Using A Smudge Pot For Burning Herbs ~ Create Peace And Harmony In The Home

I am sure many of you burn incense, but have you ever burned herbs in a smudge pot?  It can make your house smell wonderful.   I am planning on growing a lot of my own herbs this summer to burn and of course to use in my cooking.

I have Lavender ready to burn that I grew last year.   Lavender is considered a relaxing herb.

When we were in Montana, we went to the Blackfeet Indian reservation.  While there, I learned about Smudge Pots and the burning of herbs to create harmony and peace in the home.

The Shamanic Smudging is an old tribal tradition and today is most times is just called smudging.  It has been used for centuries.   Different tribes use different herbs.  Probably because of what grew in their area.
Each tribe also has different prayes that tells the smoke to do a certain thing... like cleansing, protection or banishing negative energies.
They smudge in four directions.   You can also smudge yourself to stay balanced and in a peaceful state of mind.  Smudging is great to do while you meditate.

How to smudge yourself (This is how it was explained to me.)
. For this you need a smudge stick and a feather to fan the smoke to your body, or you can just put your smudge pot on the ground and stand over it.
. Start at the top of the body and move downwards. It is really hard to get the back of yourself but do it the best you can
. Now here is a good one for you.  Smudging naked is best!!

I don't follow any rituals.   Just the smell of the herbs burning is enough for me.

What do you do to make your house smell good?


Raw Strawberry Applesauce

My Hubs always tells me he doesn't much like applesauce, but when I made the Raw Strawberry Applesauce, he completely changed his tune.

I only made a small amount since I figured the Hubs would snoot up his nose.

After he tasted it and loved it, I wish I would have made more, but... it is so easy to make that you can just whip it up in no time.

Of course I used my Nutri Ninja.  You can read my review here The Nutri Ninja 2-in-1 One Power Pod Two Appliances ~ A Food Processoror A Nutri Ninja.  You can also use the Ninja Ultima Dual Stage Blender ~ Takes Healthy To A Whole New Level
Either one of these blenders would work very well.

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#DIY Mantel And Shelf Redo~ I Need Help With The Fireplace!

I have been working on trying to make my living room less boring.   The shelves on each side of my fireplace were just so plain that I wanted to paint behind them.  I was thinking of a terracotta color but ended up with gold.   Before it is all said and done, I may just change it to terracotta and make the center more of a gold.

My furniture that you can't see in the picture is a gold color, so I was trying to match something to that.   Not sure why I chose gold colored furniture in the first place.  It isn't an easy color to blend in with other things.

Now I am trying to figure out what to do with the inside of the fireplace.  We don't use it as an actual fireplace and I want to do something with it.
LOL  I see my jug of water to the left for watering my aloe.... that has got to go!!
Any ideas?


My Experience With The Terminator Zapper From Don Croft ~ Parasites Be Gone !!

If you have read my blog over the years I have been writing it, you know I believe in human parasites being the cause for much illness.   I am not saying this off the top of my head.   I HAD AND MAY STILL HAVE PARASITES.   I am not embarassed to admit it.  Yes... I had worms.   I don't know if I still have them or not.

When I started getting rid of the worms, my body started healing.  The problem is... now I am at a standstill.  Herbs no longer seem to be working to get out parasites. .   A friend of mine tells me she thinks I am parasite free.  I don't know.  I feel well, but there are a few things going on that make me think I still have something going on, having to do with worms.

Over the years, I have heard about zappers and how they can get rid of parasites.  I was very skeptical.  How can a little machine that does who knows what get rid of worms.
About a month ago, a friend of mine called me.  She told me she had bought the Terminator Zapper.  She was so excited because it was getting out tapeworms.  Lots of tapeworms.  Her stomach which was bloated is now flatter than it was.  Not completely flat but she says she doesn't feel that bloated feeling.

This is a woman who has been trying to get out parasites for years by using herbs.  I kept telling her she had worms and she kept saying.... "I know I Do.. I can't get them out"  She used to actually tell me she was jealous when I would get out worms.  With the zapper they are coming out her like wild fire.  Now, I am the one who is Green With Envy.   She told me I really need to try it.

I will do ANYTHING... I do mean ANYTHING to try to be as parasite free as possible.
So I got the Terminator Zapper!!!!  

What is the Zapper?  I know those of you who deal with parasites are familiar with the term.  But, have you tried one?  Do they work for you?
I don't know how to explain what it is or how it really works, but you can learn more about how zappers are built and Don Croft, the person who has been building them since 1996.  World Without Parasites. It is all greek to me but if it will help to keep parasites away.  Bring it on!!  One thing I do know is that they work to make our body more alkaline.

My Experience With The Terminator Zapper
When I received the Terminator Zapper, I put it on right away.   I wore it most all day, every day for one month.

The second day of wearing the zapper made me have to go to the bathroom a lot.  3 times I had a BM and that isn't me.  I usually have a hard time going, which is a sign of parasites.

I also noticed how much better I am sleeping.  It feels so good to get a good nights sleep for a change.

After wearing the Terminator Zapper for one full week and seeing nothing, I thought maybe I don't have any parasites left.  After all, I do regular cleansing with herbs.  I hadn't been seeing anything when I do use herbs so I thought I was either parasite free or the worms had become immune.

Well.... on day 8, I decided to do an enema to see if there was anything dead in me that needed washed out.   I got out some candida, but the next day.... Holey Moley... I got out something that I had never seen before. I have no idea what it was.   I am pretty sure it had some tapeworm there.  You can see a picture of what I got out with the Terminator Zapper on my Pictures Of Human Parasites page.  It is at the bottom of the page.

On Day 9, I ended up getting a roundworm out.  Oh man.... I was hoping I was parasite free.  I have been feeling so good, eating so well.  I was just hoping I didn't have any worms left.
This roundworm was kind of mostly gone.  My body had absorbed most of it.

I am sure there were a lot of other things that came out that I missed,.. Our bodies absorb the things like that which die off in us.  Most of the time we never see them.

So, here is what the Terminator Zapper did for me.
. Better Digestion... I know this because my tongue burns less and less.
. Normal Bowel Movements ... This is a HUGE thing for me.
. Much better sleep patterns
. Got rid of the crawly feeling in my eyes and ears
.  And.... I killed some worms along the way

My Hubs is going to try the zapper for some pain he has been having with his hand and then, I will be using it again.   I will be posting anything new that happens.   I would like to try it right along with herbs and just see what happens.  I know it worked alone, but hey....  I will come at those things from the left, right and upside down if I have to.

If you want to watch my video, you can see more.  But.... It does get gross!!!  Just making you aware!

What things do you do to stay healthy?

You can learn more about Don Croft and his Zapper here A World Without Parasites


Our Granddaughter Modeling Her Jackets ~ The Grandson Thinks He Is A Super Hero!

Do all 1 1/2 year old little girls love clothes as much as our Granddaughter does?                                                  Her Mom better look out because I think this one is going to be all Girly Girl!!                                                                                                            I went shopping and found some little girls jackets on sale.   I decided to pick up two of them.   When I gave them to or little Girly Girl, her Mom said "She Loves Jackets"  Sure enough,  she would put one on, pretty soon, she would take it off and want the other one on.   I think she was having a hard time deciding which one she liked best.
I am finding a lot of cute, cute little girl clothes.   Today, I found a Disney, Minnie Mouse top and pants that are adoreable.

Over the winter (I guess it is still winter)... A couple of months ago, I found a Superman Sweatshirt that had a hood with a mask built in.   I thought it was so cute that I had to buy it for our little Super Hero.  He was so excited to get it.... Ha!!!! I picked that shirt right.   
Yesterday, when I was shopping, I seen the same sort of sweatshirt only with the Batman theme.   Yep!!  I bought it.
I also had to buy the skeleton sweatshirt that zips clear over the head and is kind of like a Hoodie Costume.

Our little Super Hero is having Super Hero day at school today and was having a hard time deciding what he wanted to go as... Superman or Batman.

These kids are not camera shy... that's for sure!


ALIGNMED Posture Shirt 2.0 & ALIGNMe Active Bra

* I happened to win the Alignmed Posture Shirt 2.0.  I was so impressed at how well it worked, that I wanted to do a review to let all my readers know.

Those of you who visit my blog often, know I complain about my back, neck and shoulders from sitting around working on the computer.  Between my age (I will be 64 next month) and the computer, my back is a mess.

I exercise daily for it.  The exercise helps, but the problem is always still there.   I get a burning feeling in my left shoulder blade that gets worse the longer I sit on the computer.  I can rub the spot and feel a knot there.     The burn ends up being a pain that can really hurt.  It also itches sometimes.
I also have a slight curvature of the spine and lower back problems from a Hip Replacement. 

I seen a giveaway through Palooza Radio that had an ALIGNMED shirt along with other prizes.  I wanted to try the ALIGNMED shirt really bad to see if it would work for my aches and pains in my neck, back and shoulders.  So, I kept tweeting the giveaway daily.
Guess What!!!  I won!!!   
I was so happy and couldn't wait to get my ALIGNMED Posture Shirt 2.0.  Plus, they sent me the ALIGN Me Active Bra.

The ALIGNMED Posture Shirt 2.0 (The One And Only Posture Shirt) Is engineered with AlignMed's patented NeuroBand Technology that uses a propietary blend of variable elasticity to activate muscles, increase postural control and provide important biofeedback for muscle retraining 

The Posture Shirt 2.0 comes in a pullover style and the zipper style I have on in the picture. 

If you have and upper extremity condition or you are recovering from an injury or surgery, you should choose the zipper style.

I know there are some days my muscles hurt in my shoulder so bad that I wouldn't be able to pull a snug shirt over my head.

When you first start wearing the Posture 2.0 Shirt, you will experience
. A gentle pulling
That is so true.  When I first put the shirt on, I could feel a slight downward pull on my shoulders.  It didn't hurt, in fact.. it kind of felt like a massaging pull.
 . Thermogenesis / Muscle Heat
This is your muscles activatiing and it feels really nice.
. Pain Relief
In the beginning, I only had relief from the pain while I was wearing the shirt.  After wearing it for a couple of weeks, I had longer periods of relief from the pain.
. Muscle Fatigue
Due to the increased muscle activity from wearing the Posture 2.0 shirt, the muscles in my shoulders did feel a little tired.  Not bad though.
. Correct Body Alignment
I felt when I wore the shirt that I was standing straighter, but then my Hubs told me that  my shoulders looked more squared.  That is good, because at my age, old women get these stooped looking shoulders.  
I am wondering if this shirt can help with my curvature of the spine.  I have had slight scoliosis since I was a kid.
. Improved Performance
When you don't hurt, you feel like doing more things.  
. Faster Recovery Rate
. Increased Mobility

The Benefits of the Posture Shirt 2.0
. Relieve Pain
. Improve Balance
. Increase Range Of Motion
. Improve Flexibility
. Increase Recovery Rate
. Enhance Propioception
Features Of The Posture Shirt 2.0
. NeuroBrand Control Panels
. Vented Power Mesh Panels
. Styles Pullover and Zipper
. Lightweight / Non-Restrictive
. Antibacterial Protection
. Moisture Management

The ALIGN Me Active Bra is engineered with AlignMed's NeuroBand Technology that provides the perfect amount of tension and preventative care for everyday use.

The AlignMe Active interacts with your body to

Support the alignment of the chest, neck, scapula and spine
Activate muscles with built-in controlled tensions
Provide important biofeedback for muscle retraining

How The Alignmed Posture Shirt 2.0 and the AlignMe Active Bra Worked For Me
I mentioned I won the AlignMed Posture Shirt and the Active Bra.  But since they work so well, I want to make sure all my readers know.

By the way, I wore either the AlignMed Poster Shirt 2.0 or the AlignMe Active Bra every single day after I got it.   I would wear it while doing all my housework, exercise, shopping... I just wore it like it was part of me.     Since I had both the bra and the shirt, I could wear one and wash one.      I wore them under my clothing so no one knew I had anything helping with my pain or posture.

When I received the Posture Shirt and the bra, it was bitter cold out so they felt like they came out of a deep freezer.  I couldn't wait to warm them up enough that I could try them out.  My shoulders had really been hurting from playing on the computer and I was ready to see if they would give me some relief.

When I first put the shirt on, I felt the gentle pulling that AlignMed says you will experience.   It didn't feel painful, in fact it kind of felt like I was getting a slight massage.   I told my Hubs right then.... I like this shirt.!!
He told me that when I wear the shirt, my shoulders look more squared.

The first night, and for a few nights after wearing the posture shirt all day, my shoulders felt really tired when I took it off.    They actually almost ached.  The next day, they even kind of felt bruised. 
  I had read where that can happen because the shirt is re-training your muscles.    The achy, bruised feeling at night and during the day only lasted about a week.  Now when I take the shirt or bra off, I don't get that ache.     I am sure my muscles aren't completely retrained, but they are getting stronger.   

I got up out of bed one night to go to the restroom, It was about a week and a half after I had been wearing the Posture Shirt and Bra.  I noticed I was holding my shoulders back.  I wasn't even thinking about it... it just happened.  That is how I knew it was working.

How do the AlignMed Shirt and Bra work while I am on the computer?    At first, I could feel the burn and pain in my shoulder wanting to come.   It would feel like it was almost burning, but never seemed to get to a full burn and pain that goes up my neck and down my shoulder.

The longer I wore the shirt, the less I felt like my shoulder was even starting to burn.   By the end of 3 1/2 weeks, I no longer feel like I have a problem.
I don't know how long I will have to wear the shirt and the bra.    I don't care either.  If I have to wear them the rest of my life, then so be it.   They work!
Check Out My Video

The CEO and Founder of AlignMed Bill Schultz started the AlignMed company in desperation to avoid spinal fusion surgery.
Alignmed is a new generation of performance apparel.  We’ve spent ten years merging medical science and clinical research with fabric technology to produce garments that use controlled resistance to stimulate muscle and nerve activity.  It’s a wearable workout that interacts with the user’s natural movement; the end result is better posture for improved performance, injury prevention and reduction in pain. 

Good Housekeeping also put AlignMed through the rigors of their Good Housekeeping Institute, testing their  shirts with a large group in the consumer panel they created. Those members wore the shirts for a couple of months, worked in them, wore them at home, washed them, worked out in them. It all lead to them awarding  AlignMed their highest endorsement in the magazine, their "TRIED. TESTED. TRUSTED." endorsement.

 Read More About The Posture Shirt 2.0 Or the ALIGN Me Active Bra

AlignMed On Facebook

AlignMed On Twitter @alignmed

* I happened to win the Alignmed Posture Shirt 2.0.  I was so impressed at how well it worked, that I wanted to do a review to let all my readers know.


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