How My Sister And I Are Balancing Our PH Levels

My sister has been fighting a bladder and a yeast infection for over a year now.   She had gone to the Dr. in December 2014 for a routine check up.  He put her on Premarin for vaginal dryness.  He told her that was the only way she was going to get rid of it.     She did tell him she didn't want to take it, but of course.... he insisted.   She knew what could happen.  She got off Premarin years ago because of bladder infections.  Why she would agree to take it again is beyond me.

Well wouldn't you know she ended up with the bladder infection.  She then went back to him and he put her on antibiotics to cure the bladder infection.    She wouldn't even tell me this!!!  She knows how against antibiotics I am.   Well those antibiotics caused her to get a horrible yeast infection.
She also has what they call Lichen Sclerosis.

For over 6 months she went to Doctors to try and heal.  They kept putting her on more and different antibiotics.    She was trying to deal with this herself.  She felt so bad that she listened and did what the doctors told her to do.     Then she called me for help.... she was so down, and afraid if she didn't do something, she was going to die.  

I had her get on a diet, pretty much like the Paleo diet, only modified to suit her.   Her problem was, she kept eating kefir.  I told her that wouldn't help her, but she insisted it didn't bother her.   One day, a light went off  and she gave up kefir.
Diet alone wasn't helping and we were doing anything and everything we could think of to heal her.   She was slowing getting better, but kept slipping back.
Then she started working on her ph levels.... nothing she did was helping.  She couldn't keep her PH levels in the alkaline range.

After my colonoscopy, I started having the same issues.  Bladder and possible yeast infection.
I have never been one to just sit back and let things happen, plus I knew after her experience with doctors, I wasn't going to go and let them put me on antibiotics.  No way was that happening.

First I bought some PH testing strips and tested my PH.  It was in the VERY ACIDIC range.  I started searching for ways to make myself more alkaline.    I had already been eating alkaline and obviously  that wasn't working.   I tried liver cleansing.  NOTHING was working.
Then, I thought if my urine was acidic, my whole body was probably acidic.     I started searching uric acid and found a capsule with certain herbs in it that I thought might work, ( Vitamin C, tart cherry juice, celery seed, quercetin, tumeric, artichoke Boswellia, ginger and more),  plus I added some tumeric, rutin, bilberry, and milk thistle.    I also bought a bottle of TART Cherry Juice.  It is very important that I used the tart cherry.

I took 2 capsules in the morning.  Then I would take 2 tablespoons of tart cherry juice, the tumeric, rutin, bilberry and milk thistle in the afternoon about 1/2 to 1 hour before I ate my supper.

Do you know this started working within a couple of days!!   I am now mostly alkaline.  I do have a few days now and then that I run a little acidic, but never VERY ACIDIC like before.
I told my sister about this also so she could try it.   She is no longer having bladder and yeast infections and neither am I.

Also, I have been dealing with a burning tongue for years.  I would get rid of it, but it always came back.  Now, taking the Uric Acid flush pills, I am digesting my foods better and my tongue doesn't burn like before.   I still watch my diet, just like I did before, but now the diet and the uric acid flush pills are working together.   I think most... not all of my problems have had to do with uric acid.

Both my sister and I are doing so much better than we were.  I was blaming most of my problems on Candida.   Now I think it was mostly acid related because our PH was out of balance


Why Not #ExpressYourself By Wearing A #Hashtag Shirt From

Health and Happiness are two things most of us strive to have.   It isn't always easy to achieve, but with hard work, you can do anything.
10 years ago, I became sick with candida an various other ailments.  I have worked very hard at getting well.  Finally!!  My hard work has pretty much paid off and I feel AWESOME!!

I am #60SomethingAwesome !!   I want to shout it from the roof tops and let everyone know just how I feel.  Since no one is going to listen to me tell them how #Awesome I am,  here is the perfect answer.

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The shirts come in many different styles and so many colors.  Plus, you get to choose your own unique hashtag!!!   With FREE SHIPPING on your order, what is stopping you?

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Just imagine all the unique hashtags you can create! Say you want to tell your family something, but want to surprise them.  Why not say it on a shirt.
If you are newly pregnant and want to surprise everyone, you could get them a shirt that says #BestGrandmaEver, let your imagination go wild.  Or you could even wear a shirt yourself saying #BabyOnBoard #BabyInTheOven #IAmPregnant and see how long it takes people to notice.

The list of hashtags are endless!
#FloridaOrBust #Love2Travel #Retired #JustMarried

So what hashtag would you use to describe yourself and why?

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Yeast or Bladder Infection After A Colonoscopy

Last week, I went in for a colonoscopy.  I had been having BMs that were not shaped round and was kind of worried about the shape of my shute.
I called the Doctor in November and had to wait a month before I could even see her.   Finally I had my colonoscopy scheduled for 3 days before Christmas.
This Doctor likes a REALLY clean colon so, she puts all her patients on a Low Fiber, Low Residue Diet 4 days before.  The day before the surgery, you are on a liquid diet only!!
Really, that wasn't so bad.  I flew right through it.  Yes, I was a little hungry, but I have fasted before when doing a cleanse so it wasn't much of a problem for me.
If any of you have gone in for a colonoscopy, you know the mixture they make you drink the night before... UGH!!!
It is Sodium Sulfate, Potassium Sulfate, and Magnesium Sulfate ....   Salt, salt and more salt.   Yes, they do make you drink a lot of water, but still you feel so thirsty after drinking these that you want to drink more.
At 7 PM the day before the colonoscopy, you drink one dose of the mixture, then 2 16 ounce glasses of water within an hour.
At 3 AM the day of the surgery, you do the same thing.

My surgery wasn't scheduled until 11:30 AM on December 22.  I never got in until after 1:30 PM.  So I was without water for well over 10 hours.    I was so dehydrated that they had trouble getting my IV in my arm.   She poked and prodded so much that I thought I was going to have a really bad bruise.

My Colonoscopy turned out GREAT news!!  No problems.  She said she doesn't care what shape my poop comes out as long as it comes out.   The only thing I had was external hemorrhoids and that is from having a baby.

So, I did make it through the colonoscopy in one piece.  3 days later, I felt I was either getting a yeast infection or a bladder/kidney infection.     I started drinking more water.    I did a test with a PH strip and that showed I was very acidic.

I still wasn't certain if it was yeast or urine related, so I started using a cream for yeast infections down below.   Nothing was working!!  I didn't want to go to the doctor because I knew they would put me on antibiotics.  Antibiotics would make everything worse for me.  I then started taking tumeric to help clear up any infection.  I also did a sitz bath.

Then I remember I had some Kolorex Intimate Care Cream.   I put it on and at first it burned.  But then everything settled down and I started feeling better.   The itching felt much better.
The next day, I used the cream again.  By this time, it is feeling pretty good.  Hardly any itch at all.  
I am on the third day of using the Kolorex Intimate Care Cream and feel that whatever was going on down there is gone or to a point that I don't feel it.    I still don't know if it was yeast or urine related.  At this point, I don't care and am happy to feel normal again.
By the way, I am also using this on my hemorrhoids and it is helping.

My urine is still running acidic, so I have to figure out a way to get that balanced out.  Not sure how to do that.  I already eat alkaline and nothing seems to be working.

My sister is also using the Kolorex Intimate Care Cream.  She has Lichen Sclerosis.  When she first used it, she swore to me it made it worse.  Well, I misunderstood.  She was also having some other issues and it didn't make the Lichen Sclerosis worse.  In fact, she is using it daily and swears by it.  She says it makes her intimate area feel moist again.   I guess with the Lichen Sclerosis you have dry patches and sometimes a rash.

Lichen Sclerosis
Is a skin condition that makes the vulva look white, shiny and smooth.  The skin surface becomes so thin that it bleeds, tears and bruises easily.

I had done a post earlier on the Kolorex Candida Care.  I had stopped using it because of the colonoscopy, but will be resuming it shortly.

Right now, there is only one place to buy the Kolorex Intimate Care Cream in the US.

For Men and Women

Kolorex®  Intimate Care is not just for women it is as useful for the intimate areas of men. Use it for the unsightly appearance and discomfort that can occur in the groin, under breasts and between the buttocks when you are suffering candida overgrowth.
The moisturising and nourishing properties of Kolorex®  Intimate Care cream have also been used to good effect on general chafing, rashes and cracked skin.
Kolorex®  Intimate Care cream is free from:
  • synthetic preservatives
  • mineral oils
  • synthetic fragrances
  • parabens
  • animal products

Get Relief From Plantar Fasciitis and Metatarsal Foot Problems With NatraCure

You may remember a couple of posts I did earlier from the NatraCure Company.  One was the Geluxury Slippers that will soften and moisturize your feet while you are relaxing at home.   The other product was the FlexiKold Packs that work for sprains, swelling, for after surgery use and much more.  What makes these cold packs different is, they stay colder longer and mold to the body part needed.  They also come in different sizes.

Today I have 3 products that help those of us with foot problems.  Most of you know I have problems with plantarfasciitis and my metatarsal.  
Well check these out!!

First there is the Plantar Fasciitis Wrap ...  This made my arch feel so good.  Plus, when I have a pair of shoes on with an arch that is not so good, this helped me a lot.

Plantar Fasciitis Wrap


  • Relief in Seconds - Lifts plantar fascia tissue (between heel & forefoot) for almost immediate relief from arch & heel pain.
  • Ideal Arch Support - Built in, high-quality silicone gel pad is soft and comfortable, yet firmly supportive.
  • Compression Therapy - Helps alleviate inflammation with hook-and-loop strap for precision adjustment.
  • Ease of Use - Stretchable, breathable nylon fabric is washable and reusable.
  • Fits Inside Shoes - The thin profile design can be worn on bare fee, or over socks, and fits inside most shoes.

I also got to try the 
Polygel Comfort Gel Skin Thin Forefoot Cushion.  Check out the picture and see how high it comes up under the toes.  Perfect for those who get pain there.

Polygel Universal Metatarsal Sleeve With Gel Pad
This fits right on the part of your foot where the metatarsal usually gives us the most problems.

Polygel Universal Metatarsal Sleeve With Gel Pad


  • Ball-of-foot Relief - Removes burning & pressure from the ball of your foot by redistributing your weight over extra-soft gel pad.
  • Neutralizing Friction - Relieves friction and burning sensation under the metatarsal heads & pain from calluses, Morton neuromas and atrophy of the fat pad.
  • Shock Absorbing - Superior shock absorption for walking and running, or excessive standing.

Polygel Comfort Gel Skin Thin Forefoot Cushion


  • Ball-of-foot Relief - Eliminates forefoot pain and calluses with maximum cushioning and comfort. Also treats: Metatarsalgia, Neuromas, and Sublexed metatarsal heads.
  • Greater Shock Absorption - Redistributes body weight equally over all 5 metatarsal heads of forefoot with extra-soft, anatomically designed gel pad.
  • Thinner Designed - Thin profile design includes innovative gel pad that matches or exceeds the cushioning power of thicker, heavier competing products.
  • Stays in Place - Elastic comfort fabric is sewn to include two toe loops to secure the gel cushion. Resists slipping or moving in the shoe during work or play.
So if any of you have any foot problems, I suggest you check NatraCure out.  They don't just have these items for Plantar Fasciitis and Metatarsal problem.  They have products for every part of your body, and then some.
Check NatraCure out and see what else they have to offer

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Polygel Universal Metatarsal Sleeve With Gel Pad

Polygel Comfort Gel Skin Thin Forefoot Cushion

 Plantar Fasciitis Wrap

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3 NEW Element Yoga DVDs!! Beginer ~ Targeted Toning ~ Cardio & Conditioning

If you would like to try yoga, but have never done it,  you are in for a treat with these NEW DVDs.   For me, yoga helps keep my back in shape.  That is, if I don't get lazy and not do it.
Right before my scheduled trip to New York City, I put my back out of place.  Do you know what I was doing...??  Folding laundry.  That's it and I moved a certain way and Bam! Out went my back.  

I know a few yoga moves that help me stretch out, so I did those, and prayed it would stay in while I was on my mini vacation.  Thank goodness I didn't have a lot of problems. I tried to keep holding my stomach in so it wouldn't go out further.  Now that I am back home, I am working on strengthening it again.   Thank You To Melissa from Anchor Bay Fitness for sending me these DVDs.   She knows how good yoga is for body strength.

"Element Beginner Level Yoga" offers two 30 minute yoga practices: The Foundations Program and The Slow Flow Program.  It also includes a 10 minute guided meditation.  While users are learning the basic Hatha yoga postures and breathing technique, they'll grow more confident in their abilities as yoga practitioners.  The programs will increase muscle tone and flexibility.  The stand alone guided meditation will help anyone relax, feeling refreshed and centered afterwards.

"Element: Cardio & Conditioning Yoga" also has two thirty minute practices; one cardio and one toning.  In addition, it offers a 10 minute meditation segment.  The Cardio workout links poses together into Vinyasa flows to keep the heart rate elevated while building strength and flexibility.  The Conditioning program focuses on firming and strengthening the core and other major muscle groups.  The empowering meditation provides both inspiration and relaxation.

Alanna Zabel is founder of AZIAM Yoga and the creator of Yoga Barre (TM).  She is a registered E.R.Y.T.-500 yoga instructor, Pilates and fitness instructor with over 23 years of experience teaching yoga.  She was named one of "Hollywood's Hottest Trainers" by Shape Magazine in 2014.  Alanna is passionate about teaching holistic and organic wellness while helping others to discover their authentic self.  As one of the most sought after instructors in the country, Alanna's clients have included everyone from Hollywood executives and busy working moms, to Maroon 5's Adam Levine and NBA Rookie of the Year 2005 Emeka Okafor.

"Element: Targeted Toning Yoga" provides three 20 minute practices to tackle problem areas while providing all the benefits of yoga.  Who wouldn't want a leaner, firmer body and a clearer mind? No equipment is needed to build strength and tone muscles.  The three segments are: Glutes & Thighs, Arms & Shoulders and Abs & Core.

Meaghan Kennedy Townsend leads this video.  She has been teaching yoga for over 20 years.  Her celebrity clients include Drew Barrymore and Jim Carrey.  She helped establish the first yoga program to be offered to Harvard University and runs a yoga program for hundreds of at-risk middle and high school students at the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools in Los Angeles.

About Anchor Bay Entertainment
Anchor Bay Entertainment is a leading independent home entertainment company celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2015.  Anchor Bay acquires and releases a wide array of filmed entertainment in the theatrical and home entertainment markets, including STARZ Original series, childrens entertainment, fitness ( Anchor Bay Fitness ), sports and specialty films on Blu-ray and DVD formats.  The company has long term distribution agreements in place for select programing with the Weinstein Company, AMC Networks and RADiUS, among others.   Headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA, Anchor Bay Entertainment is a full service distributor in the North American market.  Anchor Bay Entertainment is a STARZ (NASDAQ: STRZA, STRZB business.

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NEW! Just Walk ~ Walking Off The Pounds & 5 Boosted Miles With Leslie Sansone #Review

I live in Pennsylvania, so when The North Wind Doth Blow, it can get pretty cold. Not only does it get cold, but we also can get a lot of ice and snow.  When it gets icy, I stay indoors.  No way am I going to fall and break a hip.

Leslie Sansone believes, Winter weather shouldn't stop anyone from walking and I totally agree with her.  After all, she is America's #1 Walking expert.

One thing I like about Leslie... is she makes walking fun.  I would actually rather put in a DVD of hers than go out walking, even in nice weather. 

Now, Leslie and Anchor Bay Fitness have 2 NEW Just Walk DVDs that can help you walk off the weight no matter what the weather is outside.

Just Walk ~ Walking OFF the Pounds
This DVD offers three progressively more challenging one mile walks.  There is also a 14 minute Healthy Abs & Back segment with easy to follow moves to shape the waist and strengthen the back.  The three inspiring stories of women who have walked off from 65 to over 100 pounds are sure to motivate anyone to hit the play button again and again.

Just Walk ~ 5 Boosted Miles
You can pack in thousands of steps and a steady stream of motivating tips.  Each of the five one-mile walks gets things into metabolism-boosting, calorie-torching gear with higher impact boosts.  The boosts are things like a gentle jog or turning a side step into a skating move.  These qick intervals of added intensity boost the health and weight loss benefits.  In the bonus segment, Leslie describes how to boost 10 of her popular moves.  Walkers may use them while working out to the DVDs or anytime they are walking.

For 25 years Leslie Sansone has taught people of all ages how to get fit, stay fit and feel better about life.  She has 70 million walk fans and counting.  What started as a few classes in her fitness center, has grown into the #1 walking program in the world, having sold more than 15 million DVDs to date.

Here are some of the moves that Leslie shows for strengthening
the back and core muscles.  
I just got back from NYC and I actually met with Melissa who is PR of Anchor Bay Fitness Entertainment.   I was telling her how I had been just folding clothing right before I left and my back went out.  So, thank you so much Melissa for sending me these DVDs.  The Walking Off The Pounds is perfect for strengthening my back.  So many good moves to do.

About Leslie Sansone
Leslie Sansone is a nationally recognized fitness expert, and creator of the Walk at Hope program.  She believes that our bodies were made to move and we can walk our way to health and wellness.  She contributes her tiem, her expertise, and financial support to health organizations including the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, American Diabetic Association, and MDA.  She served on the Leadership Council for IDEA and holds eight certifications including the prestigious American College of Sports Medicine and Cooper Institute: Group Exercise Leader.  Sansone was chosen to be one of the three keynote speakers for the 2008 American College of Sports Medicine National Fitness and Health Summit.

About Anchor Bay Entertainment
Anchor Bay Entertainment is a leading independent home entertainment company celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2015.  Anchor Bay acquires and releases a wide array of filmed entertainment in the theatrical and home entertainment markets, including STARZ Original series, childrens entertainment, fitness ( Anchor Bay Fitness ), sports and specialty films on Blu-ray and DVD formats.  The company has long term distribution agreements in place for select programing with the Weinstein Company, AMC Networks and RADiUS, among others.   Headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA, Anchor Bay Entertainment is a full service distributor in the North American market.  Anchor Bay Entertainment is a STARZ (NASDAQ: STRZA, STRZB business.

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Prepare To Be Entertained By The Tourists And Residents Of NYC On The Ride

My Daughter, Granddaughter and I just got back from our trip to New York City to see the Christmas lights. I have done it before but, one of the things we did this time that we had never done before is go on The Ride.

The Ride is a unique and different way to learn a little more about NYC.  You can learn more about  The Ride New York City ~ Part Tour, Part Show, Total Entertainment on a post I did about it earlier, AND.. From now until January 3, you can experience The Ride Holiday Edition.

They have all different times of day when you can schedule your Ride. We decided on the 4 PM one so we could see a little of it in the daylight and a little at night. The city is so beautiful around the Holiday Season when all the lights are lit up for your enjoyment, and this year was spectacular.  No matter where you looked, the city was aglow with more lights that I have ever seen in any other city.

Once we found where we were to board the bus, we settled in for our enjoyment for that evening. We were on the bus about 75 minutes and were entertained by 2 tour guides that joked and sang to us as we learned about the renowned landmarks of the city, all the time enjoying the Christmas Lights!!

One fun thing to do... is wave to the people on the street and try to get them to wave back.  You can tell that some of them are amazed by this bus where everyone faces side ways, looking out onto the sidewalks.  It is like we are in a theater where the tourists and residents of NYC are our show for the evening.
One guy was really funny and must have never seen anything like this bus.  He was taking a picture of us as I was taking a picture of him.

The Ride also provides us entertainment of people they have placed on the street.  It can sometimes be hard to figure out who is an actor and who is just someone on the street.  I will show you that we seen Tiny Tim in our travels, but I am not going to give everything away.   You will have to come and experience The Ride for yourself.

Check on more about The Ride on their site

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Twitter @TheRideNYC