If You Are Interested In An #Amazon #Review On Your Product

Not only do we buy products on Amazon, but, both my Husband and I will do Amazon Reviews.  It must be something that we will use and enjoy.

Interests Dennis
Tech of all kinds
We have iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and will review products that we can use for those
We also have an iPad 4
GMC Owner
Knee Replacement

Interests Terry
Cleansing and Flushing Products
I do a lot of cleansing, including but not limited to
Parasite, candida, liver, kidney, uric acid, colon and more.

Exercise Products
DVDs, Yoga products, Exercise Clothing, Exercise Equipment

Health Products
Back problems and am always interested in products for that.
Neck And Shoulder Pain
Hip Replacement
Plantar Fasciitis
Just Plain Getting Old!!

I use a lot of different Herbs, including Tumeric, Rutin, Tart Cherry,
Herbs for Digestive issues

I drink tea daily! Herbal Tea Only!  If you are interested in an amazon review of your teas or accessories, I am open.

Vitamins And Minerals
I do high quality vitamins and minerals.  They MUST be cane sugar free. As well as no splenda, dextrose, or other sweetners that are no good for the body.  All natural sweetners please.

I wear a Small and sometimes a Medium

Household items
All rooms in the house

Smoothies for healing

Here Is What We Will Do For You
I will do an amazon review.  Depending on what it is, I will do either a video or a written and pictures.

Also, I do a lot of tweeting and get a lot of retweets!!
Check out a couple of my tweets and be sure to check the retweets.  I will link to your product in one tweet.  In another tweet, I will link to my review.  I get a lot of retweets... and will get you close to if not more than 100 retweets when I put a tweet out to your product.

Here is what one company had to say about one of my reviews on Amazon
Hi Terry, we were just blown away by your review, content and video.  Thanks, -Jake

If you just need tweets on your products ... I will put out a tweet.  I get over 100 retweets on it.  Linking to your store and if you have a twitter account, I will link to that also.