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My Daily Journey With Candida

After 2 years and 2 and 1/2 weeks of trying to figure out what was wrong with me, I am now on the right track. I would like to thank a friend Nancy, who told me about a friend of hers who had Candida and my symtoms sounded the same.

1/16/10 Today I decided to try Grape Seed Extract and Acidophilus Probiotic. I am taking 2 Grape seed extract and 1 Acidophilus two times daily. Once at breakfast and again at supper.

I read that Whatever remedy I choose, the first few days will probably have some nasty side effects because of the toxins coming out of the body. They said to ignore these.....I will keep a daily log and let you know how I feel.

1/17/10 6:AM Woke up with a sinus headache...I hardly ever have those anymore, especially with the diet I am on. Maybe it is the toxins coming out of me, who knows.
It is easier to breathe today and I didn't wake up with an awful taste in my mouth, maybe something is working.

1:30 PM Oh my gosh....I feel awful, I feel like I was run over by a mack truck. I have a splitting headache, my stomach fact I feel like I might throw up. I have a lot of aches and pains. I hope I am not getting the flu...hopefully it is just the toxins coming out.
Below, is the brand of Alfalfa Capsule that I use. For me they work well when I have some acid.
6:30PM ... I am feeling much better. I ate my supper at 4 and took the rest of my pills for the day.

8:10AM.... I can't believe I slept in until 8:00AM. I am feeling very, very well. I am surprised because yesterday I was feeling so bad. I have very, very little acid off and on.

4:20PM I decided with my supper to take 3 grape seed extract instead of two. I was afraid to take more yesterday but the directions say to take 2-3 tablet 2 times daily. I take them with meals

5:30PM I still continue to feel great. If this keeps up I think I will get over this illness.....KNOCK ON WOOD, it has been over two years of trying to figure this out.
7:45AM Woke up feeling great. Ate breakfast, took my pills and am still feeling great.

12:30PM Ate lunch at 11:00AM, I ate my special bread with almond butter and a little jelly ( I
use Simply Fruit Jelly).
Probably should not of eaten the jelly as I am feeling just a tad acid....hardly any
though so I am pleased with that.
Well I did pretty well today. I had such minimal acid that I would not of even known it was there, except I kept thinking about it. I really felt great, there is not much else to say.
Felt great today, I even ate some walnuts and pecans. Usually the only nut I eat are almonds but I decided to get a little crazy today. I may pay for those nuts tomorrow...we will see.
Feeling good. The walnuts and pecans burned my stomach a little so I think I will stay away from those. Other than that all is well.
5 Days of feeling pretty good. Thats not bad!!!
Woke up with a little sinus today so I used the Netti Pot. Other than that I a feeling really great.

6:00PM...Why every time I say I am feeling great I get sick. I am now sick to my stomach which I am usually not ever sick to my stomach. Took a couple of alfalfa capsules.

10:00PM Went to bed feeling pretty well, the alfalfa really seemed to help
4:10AM Oh my gosh.....I am so sick to my stomach I think I could throw up, I
Am going to take more alfalfa and try to go back to sleep.

8:00AM I ended up sleeping until around 7:30 The alfalfa made my stomach feel well
enough that I could go back to sleep. My stomach is a little queasy but not bad
I took more alfalfa with my breakfast.

2:30PM Not feeling real bad now. Hopefully this was the toxins coming out of me.

8:30PM I am feeling pretty well, maybe tomorrow I will be back to feeling great. I
decided tomorrow I am going to give up all fruits, at least until I get back on track
and then I will reintroduce them.
TodayI gave up all FRUITS, I had no idea what I was going to eat for my snack (I always had an apple or a banana+ so I went to Aldi's and bought the baby zucchini and ate that at snack time.
I Felt really great today, I know I still have a long way to go, but it is just nice seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. When I get to feeling as good as I did today, I get to thinking that I can eat anything I want. I know I have to stay on my diet and see this through to the end.
1/26/10 I slept pretty well last night. I didn't gurgle all night like I have for over a year. I don't know if any of you do that, make a gurgly sound every time you swallow. It is especially loud at night. I did gurgle some but not like usual so something must be healing down there.

Today I am switching to Pau d' Arco. I had read that every 5 days you should switch so you don't grow immune. I had been on the grape seed extract for 10 days so hopefully I am not immune to it.

Right after lunch I started to feel like I am not functioning properly, I guess they call it brain fog and it is suppose to be part of the die off of the Candida. I also didn't have much of a bowel movement yesterday or today. You would think with all the vegetables I eat that I would have no problem....but I still do.

Still have not had a good BM but am feeling very well.


Woke up feeling great!! Still have some gurgling at night but not to bad. I would like to have a BM so I took a milk of magnesia tablet. They seem to do okay with me but they don't usually work until the next day.

For breakfast I had buckwheat cereal, I am hoping it does not turn to sugar and feed the candida because then I will have to go longer on this diet.

Felt great all day today. Had to go watch my Granddaughter Cheer at a basketball game, got home really late because of the snow....anyway I had a hard time getting to sleep and had to get up early to be in Franklin. When I don't get my sleep I am miserable the next day..

I didn't get a lot of sleep last night so I am surprised at how good I feel. Went to visit my sister today who is dealing with this same problem (Candida). Can you believe both her and I have it.

After I ate my chicken for supper, I didn't feel as good as I have been. I have a little acid and am really tired, I really need to get some sleep tonight. Maybe tomorrw I will feel better.

Slept pretty well last night but gurgled most of the night....I hate that. Not feeling real bad today, a little acid is all.

Late morning I got so sick to my stomach that I thought I would throw up, plus I was light headed and felt awful. Hopefully this is more toxins leaving my body.

Finally....Finally....Finally....I had a BM. I thought I might blow up before it happened. I am eating so many vegetable and a bm should not be a problem but I seem to have a heck of a time.

Feeling well today. My esophagus seems to hardly burn at all...Yay for me!! I am still gurgling at night but hopefully that goes away one of these days.

Feeling light headed like I could almost pass out. I wonder if I am not getting enough sugars to keep my sugar levels up.

If this keeps up, I might have to give up on this diet....although I am feeling better other wise.

Today I started the Olive Leaf Extract in place of the Pau d' Arco.

Felt fairly good this morning. We are going to surprise my Sister for her Birthday.

Got home from my Sisters and believe it or not... I have a stupid yeast infection....darn it....I NEVER GET A YEAST INFECTION. I could almost scream, Why is it when I feel great one day the next day gives me a kick in the pants.

I am really thinking hard about quitting this candida diet.

Last night I used some cream for my yeast infection and doubled up on the acidophilus. Feelling good again, no yeast infection....strange, but that was the toxins leaving my least that is what I keep telling myself.

I tried cold pressed olive oil today on my vegetables so they wouldn't stick to the grill....I will see how it affects me.
Not feeling as great today as yesterday. I am just so tired all the time. Sometimes I don't even feel like lifting my arms to curl my hair. Is this toxins??

I am in my second week of no fruit or starches. Sunday will be a full 2 weeks. I was hoping I would be over this by now.

Feeling okay, not so tired today but my stomach feels just a little off. Nothing I can lay my finger on.

I did start drinking Kahle Juice today. I was at the health food store and a woman heard me talking to the owner and said. I had candida a few years ago and to cure it I drank Kahle Juice every day for 2 weeks and then it was gone. What have I got to lose, I might as well try it.

Today I go back to the Grape Seed Extract. Feeling very well.
I am doing very well again. My sister and her husband are visiting us at our rented vacation home.
I am really enjoying feeling so well. If I keep on feeling this good, I am going to start the buckwheat on Sunday.

Well......I was feeling well. My sisters Husband told me this candida was all in my head. I am so pissed that I am getting acid back. I can not believe he would think I would eat the way I am for the fun of it. God am I pissed. My sister is having a lot of problems that she thinks could be candida.....I can see why she is sick, living with such a mean hearted person has got to be a lot of stress.
Slept really badly last night, my chest was so tight from stress that I could not fall asleep. Then to top it all off, at the breakfast table my sister brings all the sh-t up about what her husband said to me about this being all in my head. How embarassing.....the thing is, I ask her not to say anything so it would not stress me any further. Of course, as usual she didn't listen and now I am really kind of sick...I hate confrontation.

Had a really hard time having a BM, ripped my hemorrhoids pretty bad. I hate that, they take so long to heal.

On a good note, I started taking coconut oil. It is suppose to help kill off the candida in the stomach.

I am also going to stop taking the grape seed, pau d' arco and olive leaf extract for a couple of weeks and just take the acidolphilus. It depends on how I am feeling in 2 weeks if I go back on.
Still having a little bit of burn today but not real bad. I started taking Coconut Oil yesterday and today I had a BM without forcing for the first time in awhile.
Still not going great with the BM's but I think it is getting much better. Not feeling so great today, stress really takes a toll on my candida.
I have these glands in my neck on the left side that are swollen and it hurts to move my neck around. I keep telling myself it is die off but maybe I have a little bit of a cold. I did sneeze a couple of times and woke up with a stuffed nose so who knows.

Oh yes....can't forget this. I added brown rice to my diet today, not a lot, just one serving (1/2 cup) but I am feeling full for the first time in awhile.
I am doing the happy dance.....finally, I had a BM all by myself with not help....well thats not true, I am taking the coconut oil and it is working very well. Yay for me!!! I was so constipated that I ripped hemhroids. I was scared I might have to go to the emeregency room to get unblocked.

Had my rice again with my supper and it is amazing how good it makes me feel just to get some grains in my system.

Gave myself the spit test and it is not as good as it was before my brother in law stressed me out..... If you don't do anything else for candida, stay away from fruit and STRESS!!!
Happy Valentines Day!!!

I am just feeling so good today. I had Cream of Buckwheat for breakfast and chicken with rice soup for lunch and steak and salad for supper (I will put the recipe for chicken and rice soup on at a later date, it is candida friendly).
I woke up this morning with a little acid, it is like a warm feeling at the back of my throat. I was feeling so good yesterday....maybe it was the brown rice. I am going to stop eating it for a few days and see what happens.

I am still taking the coconut oil and yesterday had a BM, so far today I haven't had one. I know in order to heal I have to keep my bowels moving..

I took 4 grape seed extract tonight with my supper to work along with the Coconut Oil I also took a Digestive Enzyme, I should be taking those right along but most of the time I don't take them.

In the early evening, I finially had a small BM, I know in order to heal I need to get rid of the waste so I gave myself an enema and am feeling much better.
I was going to do the antifungual 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off, but I think I feel much better when I take them right along. So today I started Tumeric.
Feeling pretty good, have a little burn but when I take the antifungual it seems to go away.
My Sister took me to West Palm Beach, Florida today to do some shopping at some of the health food stores. We happened to find a place that is going out of business and I got a lot of antifunguals so I can rotate them every 5 days to keep from becoming immune to them. Doing pretty well, I have a slight burn but nothing really bad.
Feeling very well today, hopefully this will continue. I do know that I need to continue to take the antifunguals and probiotics to beat this thing.

I also had a BM all by myself today. I think between the coconut oil and all the vegetables, I am finally getting on track....Oh yes, I started Flax Seed today and hopefully that keeps me going without help.
Whooo Hoooo!!!! Two days in a row and I am feeling great. I have started really watching the carbs and keeping them at 15g per meal. When I first started doing carbs again, I had no idea how many to do so I ate until I was full.....WRONG, I was getting way to many and my stomach was burning.
YAY!!! Another really good morning. I am loving this!! I wake up feeling good and go to bed feeling good.

I also had a BM with no problems. A couple of days ago I started using Flax Seed along with coconut oil, and I think that is part of the reason I am going so well.
Another good day today and I slept pretty good last night. I can't wait until the weather warms up so I can get out and get more exercise, that has got to help with this candida problem.

I think I ate a few to many carbs today because my stomach is kind of upset and my back of my throat has a slight burn. Hopefully it is the toxins coming out because I switched to Grape Seed Extract.

I have been having trouble with my hemorrhoids since around February 9 so I went and bought some hemorrhoidal suppositories. They worked right away to help me have a comfortable BM.
Had the upset stomach all night long and didn't feel great most of today....Jeeze, I hope it just the toxins and I didn't get to many carbs yesterday. I watched the carbs closer today and am feeling better.
Happy Birthday To Me!!! Feeling good today, what a great Birthday present that is. Hubs made my breakfast and even did the dishes......Life is good.
Wow!!! Another great day. I feel almost like I did before this candida got the best of me.

Last night when I went to bed I was gurgling but when I woke up the gurgle was gone and I was feeling GREAT. I figure the gurgle will probably come back but I hope not.

I almost forgot....I am going to eat a snack tonight about 8 PM just to see if It helps me to sleep at night. It seems every night I wake up about 2 or 3 in the morning and have a heck of a time getting back to sleep. I just thought since I eat my supper around 4PM that 2 or 3 in the morning is about 10 hours of no food and that is what I think about when I wake up...FOOD.

I ate oatmeal at 8pm so I will see if it helps me to sleep better.
Oatmeal at 8PM last night was not such a smart thing to that won't happen again. My stomach felt all night like I ate a brick.

I felt good all day today, even had a BM all by myself. The Coconut Oil and Flax Seed are working very well. Plus the Hemorrhoid Ointment keeps my hemorrhoids from hurting.

We are getting up really early tomorrow so I am going to drink a cup of Valerian Root Tea to help me sleep.
Not feeling super great today. I have some acid in my esophagus and just feel plain crappy.

Not only that, I have this pressure and kind of pain around my gallbladder....If it gets any worse, I might think about going to the emerengency room.

I did eat more that 15 carbs for breakfast, quite a lot more to be truthful. I was just so hungry.

I also started the Pau d' arco today and sometimes when I switch I seem to get the toxins acting up and make me sick. Who knows, I just want to be healed from this ASAP

About the pain around my gallbladder. As the day wore on, it kept moving down until it felt like I was going to have to have a BM. With my hemorrhoids acting up, I decided to give myself an emema.

This sounds gross, but I think I left some gallstones in the toilet. I don't know what gallstones really look like but even with the enema I did not have what I call a BM all that I did was leave these ball like things, maybe 8 of them. Then I felt great.
I feel great today, I had started a new antifungal yesterday so maybe that was why I had a bad day yesterday.

Today I started taking caprylic acid along with my other antifungals and probiotic.

I also bought some RUTIN for my hemorrhoids. My sister says it heals them fast so I am listening to her.....for a change.
Feeling good today, even with all the antifungals I took with my breakfast. I started the caprylic acid yesterday, so I can probably expect some die off in the next day or so. I hope so anyway....the quicker this stuff dies off the better I will feel.

Before I forget, I started the RUTIN last night and it is doing a great job. I had a BM this morning and my hemorrhoids did not come out so that is really good.
I think today is the best I have felt for over 2 years....probably more because before I started having stomach problems, I wasn't feeling really all that great.

When I got up, I had a cup of tea and then went to the bathroom. That is probably the first time in many years that I have had a BM first thing in the morning.

I also did a spit test when I woke up and it is looking much better. I still have candida but I can tell it is healing.
Another "Great" morning. I just love waking up and feeling so good. Maybe it is due to the fact that I am getting my BM's back on track....whatever, I am loving this.

I over ate last night and got just a faint bit of acid so I took a digestive enzyme and it went away
Feeling good this morning. Had a BM in the morning....I really think that is the key to healing, making sure I have regular BMs. I am still taking the RUTIN but my Hemorrhoids are doing great, so this might be the last day I take it.

I did NOT take the RUTIN today....I didn't need it. I am very happy to be rid of those pesky hemorrhoids.
Wow....I am doing the "Happy Dance" , 5 days in a row that I have gotten up feeling great. I know I am going to heal from this, it will be just a matter of not letting it happen again.
Felt great today although I am really hungry and having a hard time not over eating.

I did it again....I over ate and felt crappy when I went to bed. I really, really need to stop that over eating. Kind of feel like I could throw up and I have a headache.
Woke up with a stuffed nose, headache and my stomach is a little upset. If this is not die off...I must of caught my Hubs cold, although he said he didn't have a cold just sinus. Well I must of caught his sinus.

Feeling good this evening, went to my sisters and visited her for the day. Boy does her husband piss me off. One of these days I am going to tell him exactly what I think, we probably won't be speaking after that but I can see it coming.

Even though I got into a little bit of glucose yesterday (pre marinated chicken), I am feeling very well today. I have a slight headache but that could be more die off Hubs had a sinus problem a couple of days ago and I might of caught a cold from him. Who acid is doing well and thats all I really care about at this point.

About 10PM I got an upset stomach, I took a Alfalfa Capsule and it seemed to go away.......Oh, I almost forgot....I woke up with a rash on the right side of my face and a pimple on the left side of my chin. What the Heck!!! I don't get pimples any longer, even as a teen I hardly ever got pimples.

Feeling very well this mornig, No upset stomach, the rash is almost gone on my face and the pimple is not even noticable. I attribute everything to die there you go.

I still have a very, very slight headache but it is hardly noticable. Oh yes, my hemorrhoids started acting up again. I probably should not of stopped the Rutin so soon.

I am going to start to take enzyme capsules and see if it helps with knocking out the candida.
Feel very well today. I think the digestive enzymes really help in making the digestive time shorter. I keep hearing, as we get older we don't create digestive enzymes like we used to......well, I am no spring chick so I guess I am included in that "as we get older"
Do not feel super great today. I am still having issues with my hemorrhoids. I am going to go back on the rutin, it really helped. I guess I need to make sure they are healed before I stop taking it this time.
Today is the last day I will take Coconut Oil 3 times a day. I will now take one tablespoon once a day.

I am doing well except I need to have a BM without me giving myself an enema or using hemorrhoid suppositories.
Feeling really well, except still no BM movement without help.

Started Oil Of Oregano today. It makes me burpy but not bad so I will continue to take it unless it really makes my stomach burn.

Feeling very well today. Had a mornig BM (not a great one, but at this point...any will do.)

I slept well last night, got up once to pee and fell back asleep until 7:30. That was very good for me.

I gave myself a spit test this morning. It was not good, but I am feeling great so I am going to forget about the spit test until a week or so.

Oh...I almost forgot. I brushed my teeth with oil of Oregano today. It is suppose to kill the thrush in the mouth plus it fights infections of the teeth and gums.
I woke up today and my tongue was not all covered in white like normal, it still was a little white but I think the Oil of Oregano really helps. Besides that I did not gurgle all night, it is not gone but it is less.

I had a BM today with no help....well maybe no help. I have been eating a lot of flax seeds and different grains. Seems to be really helping.

Well, again I over ate....why do I do that, I know it is going to make me sick.
Thought I would wake up feeling crummy because I over ate but I feel great.

Started my Green Smoothie Colon Cleanse today. Feeling a little full from all the vegetables but I feel great otherwise

Going to go take a hot bath in epsom salts to help get the toxins out of my system.
Doing well this morning, even with everthing going on (Flooded Basement in Pa and we are in Florida). Thank goodness for my Daughter and her Guy.

I am still on my Green Smoothie Colon Cleanse. Have not noticed any change that is outstanding but feeling like I need to have a BM. I hope so!!
I was so tired last night that I went to sleep a little after 8PM. I did wake up 2 times to pee because I had quite a lot of tea before I went to sleep. Got up around 3AM and had a cup of licorice root tea.

I am feeling well except I still need to have a really good BM.

FINALLY!!!! because of the colon cleanse, I went and went and went.

I have a headache, must be die off from the colon cleanse.
I woke up with an upset stomach and such a headache. I really hope it is the toxins coming out because I feel really crappy. It might just be a backlash from doing the colon cleanse.

Started feeling much better around 10AM. Ate my lunch and am now doing great.

I bought some Cold Pressed Olive Oil that is organic and extra virgin. I am going to take a couple teaspoons every day to help keep my stools soft.....I hope this works.

I am taking extra prbiotics to make sure I get some good yeast into my system so the candida doesn't take over.
Have a slight headache but I am feeling very well otherwise.
Feeling great!!!
Another good day.
Doing terrible today. I have acid in my stomach. I was doing so well but I think I was rushing eating and also not getting enough vegetables.
Today is 2 full months that I have been on the Candida Cleanse Diet.. Ater having a crappy day yesterday I am feeling well this morning.

Started that acid thing late in the day. I think tomorrow I am going back on the antifungals. I went off of them about a wee ago to see how I would do......I guess I am not doing so great.

Did my teeth and gums with Oregano Oil and right away I started feeling better.

Woke up feeling great. Today I am taking some Pau d' Arco and Golden Seal. I was hoping not to have to take the antifungals this long but I can see I might have to take them until I heal.

I know this sounds gross to you but, I had the best BM in months. I did it without any help of suposotories, enemas or pills. I am taking a large teaspoon of cold pressed Olive Oil every day and I started taking Folic Acid and Magnesium. I had read somewhere that candida depletes your body of minerals and those two are ones that will help with constipation. I am not sure what helped or why, I am just happy something worked.

Well, I am feeling well but have decided to eat as few carbs as possible. I know I started out doing that but ended up eating carbs all day long. I am not healing as fast as I would like so I am going to cut the carbs drastically.
Eating very low carbs seem to be working well. I have felt good (no acid) all day today. I guess I am one of the people who can not tolerate carbs to get rid of candida.
3/29/10 Still plodding along with no grains. Doing very well with the acid thing so I am going to try to stick this out for 2 months.
3/30/10 Feeling Great today. I think not eating any grains is a positive thing for me. I am eating nuts and seeds so I am still getting some carbs.
3/31/10 Whooooo.....Hoooooo..... 6 Days in a row and no acid. I think that is the longest I have ever gone since I got this candida.

I have to attribute it to eating no grains. I did take a spit test and I still have candida but not as bad as last week so hopefully things keep going well.
April Foo acid!!!!ls Day!!!! One week and no
Well I am feeling so lucky to be 8 days and feeling great. If this keeps up, I will only be posting once a week, unless something new develops.

Feeling a little sick to my stomach. I started flax seed oil in the bottle and maybe that is making me sick or maybe it is toxins. Bums me out because I was doing so well.......Ohhhh......maybe it was the rice cake I ate today. Hmmmmmm.... I might not be able to eat that yet.
Feeling very well again. I was only sick last night for a couple of hours so maybe it was some more die off. I guess as long as you have candida, you will have die off...just not as severe as at first.
4/4/10 Happy Easter!!!! Did excellent today, especially since I ate out. It took a second time for the restaurant to get it right but they did get it right.
4/5/10 Another GOOD day.
Although the day started out great, both my Husband and I got very, very sick with the stomach flu
4/6/10 I am so sick....I passed out this morning. Stomach flu sucks!!
4/7/10 Feeling better but not up to par. I can at least hold some food down.
4/8/10 Feeling very well this moring. I ate breakfast and everything did okay.
Had a great supper, it tasted sooooo good. I can tell I am feeling better because I am hungry all the time again.
4/9/10 Hubs is not feeling well so I was kept awake all night. We took him to the ER and he had a kidney stone, which passed......other than that.....I am doing GREAT.
4/10/10 Feeling well today, I seem to be getting back on track after my bout with the flu.

Good Morning!!! Great morning and I am also feeling very well.

I just love waking up to a good morning with no sickness.

````````````````````` 4/13/10 Feeling well this morning. My only problem is trying to have a BM.....again I am having problems. I wonder if maybe I don't have parasites.

Having another very good day. I am trying something new today. I decided with having such trouble with BM's I could have parasites. I really need to go get tested but until then, I decided to insert an oil of oregano capsule into my rectum. I also inserted a flax oil capsule. I did that early in the morning and then had a regular BM awhile later. Oil of Oregano is suppose to kill parasites and when I take it by mouth, it makes me kind of sick to my stomach and I don't know if it reachs my rectum full force enough to kill any parasites that might be lurking there. This is just a trial and I may or may not continue it.

8 Days and Feeling well again although I am feeling a little full because I ate Hot Flax Meal for breakfast. Felt kind of crappy late in day. Have acid and need to have a BM

Woke up at 3AM needing to have a BM but couldn't so gave myself an enema. Feeling great again. I think a lot of my problems are stemming from lack of BM. The magnesia is working but it is not working as well as I would like so now I am using Ionic-Fizz Magnesium Plus by Pure Essence Labs. I took this at about 6 in the morning and had a BM about 1:30PM. It wasn't harsh like some things I have used so we will see what happens.
My stomach felt pretty good this morning although I felt very tired. I slept very well but just still felt exausted. I had 3 BM's today, not great ones but anything is better than what I had been doing. ```````````````````
Leaving for Atlantic City
 Went to the buffet in AC. Out of the 100's of food they served, I only found 5 things I could eat and the bok choy had a lot of oil on it so I probably should of passed on that also. Started taking Oil of Oregano for parasites that I may or may not have. I am thinking that could be my constipation problem. Oh yes, I am also eating a ton of Whole Cloves, this is suppose to kill the parasite eggs. 
Went to PF Changs for supper, boy is it hard to find something there that is candida friendly. I ended up having eggplant steamed and brown rice.
I decided to make hamburgers in the room. I have a little grill that cooks them perfect.
Started feeling a little acid tonight, probably because I am doing so many rice cakes. I know better than to do that but I really need the grains to make me have BMs
Still have some acid today. We are leaving Atlantic City so I will probably have more grains than veggies and will get more acid.
Well the acid is still here....Maybe it is die off from all the cloves I am doing for parasites.....Or I need to have a good BM Feeling much better tonight.
Strange, but I am feeling well today. I have no idea what the problem was although I did find out the Stevia I was using had Maltodexterin in it and that feeds candida.
Starting Black Walnut Hull and Wormwood Oil, This is for parasites, plus I am still eating the cloves to kill any eggs. I guess everyone has parasites but when you have candida the parasites are more of a problem.

Tried 1/4 of an apple today and it didn't seem to make me any worse for the wear.
Feeling well today although my spit test showed up badly.
Feeling very well today. I am still taking the psyllium and having very good luck with it.
Took Hubs to have his kidney stones blasted today..... For me, I am doing great.
I can really get used to feeling good every day,
Spit test turned out great today and I am feeling really well.  I think it is the Walnut and Wormwood with the cloves that I am doing for the parasites.
Feeling super today.  I really think I am going to lick this thing.
Feeling very well, except I swallowed Black Walnut Hull and Wormwood oil down the wrong hole and it kind of feel like I have to keep coughing, other than that, I am great.
Went to the Cleveland Clinic today for my check up on my hip revision.... They told me I didn't have to go back for 5 years.  I am very happy about that.  I figured with this candida going on it would eat up all the bone around my hip replacement.
I ate way to many carbs yesterday and thought I would be pretty sick today.  I am feeling a little off but nothing major.
I felt so good that I worked outside all day, and I mean all day.  I weeded all the flower beds and hand mowed where I needed. 
Feeling Great today!!!  12 days in a row and not sick.  That is the longest I have ever gone.

Doing pretty well today.   Ate way to much oatmeal today and had just a little acid but it went away quckly.

Doing well
Another good day
My sister came to visit and we went shopping at my local health store.  Not doing bad today.
Minimal acid today.  I think I ate to much oatmeal for breakfast.
Since I am feeling well most of the time, I am only going to post when something happens out of the ordinary.   Like when I feel sick ....etc.....etc.....


  1. Now this is so detailed and very helpful. I'm going to make brown rice for supper. Abby is always complaining she is hungry. I'm beginning to suspect she has Candida but I don't know if a small child can get it and how on earth could she get it? She is bad about putting everything in her mouth. I wish I could get her to stop that.

  2. It's good you recorded all this! Then you know what worked and what didn't.

  3. Hi Terry! Your blog is amazing. You've been thru so much and I admire you for that. I'm currently having health problems and I'd like to personally consult with you and ask you opinion if it is candida related. What's your email add?:)


    1. Hahahha... Andre,
      This post was for me. I never expected others to read it. I think it was the very first post on this blog.


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