Fried Green Tomato Pizza

My Granddaughter gave me a great idea.  She was telling me she made Zucchini Pizza.  You use zucchini as the pizza crust and add sauce, cheese or whatever.

We like Zucchini, but we love fried green tomatoes.   My mother rasied me on those things.   She could fry them up better than anyone I know.... including me.

Doesn't this look good?   My Hubs says it tastes just like pizza, only without the crust.

I don't eat cheese so I just ate fried green tomatoes and was happier than a pig in a poke.

To fry green tomatoes, you can read my post here.  Fried Green Tomatoes
. After frying, layer the tomatoes in a pan.  No need to grease the pan.   I kind of push the tomatoes together so there is no space between them.
. Put sauce on each tomato
. Top with cheese
. Add whatever you want on top the cheese, I put the peppers and garlic on that I fried with my tomatoes.


Wall Basket Storage For Small Bathrooms #DIY #HomeImprovement

My Hubs and I have been working on finding storage for my small bathroom

This is the wall between the shower stall and the bathtub.  Not a lot of space there.

I had been trying to figure out what I could do with that wall to make more space for all of my hair ties, bows, makeup, whatever!!  I just need more room.

I found these baskets at a yard sale for 50 cents each.  I bought all the lady had.  She used to do crafts and these were what she had left over.   

I told my Hubs.  There has got to be a way I can hang these baskets down my small wall in the bathroom.

Look at the GREAT idea he came up with.   He started with a 2X4 piece of wood.   Sanded, measured, drilled, and stained.   He also put knobs on the wood for the baskets to hang on.

I LOVE IT!!  All his hard work paid off and now I have a lot of things I can store in my baskets.

Sorry the pictures are so dark.  I have 3 lights on in the bathroom, plus the camera flash and it isn't enough.

I am also thinking I could put some plants in a couple of the baskets.  I put a few fake ones in just to see what it would look like.

Here is a better picture of the wall now.   Those fake ferns won't be staying there.  I am just trying to see what I can do different with the baskets.    I want to have things stored in them, but also have them look nice.

I might have to end up making tops to cover the baskets so you can't see what is in them.    Any ideas?

Also, now I am looking for a winter hat and glove storage solution.  


Spice Cabinet Helping With Kitchen Clutter

I detest a clutterd kitchen. I don't know about you, but I have a LOT of spices for cooking.  So many that they made my kitchen cupboards look very clutterd.

A couple of months ago, my Hubs parents moved into an assisted living facility.  His Mom had a spice cupboard that was pretty ugly.  It wasn't only ugly, but the spices kept falling out of the center part of the cupboard.   It is odd that they had dowel rods on the sides, but not the center part of the cabinet.

I told my Hubs.  Why don't you fix that spice cupboard for me so the spices won't fall out.  Plus, can you make it match my dining room table.
My Hubs is so good to me that he will usually do anything I ask.  He said he would try to get the spice rack so it was usable and looked nicer.

Here is the spice cabinet before he first started the project.

Tah Dah!!  Doesn't it look nice now.   I really like the darker color.

It is not a perfect match to my dining room table but so close that most people wouldn't even notice.

On the inside (Center Section) of the spice rack where all the spices fell out, my Hubs put some dowel rods across to help hold the spices in.

Look how many spices this rack holds.   My kitchen cabinets are so much less messy with all the spices out of the way.

The really good thing about this, is we can now find what spice we want to use.  Before we had to dig around looking to find the right one.

I still have some spices that don't fit in the spice cupboard, but eventually, when I use some of the other spices that I have duplicates of, they will fit.

My Hubs who really didn't want to get into as much work as he did on this cabinet uses it as much, or possibly more than I do.

How do you keep your spices from cluttering your space?


Gravity Defyer Womens Scossa XT Athletic Shoes Helping With Plantar Fasciitis and Metatarsal Problems

I received a pair of Women's Scossa XT Athletic Shoes from Gravity Defyer to see if they would help with the foot problems I have been experiencing.  I am happy to say they have helped a lot with the Plantar Fasciitis. It seems the more I wear them, the more they are helping with my Metatarsal problem and my broken arches.

What is Plantar Fasciitis  (pronounced PLAN ter fash ee EYE tus.)
It is a a flat band of tissue that connects your heel bone to your toes.  It also supports the arch of your foot.  When you strain the Plantar Fasciitis, it gets irritated, swollen and weak.
Some people get a lot of pain in their heel because of it.  Others have pain on the bottom of the foot, not just the heel.

I happen to have some pain in the heel, but most of my pain is on the underside of my foot, up towards my toes.  Right around the metatarsal area.   It gets so bad that I just can't walk any longer.
My arches are also breaking down from straining the plantar fasciitis.

I can't walk in my bare feet... no way.  I always have to wear shoes.  The problem is finding shoes that don't irritate it.

Now that I am wearing the Gravity Defyer Womens Scossa XT Athletic Shoes, It seems when I walk, I don't have to put a lot of effort into it.  The way the shoe is designed, it just propells me forward.

I was at the 3 Rivers Heritage Trail walking uphill and noticed how much easier these shoes made it to walk. It has to be the springs that are in the heels and they seemed to just keep me going forward.

Not only are these shoes great on smooth surfaces, but when I get into a rough terrain I don't feel how rough or uneven the ground is.  It feels smooth with these shoes on.  Rocks don't hurt my feet when I walk over them.  That is because the shoe is so cushioned inside that it hugs my feet in comfort.
Just take a look at all the parts that go into making this shoe.

When I first started wearing this shoe, I told my Hubs... I don't think these are going to help me at all.  I had worn the shoes all day and walked for hours.   My metatarsal was so sore and bruised that I thought I had damaged it worse.  Then I read that you need to break these shoes in.
You are using new muscles and you need to gain strength in them.

Now, it seems the more I wear the Womens Scossa XT Athletic shoe, the more comfortable they become.  I can walk a very long time now with no problems.  That is something new to me. Normally, I had to take a few pair of shoes with me and keep changing.

The Scossa XT is the first shoe I have had in a very long time that I don't have to buy insoles for to make my feet not hurt.

Look at all the sneakers I have 

 I probably have every brand name there is.  None of them work for me.  I have to redo the whole inside of every shoe I buy. 

With Gravity Defyer, I didn't have to put anything in the shoes to make them comfortable.

Pitch-perfect-fit urban extreme performer lets you win the battle with the most solid surfaces! The first external shank, motion control natural roll rocker bottom all-purpose cross-trainer tuned to handle repeated contact with concrete. Lush, comfort cushioning cradles firm stops, stable starts, rapid runs, and power walks easily while fine air flow microfiber keeps the contoured footbed fresh and cool. Flared forefoot for maximum stability extends momentum during both linear and radial acceleration preserving the power for when you're ready to pull away from the pack.
Do you have any problems with your feet?

Womens's Scossa XT Athletic Shoes from Gravity Defyer

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Lemon Mint Vinaigrette Salad Dressing Recipe

When we visit a Middle Eastern Restaurant near us, my Hubs loves to get their salad with the mint dressing on it.    I told him I could probably make that dressing, so here is what I came up with and he says it tastes just like the restaurants.

Sorry you can't really see the dressing,.. I forgot to take a picture of it the first day and this is what is left.

Lemon Mint Vinaigrette Salad Dressing

1/3 Cup Lemon Juice
1/3 Cup Good Quality Olive Oil ( I always use first cold pressed)
1/3 Cup Chopped Fresh Mint
1/8 teaspoon salt or Sumak (Sumac)

Make sure you chop the mint fine then blend all together
Some like a little sweetness to their dressings so if you are one of those add a sweetner to equal 1 teaspoon of sugar.

I grew my own mint over the summer.  When fall came, I decided I would take a couple pots of mint in the house and try to over winter it.    I now have some of the spindliest mint you have ever seen, but I did get enough off of it do make a small batch of this Lemon Mint Vinaigrette Salad Dressing.


Dr. Clarks Parasite Cleanse Review ~ Success!! Worms Be Gone!! From Your Health By Design

I was given 2 Bottles of Dr Clarks Parasite Cleanse for review purposes from Your Health By Design.   No other form of compensation took place.

Before I get started with the review, I want to list a few symptoms that could mean you could possibly have worms (Parasites)
Signs You Might Have A Worm (Parasite)
(If some of these things happen just once in awhile, it is probably nothing to worry about.  It is when they happen often)

Night Slobbering
Teeth Grinding At Night
Coughing At Night When Yo Lie Down ( This is one that happened to me)
IBS Symptoms Like Constipation, Gas, dirrhea
Mucous In Stools
Bloody Stools
Itchy Anus (Not just a one time itch)
Digestive Problems
Burning In Stomach
Leaky Gut
Stomach Cramping
Unexplained weight loss or gain
Distended Abdomen
Exhaustion (Cronic, not just when you have worked too hard)
Itching Skin That You Can't Find A Reason For
Bed Wetting
Mood Swings
These are just some of the symptoms... there are many more.
I personally believe that Parasites (Worms) cause a lot more health issues than Western Medicine has any idea about.

This is the first time I have done Dr. Clarks Parasite Cleanse so I wasn't sure what to expect.  I do know that when I do a parasite cleanse, I expect results and this cleanse did not disappoint.

One thing I was very surprised at though.  I didn't get any real die off symptoms but yet I had results.   One day I was a little sick to my stomach and on the third day I had a very slight headache.
Maybe because I do a lot of cleansing, I don't have as many toxins built up as I used to.

When I start a cleanse, I usually try to eat lighter than I normally would.  This time I didn't do such a good job at eating light.
I thought the Dr Clarks parasite cleanse would really taste bad since I just mixed it with water, but really it wasn't so bad.      It can be mixed with juice if you want, but I like to go at it high test and full throttle ahead.

On day 3, I had started to feel a little constipated.  When doing a parasite cleanse, being constipated is not what you want.
I did a enema using some dry herbs that I boiled in water.  I used Black walnut, Gentain, Arnica, dandelion and Barberry.   I figured the Black Walnut might help kill anything lurking in the colon.

The next day, I did get out some candida.

 And yes, I also found one worm.  I am not sure if it was a roundworm or what they call a ropeworm.  It doesn't matter.  It is better out than in.  
There were probably lots more worms, but I didn't look any longer.  When I see one... I don't need to see any more.

Well I thought I was going to skate through without a headache, On day 6 I had a headache.  I also had a little pain in my colon area.   To me... this is GREAT!  It means more is happening.  I am killing off something.

By week two, I was feeling pretty good.  Yes, I still got a headache now and then.  For me, a headache is a sign that the cleanse is working and killing off critters.
I also felt some sharp pinching.  The last time that happened, I ended up getting out some liver flukes.   Like I said, I stopped looking the minute I knew Dr. Clarks Parasite Cleanse was working.

Week three and everything is good.  Better than good.  I am feeling great and on the downhill slide of the cleanse.
I have one week left, but the cleanse can keep killing parasites for like a month after.
Success!!!  Anytime I do a parasite cleanse and get out worms, I am happy.

Do you have any of the symptoms of a possible parasite infection?
Have you known anyone who has ever had worms?
Has your dog or cat ever had worms?

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The Pillow By SmartSilk Review ~ Choose The Comfort Level That Is Right For You

*We received 2 pillows for review.  No other form of compensation took place.

Pillows are something I thought you could never pick for anyone else.  I always thought they had to choose their own style, size, thickness or thinness.   That was before SmartSilk came up with the Comfort Level Pillows.

SmartSilk has buying a pillow down to a science.  Now, I can buy a pillow for anyone, anytime and always get the correct thickness.

Back Sleeper
People who sleep on their back should have a pillow of low to medium thickness.  This level will maintain a neutral neck position, while anything too low or too high will cause the neck to be out of alignment.  A medium thick pillow will cradle the neck and prevent the head from being thrown too far forward.  It will support the natural curvature of the upper spine and will provide support under your head, neack and shoulders.  SmartSilk recommends adding an additional pillow underneath the knees when you sleep on your back to further help align the spine.

Side Sleeper
Those who sleep on their side should have a pillow of medium to high loft to maintain a neutral neck postion. The thicker pillow will fill in the distance between the ear and the outside shoulder.  Side sleepers need a pillow that will support their head and neck correctly, so that they wake up feeling refreshed and energized. For this to happen, a thicker pillow is necessary to keep your spine in a straight and horizontal line.

Stomach Sleeper
People who sleep on their stomach usually do best with a thinner pillow.  A flatter pillow prevents the person's neck from leaning too far back and causing neck aches.  The pillow is either placed in the typical area between the neck and shoulders ore unthe chest or stomach for support.  The purpose of this positioning is to prevent any lower back pain.  If the pillow is too high, the spine will be forced ito very unnatural positions while you sleep and this can cause both back and neck aches.

Multi-Position Sleeper
People who sleep in two different positions should choose a pillow that best fits the sleep position you find yourself in most of the night.

Here is a chart that will help explain how to find the different comfort levels for different people.

They also have a quiz you can take to find out your perfect comfort level.

My Hubs mentioned just yesterday that since he has been using the SmartSilk Comfort Level 3 Pillow, that he slept all night and felt rested the next day.  That is great since he also uses a breathing machine and this pillow seems to work perfectly with that.

I use the SmartSilk Comfort level 2 since I am a small person and sleep on my back.   I used to think I had to have a thick pillow.  Maybe that is why I was having so many problems with my neck and shoulders.  We will see how that works.  I seem to be sleeping well with it , so.. maybe all this time I was using the wrong pillow.

Here you can see the different lofts in the two pillows.  My Hubs is a Comfort Level 3 which has more loft than my Comfort Level 2 SmartSilk Pillow

Check out the video my Hubs and I did.

SmartSilk is the first natural bedding to be certified Asthma and allergy friendly  
They are mold and mildew resistant and come with a 10 year warranty. 

What a nice surprise I got with this SmartSilk Pillow.  The king size fits my reading chair perfectly.  I have been looking for a pillow just for this spot.

It is the perfect size for that chair.

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*We received 2 pillows for review.  No other form of compensation took place.