my yard. I should go out and dig some.

  15. Anonymous5:33:00 PM

    Thanks for that. I'm having a relatively good day today except for a severe burning in my lower anatomy - I've eaten nothing that I shouldnt have although I'm thinking that it may be the Xylitol. I dont have it often but it seems to trigger this sensation when I do. It's either that or the turmeric? I've also started taking magnesium today to help with fatigue as I am also on the Dukan Diet which is making food intake even more restrictive. Kerry

  16. Kerry,
    Haven't heard of the Dukan Diet. I am on the Alkaline diet and think I like it and will always eat this way.

    Xylitol bothers some people, but usually with diahrreah. I have used tumeric and it never really affected me with burning.... but I remember early on, no matter what I did or ate, my lower stomach would burn like I had ulcers.

  17. I am the voice for my daughter who is years old & is verbally delayed. I have been surffering from Candida since i was born. I was born whith thrush & I wish the doctors had told my mother exactly what thrush was & what my life would be like living with candida. Throughout my life I have been sick from inflammation to MRSA. My mom has done months & months of research and finally we have been able to pinpoint the problem. So, we are now fighting the illness & i am very sick. Mom is fighting the right way through herbs, green healthy foods and alkaline water. Mom is getting frustrated because my recovery seems to be very slow & I cant express what I am going through. Through your experience can you help her to understand waht the inital recovery process is like? we are really enjoying your blog and celebrate you

  18. Vanessa,
    So sorry your Daughter is ill with candida. It is the hardest thing I have ever gone through.

    Don't expect much help from Doctors, most of them have no idea that candida exists.

    Have you tried a parasite cleanse? I do them once every three months. candida and parasites go hand in hand and until I get rid of parasites, I will never completely get rid of candida. That is words from my Doctor who believes in candida. Took me forever to find him.

    The recovery process of candida.... wow!! One day you feel great and the next day you are again sick. Even though you are doing everything right, you still get sick. This is part of the healing process.

    Eventually, after I really stuck to the diet, doing parasites cleanses, liver cleanses and making sure I put the vitamins and minerals back in my system.. I did get better. It took years to get to where I am today.

    Vanessa,.... email me if you want. My email is at the top... click contact me.

  19. Josette5:15:00 PM

    Thank you so much for this blog Vanessa. Is it possible to know where your doctor is located? I am desperate to find one who believes its candida. I have an md homeopath working with me but she wants me to take the anti fungal meds because I am really thin and felt good for awhile with the diet but am back to wackiness and even petechaie. I am also trying to see an infectious disease doc ASAP since I have been having sinusitis every 2 months for a year. Thanks!

  20. Josette,
    I am Terry, I write the blog... not Vanessa.

    The Doctor I found is in Ohio. If you live near Ohio, I will give you his number. Let me know. He believes in an alkaline diet and he told me to keep doing what I am doing.

    I hope the infectious disease doctor can help you.

  21. Anonymous2:50:00 AM

    Hi, every time I have kefir i have an itchy skin. Is this normal? Should I go on with kefir?

  22. Anonymous,
    I had to give up kefir. I think it is the milk sugars that caused my problems.

  23. Hi,

    I think I have been struggling with Candida for while, possibly a year if not longer. My symptoms became quite present when I moved back to Europe last September. I first had vaginal irritation and when I went to the gyno she said I had yeast and gave me a 3-day pack for yeast infections. However, 2-3 weeks later I broke out again, but not vaginally. The corners of lips were chapped, cracked and at times would bleed. This went on for two months. Then I went on vacation and switched to bottled water instead of tap. The corners of lips were healed, I was thrilled. I attributed it to the change in quality of water, where in reality the water acted as an irritant and for the time being the candida had subsided. So about 2 months ago, I had picked up a stomach virus and went to the ER and received and liquid oral antibiotic, and IV and a shot for nausea. A few days later my lips crack again and my tongue is extremely white. It is not sore or anything just has a dense white coating. I do the spit test, I go to a dermatologist and she confirms it is candida. I then get my blood analysis, my tongue, urine and stool tested. There was nothing in my stool samples but a 60% positive culture reading on my tongue. I have been taking Nystatin for 3-4 weeks and used a steroid cream for 7 days. The corners of my lips are no longer cracked but my white tongue persists. I have previous allergies and discomforts when consuming milk and egg products, meat also does not sit well with me (asides from fish). I have broken down a few times because I feel so disgusting and don't know what to do. I've never had to deal with something for a prolonged time like this so I feel very hopeless. I have been on ortho-tri-cyclen-lo (birth control pills) for about 6 years but I am as of this month discontinuing their use. I take acidophollius supplements because I tend to have an allergy reaction to yogurt and vomit. I have no problem cutting foods out of my diet since I no longer eat breads but will now need to exclude and yeast-containing foods. Do you have any other advice so as to help bring my spirits up a little? Is there anything I can do to be proactive? I'm in my early twenties and really feel plagued by candida. It sometimes gets me so down in the dumps that I don't want to do anything or see anyone but I know that is not healthy and I force myself to workout and release natural endorphins. I appreciate any feedback or advice. Thank you for setting up this site and sharing your experience and wisdom from your own journey.

    1. Anonymous3:44:00 PM

      hi please dont get discuraged your not alone.. Cook with coconut.oil an eat sauerkraut.all natural probiotics.. Stop birth control im 28 an recently.switched birth.control 10 years on it an my face broke out cystically.its been 5 months ive been to dermayolofist an was told to be on antibiorics or birthcontrol blah try the paelio diet good luck

  24. Kay24,
    Have you done a parasite cleanse? I found out that parasites and candida for me go hand in hand.

    I even had a Dr do a parasite test and it came up negative. Then I did the Humaworm parasite herbs and that is when I found out I do have parasites. I am on my 9th cleanse and I still have them. They can take 2 to 4 years to get rid of.

    Read these parasite symptoms and see how many symptoms you have.

    Thanks for commenting!!

  25. Hello, I have real tears of joy seeing this blog! I have been dealing with this for several months now all vaginal yeast infections really no relief this entire time!! I have been doing a pretty good job of eating vegies and lean meat. Eliminating all carbs and sugars. Dairy is my weakness.... Right now im using teatree suppositories but can tell they r losing their intensity. But i am excited to try all of your suggestions and continue to do the good fight but i am emotionally drained!! Thanks again Teresa

  26. Teresa,
    Being emotionally drained goes right along with having candida and parasites. It is very hard to stay up beat when our health is involved.

    Have you tried grapefruit seed extract? I used to switch that off and on with other antifungals.

    Wishing you much luck in your fight against this.

  27. Terry,
    thanks for your reply!!I haven't tried grapeseed yet I am on a very limited budget so I started with oil of oregano,probiotics,apple cider vinegar,folic acid,yeast cleanse,coconut oil just to start . On my next trip to the vitamin Shoppe I'll be sure to get them!I much im not feeling as irratated "down there" so thats encouraging.But haven't had any die off symptoms yet. But I am really enjoying your blog with all the great food ideas! Im so encouraged and excited!!! Thanks again Teresa

  28. Teresa,
    Sounds like you are doing a great job. Glad to hear you are not as irratated as before. That is great news.

  29. Anonymous2:43:00 PM

    I have been on a Candida Diet for 3 weeks now and two days ago I awoke to a rotten egg smell in my bedroom. It was so bad I thought it was a drainage problem. After investigation, I have noticed that the smell is coming off me! Off my hair and skin.. Have you had any similar issues? Do you know whether the yeast dying off or multiplying?

  30. Oh, I went through some of those stinky times. I don't know for sure, but I assumed it was because it was detoxing out of my body.

  31. I forgot to tell you... do a epsom salt bath, it helps pull the toxins out.

  32. Anonymous3:42:00 PM

    i am really struggling. my husband does not understand my irritability and why i am in tears easily. went three weeks experienced the die off side effects then had to go onantibiotics and candida up again so am starting all over again. i am depressed. i feel very alone as no on around me undersands. cant wait to finish this die off phase again. i have no support

  33. Anonymous,
    So sorry to hear you have to start all over again. Not fun at all. I wish you had some support, that helps so much.

    Here is a post I did on candida that explains how if affects our health. My Hubs had a hard time understanding it. He still has a hard time understanding but realizes this is a lifestyle change for me.

  34. Hi Tery,

    What is your opinion on taking oral flucanozole (used to treat vaginal yeast infections) for candida overgrowth? My doctor said he is open to prescribing it for me, and I've read that it helps some people get over their candida issues more quickly. I don't have any of the symproms of parasites. Please let me know!

  35. Emma,
    If you have found a Dr who believes in candida and is open to helping you.... I say GO FOR IT!! You can do herbs too if you want to. Be sure to take your probiotics right after tthe flucanozle so you can get the good bacteria back in.

  36. Anonymous9:36:00 AM

    I've been takin Teelac and avoiding certain foods.
    I guess is working because die off started and I thought I was gonna die last nite. I felt dizzy all day yesterday, I feel like I have a hangover, wanted to throw up, couldn't think well and slept terribly.
    I feel better this mornin after started the coffee enema.
    But I rather put up w/ these symptoms now than live with that devil inside of me, depressing me, taking my energy away and itching everywhere you can think of.
    THANK YOU so much for making this blog. I'm so happy I came across it, so I know I'm not alone In this. :)

    1. Die off can be brutal but you are right... much better than putting up with unwanted critters living inside us.

      I am trying the Paleo diet and having pretty good luck with it.

      Coffee enemas are great for getting out the toxins. I don't do them as often as I used to, but still... sometimes they just feel right.

  37. I have been suffering with anxiety, depression, brain fog, dizziness, fatigue, stomach issues, lightheadedness,dizziness, memory problems and many other problems for about 4 years now. Ive been researching myself because the diagnosis i was given was anxiety. I dont believe that anxiety is the root problem, i believe something else caused the anxiety. I have been diagnosed with PCOS but have read that Candida and PCOS go hand in hand. I came across candida a while ago but have been afraid to properly do the diet. With the anxiety comes the fear of the unknown. Well, i know im going to feel worse for a time, but that time is whats worrying me. But reading this and seeing that it can be a couple of months or less has given me hope. Ive given up sugar for periods of time, and have felt a little better, but then it just gets the better of me and i go back to my old ways.
    Thankyou for your post, finding this has given me the hope that i can do this and feel better soon, rather than struggling for many months like ive been expecting. :)

    1. teejay,
      I think giving up sugar was probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. I don't miss it like I used to, but it is like cocaine.... I can never go back to it or I wouldn't be able to stop ever again.

  38. My die off symptoms were pretty severe in terms of a rash and it persisted for 2 weeks until I couldn't take it anymore and went off the protocol. Anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do about controlling the rash?

    1. Carl,
      My sister and I both had a rash, but maybe not as severe as yours. It eventually went away. Did you try soaking in epsom salts? That helps get rid of toxins. Not sure if it will work for you or not.

  39. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to do about persistent die off in the form of body rash that won't clear unless coming off the anti fungal?

    1. Try taking Probiotics and Now's Candida Support herbs combo and Zinc. Try virgin coconut oil and cut aloe leaf, and Tea Tree Oil topically. I also tried Walmart's Equate's Brand of diaper rash ointment but I like the oilyness in the Balmex brand better for my rashes; it doesn't dry my skin as much. My dermatologist recommended OTC Selsum Blue Shampoo as a body wash, but precribed me with Ketoconazole 2% Shampoo.

      I had a Herxheimer reaction- a dermodex mite die off in my skin. I had itchy hives and rashes all over my neck, chest and arms and some stomach. No back or legs. My dermatologist called it 'contact dermatitus'; it looked like a poison ivy rash with blisters. my Dr. treated it with topical and oral steroids for about a week and it improved only to come back 2 weeks later but not as bad. My skin is not normal yet after 6 weeks, but it is slowly imnproving with my cleaner diet and the diaper rash ointment. I don't want to take the steroids and I want to let my immune system heal my skin. I believe the Candida has suppressed my immune system and that's why I had yeast and mites on my skin and why it's taking awhile for my skin rashes and breakouts to heal.

      When I asked, my dermatologist also recommened Zinc and Biotin for good skin health. I read on the web that Iodine taken internally is very good for your skin in the form of Lugol's 2-5% a few drops in water or Kelp tablets also have iodine.

      Online, I buy my vitamins from Puritan Pride when they have their 'buy one, get two' sales. I also buy my homeopathy remedies and my Now Candida Support Tablets from Pure Formulas; type in Next10 to get 10% off.

  40. Anonymous8:20:00 PM

    I am on my second bout of candida outbreak in 2 full years. I believe antibiotics, sugar, and stress combined to kick mine in. Also, I believe hormone imbalances either contribute to or are a side effect of candida. I did well on no sugar or carbs for 5 weeks and last week felt another round of die off. That day I had decided to completely give up my one cup of morning coffee and thought I could crawl under the carpet at work! I was so exhausted I could raise my arms without mental effort! So, I crashed and ate a bag of peanut M&M's and got a diet Coke. I immediately felt better. But today, three days later, after having too much sugar in other things, pb sandwich, sausage, and milk, I am seemingly back to square one with the long red rash looking things popping out and receding on my skin -torso. I just went to grocery and fixed brocolli and boiled eggs for tomorrow and am getting back on the diet strictly. I wonder if it will take as long to get to feeling better. Am I starting back at square one??????

    1. Maybe not starting back to square one. You may have to make a lifestyle change and not look at it as a diet. Have you done parasite cleansing? If not google candida and parasites. It is believed that anyone with candida has parasites. I believe the parasites are what caused the candida in me.

  41. Raelene6:53:00 AM

    Hi Terry. I am two weeks into the candida diet with also taking colloial silver, candida support and probiotics. I have started to have die off symptoms and feel very unwell. My symptoms came on very severe last year after a really bad case of blood poisoning that had me in hospital for two weeks attached to three different types of antibiotics to kill the dreaded bug. Since the blood poisoning I just haven't been able to pick up and I feel like I have chronic fatigue with horrible anxiety and depression. My nephew suggested I start the candida clean out as he believes the course of antibiotics I was on in hospital could have caused my system to crash. What are your thoughts on this?? I so want to be well again.

    1. Raelene,
      I think antibiotics are one of the things that caused my candida also. Every time I would go to the dentist, I would have to take antibiotics because I have a hip replacement. Not realizing that antibiotics kill not only the bad bacteria, but the good... I took them every time. Then I was also taking actonel for osteoperosis. My whole body went haywire.

      It took me quite awhile to start feeling human again. I also learned that because I had candida, I had parasites. Lots of parasites. I went on a really good parasite cleanse and did it every 3 months. I still do parasite cleansing and liver flushes.

      I have learned that carbs are something I have to eat in moderation. Sure right now I can eat anything I want... but I never want to be as sick as I was.... so I pretty much eat low carb. High vegetables and some protein.

      The die off is the worst, but once I got through that I started feeling better little by little. I still have slight die off when I do certain cleanses, but never as bad as the first time

      I think the anxiety and depression my have been because I didn't feel well and thought there was no way out of this horrible disease.

      I also took magnesium chloride, B vitamins, C, Zinc and those type of supplements to support my system.

  42. Can biting and itching and mites actual coming out of pores be die off? Along with bruising? I am 3 months in with no cheats and feeling better but this horrible dandruff a month ago resolved and is now feeling like mites on my face and body!

    1. I don't know Amber, I never had that happen to me. I know a shortage in certain vitamins can cause easy bruising... Like vitamin C, B12. I was low on all the vitamins and minerals. Especially magnesium.

      I know from personal experience, candida and parasites suck out all our vitamins and mineral and I had to replace them once I was doing better.
      Magnesium chloride is what is the most important or so a Dr told me.
      I took it in a liqud form and started taking all the other vitamins.

      I just don't know what to tell you... I wish you had a Dr you could talk to about this, but if you are like me.... mine turned his back on me like I was some crazy person.

      Sorry I can't help you more. If you figure it out, let me know.

  43. I have Lyme disease and have been sick for 20 years. But I am feeling so much better on this diet, a year ago crippled most days to today scrubbing my stairs with essential oils to kill mites or whatever the heck is biting me. I actually hope it's candida or another parasite dying off. I was hoping maybe you had heard this happening.

    1. Amber,
      Could it be bed bugs. We can get those staying at a motel/hotel. We travel a lot and I am scared to death we will get them.

  44. Anonymous9:33:00 AM

    I feel bad for everyone as I've been suffering (some days are debilitating) what is believed to be candida for almost 4 mths now. This all started after taking cipro and bactrim for a Uti. I've been eating a yeast free and low sugar diet with d3 and zinc supplements. My Dr is starting me on Nystatin? Did anyone have success with this antifungal? Also has anyone tried molydemdum?
    Thanks! LR

    1. LR,
      My Doctor wouldn't and still won't even discuss candida nor parasites with me. I was pretty much on my own.
      I did find an ear, nose and throat Dr who said yes, I had candida but he felt I was doing very well with the herbs.

    2. Does anyone's blood pressure go up when having severe dieoff? Because mines does. And my allergies goes bonkers also.

    3. Michael,
      When I was going through the die off, I didn't notice my blood pressure going up or down. But it wouldn't surprise me if it did go up. That would be kind of scary for you.

  45. Hi Terry, thanks for posting so much helpful info. I am into the candida diet for about a month - I am doing the diet according to the scheme of a nutritionist. What to say - these days my mood swings have been insane, my cystitis worsened. I guess this is a sign of a candida die off ... My question is whether candida is sexually transmitted too? Some dr. have told me that my husband should not be taking any pills if he has no symptoms, other dr. say the opposite. What's your opinion on that?

    1. Hi Iana,
      I can not say for certain whether candida is or isn't sexually transmitted. I can say that my Hubs never got candida from me. So in my case, it must not have been sexually transmitted.
      I have heard that the yeast infections some women get down below can be sexually transmitted.
      If it were me and I had a vaginal yeast infection and wanted to have sex, I would probably have my Hubs take the pills too.

      How are you doing on the diet? Is the candida getting any better? Oh man... sorry to hear about the cystitis. That can be so painful.

      My sister is going through the cystitis right now also. She is having a horrible time getting rid of it. Not sure why all of a sudden it happened. She thinks it was the antibiotics they put her on in December that has caused all the problems. I do know she wasn't sticking to her diet... eating ice cream, pizza.... I feel so bad for her.