What I Ate During My NO FRUIT cleanse

I actually thought I might starve without my daily fruit.  But so far I am pretty full.  Here is some of my meals.  You may be able to eat other things, but I have developed a lot of food allergies from the Candida. 

I drink water with every meal.

Hopefully I won't need to be on this diet long.  The quicker I get better the faster I will be able to add some fruit back into my diet.  

I will need to stay away from dried fruit since most dried fruit carries some mold which can make the candida act up again.


Poached Egg
Almond bread
Licorice root tea


Almond Bread Toast
Almond Milk  warmed with cinnamon
Ginger tea


Almond Pancakes (I don't put anything on these since I can do no sugars right now)
Poached eggs (I break up the pancake to use as bread in my poached egg)
Marshmallow root tea


Below are some of the foods I have for lunch...not all at once, of course.

Almond Bread with Almond butter
Carrot Salad (This is just grated carrots)
Miso Soup
Hard boiled egg

Snack time is the hardest for me because that is when I always ate my fruit.  I eat as much as I want from the list below.

A lot of times I will have a cup of tea with my snack.  I only use Licorice Root, Marshmallow Root or Ginger Root tea.

Baby Zucchini cut into pieces
Broccoli (I eat this sparingly because it gives me gas)
Sometimes I make an almond butter sandwich, depending on how hungry I am

Chicken Soup
Piece of almond bread
Spinach Salad


Grilled Chicken
Carrot Salad
Almond Bread

Large Spinach Salad Made with hard boiled eggs (No Dressing, just plain...I know its not great but hopefully if I stick to this I will be able to eat the things I love)
Piece of Almond Bread


Steak (grilled, well done)
Spinach salad
Brussel Sprouts


Mild white fish (grilled)
Almond Bread

Hopefully this gives you some idea of what to eat for your meals.


  1. Hi, I've just found your blog and I want to thank you so much for writing it! I was just barely diagnosed with Candida and finding this blog has reignited hope for me. You are amazing!!!!

    I'm curious though where/how you got the almond bread, as I DESPERSTELY miss my morning toast. :(

    1. Kylee,
      I had to make my own Almond Bread, but now. Sammys sells a millet bread made with no sugar or yeast. So much easier and better tasting.


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