PR Friendly

If you are a company looking to advertise your business on this blog,   I try to only do products that are relevant to healing.     Below are some of the things I am looking to review.   If you have another product that you would like reviewed or for my blog to host as a giveaway please email me

I am open to a lot more things than I have listed below.

Seeking Sponsors For Exercise Wear and Accessories

Wanted:::   Sponsor For A Very Good Daily Vitamin
MSM Supplement
Adrenal Gland Supplement
Sponsor For Herbs
Mimosa Pudica Powder
Parasite Cleanse

For me to do a review of your product, you will need to send me a FULL Size product for me to review.

When I do a review, I really do use the product.    Sometimes, this takes time to get the review out.   Cleanses as most of you know can take anywhere from a few days to months, depending on the cleanse.

I will link to your site several time in my review.   I can also lead them to your facebook and or twitter account.

If you want your link on my sidebar.... we will have to talk about that.   

I have a facebook account, My Journey With Candida,  and a twitter account  @CandidaJourney and will promote your product on those.   


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