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I Decided I had better get my blog posts in order so those of you looking for health posts can find them easier.

I hope this helps those of you that have been emailing me because you have such a time finding anything on this blog.

Everything I have done so far is here.... You might just have to look a little to find it.

Candida Introduction
Candida Healing Herbs  ( Herbs And Supplements That I used To Heal From Candida )

Candida Symptoms  ( How Do I know I Have Candida )

Candida Will Consume Your Life ( It Is A Full Time Job Healing From Candida )

Do You Know What Caused Your Candida?

Home Candida Test  ( How To Test For Candida )

How I Healed My Candida 

How Long To Heal Candida

I Don't Know Where To Start Healing Candida  ( What Herbs Should I Take )

Pictures Of Candida In My Stomach

Pictures Of Cadida In Toilet And Stool  What Does Candida Look Like

The Alkaline Diet

The Candida Cleanse Diet ~ The Anti Candida Diet

What Is Candida And How It Destroys Your Health

What is Candida?

Where Do I Start To Heal Candida

Toxins Or Candida Die Off

Arthritis And Candida  ~ Does Candida Cause Arthritis ?

Is Candida Hereditary ?

Is Candida The New Disease Of The Century

What I Ate During The Candida Cleanse

I Have Completed Stage One Of The Candida Cleanse

Night Sweats And Candida

Humaworm Candida Cleanse

Humaworm Candida Cleanse From A Reader

Leaky Gut Caused By Systemic Candida

If Herbs Aren't Curing Your Candida Try To Find A Dr Who Can

I Found A Medical Dr Who Believes In And Treats Candida

Is Baking Soda The Miracle Cure For Candida?

Vitamin C From A Reader

Be Careful When Taking Antibiotics
My Friend Arthur Has Been Visiting
Athletes Foot
Treating Toe nail Fungus

Bladder And Kidney
Bladder Problems And Candida
Golden Rod Tea May Help Kidney Stones

Body Cleanse
10 Day Cleansing System Tru Cleanse

Bones ~ Muscles
I Think I Broke My Toe
How To Stop A Charley ( Charlie ) Horse
I Have Osteoporosis
I Have Lowered My Risk Of Osteoperosis
Tight Neck Muscles Feeling Like My Glands Are Swelling
Knee Arthroscopy

Burning Tongue
Burning Tongue Gone ~ Ringing In Ears Gone ~ My Fight To Kill Candida And Parasites Once And For All
My Tongue Tingles ~ Kind of Almost Burns

Burning Tongue 1

Burning Tongue 2

Clever Ideas
Make Your Own Silver Bullet Blender
How To Make A Quiet Humidifier

Colon Cleansing
Colon Cleanse
Green Smoothie Colon Cleanse

Colds Flu Illness
Stomach Virus
Apple Cinnamon Tea For Constipation
Cold Cure Soup Recipe
Crock Pot Tomato Tea For Colds And Flu
The Netti Pot For Head And Nasal Congestion
Cinnamon And Honey Syrup For Colds, Sore Throats and Coughs
Natural Medication For Colds And Flu
The Cold That Made Us Think We Had Whooping Cough
Is It The Flu Or Toxin Die Off
Mucus Colors And What They Mean
Tight Neck Muscles Feeling Like My Glands Are Swelling

Is Poor Customer Service Becoming The Norm
Why We Will Never Deal With ARE Truck Caps Again
Is The Toyota Customer Satisfaction Survey Fair?
Why I Am Pretty Much Done With Klout
Does Your Ex Come Back To Haunt You

What I Did To Cure My Constipation
Breakfast Shake For Constipation

Crafts & Re Dos
Recipe Book For My Granddaughters
Making Flowers
Turn A Night Stand Into A Snack Table
Old Window REDO
Didgeridoo Redo
Crafts ~ Food
Penguin Appetizers ~ These are so cute
Penguin Appetizer Made From Black Olives
Christmas Tree Vegetable Appetizer
Spring Fruit Appetizer
Grow Your Own Easter Basket Grass

Stress and Candida
Depression And Candida
Why Do People Kick You When You're Down

Alkaline Diet
What I Eat On The Alkaline Diet

Candida Cleanse Diet / Anti Candida Diet
Watch The Carbs
Puffed Millet Cereal
Stopping All Grains And Flours
What I Ate During The Candida Cleanse

Paleo Diet

Olive Oil And Lemon Aids In Digestion
I Can't Digest Raw Vegetables
Leaky Gut
I Can Now Digest Carbs

Constant Ringing In My Ears
How I Healed My Plugged Up Ears Using Xylitol
Make Your Own Antifungal Ear Drops
How I Drained My Eustachain Tube ~ Stopped Ear Ringing
How I stopped The Ringing In My Ears

Eye Wash Drops For Twitching And Parasites
Get Rid Of Floater and Eye Allergies
Dark Circles under Eyes
Twitching In My Eye ~ My Eyes Twitch
Stringy Slimy Stuff I Can Pull Out Of My Eyes
Eye Washing While Doing The Deep Sinus Cleanse
Hubs Cataract Surgery

Neck And Shoulders
Neck And Shoulder Exercise Number 1 #1
Neck And Shoulder Exercise Number 2 #2
Neck And Shoulder Exercise Number 3 #3
Neck And Shourlder Exercise Number 4 #4 
Neck And Shoulder Exercis Number 5 #5
Neck And Shoulder Exercise Number 6
Neck And Shoulder Exercise Number 7
Neck And Shoulder Exercise Number 8
Neck And Shoulder Exercise Number 9
Neck And Shoulder Exercise Number 10
Neck And Shoulder Exercise Number 11
Neck And Shoulder Exercise Number 12
Neck And Shoulder Exercise Number 13
Fitryo TotalBar Stretch

Exercises I Do For My Lower Back ( These Helped Me When I Had A Sore Back )
Lower Back Exercise Using Fitryo TotalBar
Lower Back Exercise #1
Lower Back Exercise #2
Lower Back Exercise #3
Lower Back Exercise #4
You Need To Strengthen Your Stomach Muscles

Strength Exercises After Candida
TMJ Exercises
Due To A Total Hip Replacement I Need To Strengthen My Leg Muscles
Things I am doing for my back

Family ~ Friends And My Home
A Special Sugar Scrub For My Husband
Funny Story GE
Thank You Manzanita
Tawna, My Blog Friend
Happy 91st Birthday ~ Garden Party Theme
Google Friend Connect ~ Do You Have A Lot Of Dead Followers?
Is The Saying Red At Night Sailors Delight True?
What A Wonderful Indian Summer We Are Having
How I Naturally Purify The Air In Our Home
Huge Turtle
Valentine Necklace For My Granddaughter
Gifts To Each Other When you Need Nothing
New Christmas Tradition
Thigh High Socks
Family Cook Off
Stop Bullying !!  Even Animals Do it !!
24 Hours of Bad Luck
Riding Bikes
Feeding Bluegill
Do People Come Back
Railroad spikes
Matt Tattoo
Ugly Porch
Porch Redo
Window Treatment
Need To Redo My Bathroom
So Much Work Being A Homeowner
Dominic & Cicely Clothing I bought 

Gardening Indoor And Outside
Aloe Growing
Giant Summer Squash
Growing Chia Seeds
My Organic Garden Hs Grown Larger This Year
Growing Celery From The Stalk You Get From The Grocery Store
How To Recycle Plastic Water Bottles
Can't Wait To Plant My Garden
Grow your Own Easter Basket Grass
Grow Your Own Wheatgrass for Juice
Grow Wheatgrass In Jars Without Dirt
Growing Cherry Peppers For Hot Cherry Pepper Sauce
Growing Ghost Peppers
Growing And Caring For The Lucky Bamboo Plant
My Potted Herb Garden
Growing Stevia
Keurig Cup Recycle
Keep Indoor Plants Watered While On Vacation
Old Keg Redo
Grounding / Earthing Box
Batten Down Hatches
Starting Zucchini Seeds In A Jar
Keep herbs from taking over
Plants for brown thumbs
Get Rid Of Pond Scum
The Hottest Pepper Scorpion
How To Tell If A Pepper Is Hot

Do You Have A Hard Time Getting A Good Hair Cut?
I Wear A Hairpiece
Natural Headache Cures

Female Heart Attacks Are Different From Men

Heal Your Hemorrhoids Naturally

Liver / Gallbladder
Epsom Salts Liver Flush
10 Day Liver Cleanse
Quick Liver Gallbladder Flush II
Quick Liver Flush
Coffee Enema To Detoxify The Liver/Gallbladder
Liver/Gallbladder Castor Oil Pack
Herbs That Support Liver Function
A Good Drink For The Liver
Humaworm Quick Liver Gallbladder Cleanse Flush
How To Do A Castor Oil Pack On Your Liver / Gallbladder
Foods That Help Heal My Liver and Gallbladder
Detoxify Your Liver And Gallbladder With A Coffee Enema
Hydrotherapy ~ Hot Cold Showers
Herbs That May Support Liver Function
Just Finished Another Quick Liver Gallbladder Flush
Healthy Lifestyle Diet That I Used For My Liver
Manzi 2 Day Liver Cleanse

Do You Choke On Slobbers

How To Make Wheatgrass Juice Without A Juicer
Grow Your Own Wheatgrass For Juice Juicing
Three Days Of Juicing

Memory Or Loss Of Memory
Do You Ever Walk Into A Room And Forget What You Went In For

Mouth Teeth And Gums ~ Tongue
Have You Ever Tried Oil Pulling
TMJ Pain And Exercises
I Am Addicted To Chap Stick
Mouth And Tongue Self Analysis
My Tongue Tingles Kind Of Even Almost Burns
My Burning Tongue Is Driving Me Nuts
Humaworm Suggested This For My White Tongue
Make your Own Natural Toothpaste
Thrush Makes Me Have Dry Chapped Lips
Healing Cracked Lips !   Do The Corners Of Your Mouth Crack
Cleansing The Mouth And Throat Of Candida
Tight Neck Muscles Feeling Like My Glands Are Swelling

Nails Fingernails Toenails
Fingernail Analysis
Signs Of Parasites Toenail Fungus With Pictures

Fever Blisters In My Nose And How I Healed Them

Parasites And Parasite Cleanse
Pictures Of Human Parasites
Are You Allergic To Gluten Or Is It Parasites Causing The Problem
Natural Treatments For Toenail Parasite / Fungus
My Parasite Cleanse
Incessant Hunger ~ Eating When I Am Not Really Hungry
Humaworm Parasite Cleanse ~ Week One
Humaworm Parasite Cleanse ~ Week Two
Humaworm Parasite Cleanse ~ Week Three
Humaworm Parasite Cleanse ~ Week Four
Humaworm Parasite Cleanse In Review
Humaworm Parasite Cleanse Number 2 Along With The Master Cleanse
Palpatations Doesn't Always Mean Your Heart
Parasite Cleanse Number 5 ~ Getting Out Nests Of Worms
Magnesium Oxide With A Parasite Cleanse
Cod Liver Oil And Parasite Control
A-Z Parasite Symptoms
One Parasite Cleanse Will Not Get Rid Of All The Parasites
Mixing Up Herbs For The Best Parasite Cleanse
Castor Oil Parasite Worm Cleanse
Pumpkin Recipe To Kill Tapeworm
Terminator Zapper

People Don't Understand Candida
Why Do People Kick You When You're Down

Pest Control
Monkey Balls ~ Keep Mice And Spiders Away Naturally
Natural Mosquito Repellent
Ewwwww I Found A Mouse Turd In My Box Of Cereal
Get Rid Of Fruit Flies
Keep Mice Out Of your House And Automobile
What Could Dig A Hole This Size ~ Racoon Or Opossum
Make Your Own Tick Repellant

Can You Feel Your Probiotic Working
Build Up Your Immune System With Probiotics

Recipes And Cooking
Recipes For The Alkaline And Candida Diet
Is Microwave Cooking Killing Us

Baby Back Ribs In The Oven
Wilted Lettuce
Jalapeno Poppers

Carrot Salad (Sugar Free Made With Stevia)
Cranberry Vinegarette Salad Dressing

Chicken Chili

Make your own Pumpkin Pie Spice

Craigslist Scam
Craigslist Scam Update

Relaxing With A Hot Bath and Tea
Tight Neck Muscles Feeling Like My Glands Are Swelling
Sand Tray Therapy
How To Give A Foot Massage

Sinus Problems
Hydrotherapy For Sinus Colds And Headaches

Oil Of Oregano For Colds

Cinnamon And Honey Syrup

Crock Pot Tomato Tea For Colds And Flu

Cold Cure Soup

Apple Cinnamon Tea For Colds and Flu

Nasal Steamer For A Head Cold Or Sinus Infection

Peppermint Oil For A Head Cold Or Stuffed Up Nose

My Hubs Sinus Infection

Deep Sinus Cleanse

Netti Pot For Nasal Congestion, Sinus Infection, Stuffed Nose

Take A Hot Bath To Unstuff Your Nose

My Husbands Sinus Infection Doing Very Well

Hydrotherapy For A Sinus Head Cold

Deep Cleaning My Sinuses

Snorting Baking Soda To Clear My Sinuses

Skin Problems And Erruptions
Heal Boils And Cysts
Did Flax Oil Get Rid Of My Mole
Are These Liver Marks On My Skin
Yellow Jackets Stung Me
Mark On My Face ~ I Think It Could Be Heavy Metals
Red Blood Blisters On My Skin

Sleep Problems
Trouble Sleeping
Vitamins And Minerals That Can Help With Sleep
Night Sweats And Candida

Stress and Candida
Depression  And Candida
Why Do People Kick You When You're Down
Tight Neck Muscles Feeling Like My Glands Are Swelling
Sand Tray Therapy
How To Give A Foot Massage

Not All Stevia Is Good For You
Sweetner Or Sugar That Doesn't Feed Candida
Sugar Can Be As Addictive As Cocaine

Tea For Healing
Dandelion Flower Tea

Lets Talk About Cell Phones

Natural Help To heal Thrush
I Am Addicted To Chap Stick
Thrush Makes Me Have Dry Chapped Lips


Toxins, Candida Die Off ~ How Bad Can Toxins Get Candida Die Off
Eating Clay To Get Rid Of Toxins
Is It The Flu Or Toxin Die Off
Toxins And Detoxing
Picture Of Toxins Coming Out My Skin

Las Vegas
Finding A Whole Foods In Las Vegas
Mountain Climbing At Red Rock Canyon

Whispering Walls Grand Central Station New York City
Merry Christmas NYC

New Jersey
24 Hours of Bad Luck

Bike The Burgh

De-Ice An Airplane

Treating My Hubs Kidney Stones

Enough Is Enough Reoccuring Kidney Stones
Finished Flush Me Cleanse
Sleeping Better Taking NoStone
January Update On Kidney Stones
Update On Kidney Stones

What To Eat On The Candida Diet

Watch The Carbs
Puffed Millet Cereal
Stopping All Grains And Flours
What I Ate During The Candida Cleanse

What To Drink On The Candida Diet
Is Your Drinking Water Making Your Candida Worse

Vitamins And Minerals Plus Herbs
Deficiency Symptoms
Vitamins And Minerals For Sleep
Incessant Hunger ~ Eating When I am not Really Hungry
Herbal Pain Reliever
How To Put The Electrolytes Back Into Your System
Do Womeon Over A Certain Age Need Iron?
Make Your Own Magnesium Chloride Spray