My Heavy Metal Cleanse Using 2 Ingredients

I have a lot of fillings.  LOTS!  So, I don't need tested to know I have high levels of Heavy Metals... I just know.  Plus, in this toxic world we live in, heavy metals are just something that most of us probably have in our bodies.

I am only using 2 ingredients for this cleanse. ~  Chlorella and Cilantro ~  It will take me a long time to do.  After I finish with it, I will be on a maintenance program.

This is really hard to explain how I did it.  Hopefully you can understand it.
.  First thing when I got up in the morning, I took the Chlorella and then Cilantro 30 minutes after the Chlorella.
. I Waited 30 minutes after taking the cilantro to eat
 .  I did the Chlorella and Cilantro  (3 to 4 times a day)

I Started Slowy.  I wanted to get the chlorella into my system for 1 week before I started the cilantro.

Week One (Maintenance Dose)
Chlorella  1g=4 tablets
1g or 4 Tablets 3 to 4 times a day (This is the maintenance dose)
No Cilantro at this time.  This will give the chlorella time to start getting the heavy metals moving out of my body.

Week Two (I Did This For One Week Only)
3g or 12 Tablets Chlorella 3 to 4 times a day
Cilantro I took 1 Dropper Full  3 to 4 times a day (I Wait 30 minutes after taking the Chlorella)
.  I did the Chlorella and Cilantro  for 1 week on the high dose and then
.  I stopped the cilantro for 2 to 4 weeks and went back to the maintenance dose of just chlorella.
.   After 2-4 weeks, I then went back to the High Dose using the Chlorella and Cilantro together
    again for 1 week, then back to the maintenance dose for 2 to 4 weeks. 
.  This can take 6 to 24 months to get rid of the heavy metals in the body.

What I ate
I am sure there are things I forgot to mention, but basically, these are some of the things I ate.
Take 1 Omega 3 capsule.  This will help my liver with the detox process. I Take Flavic or Humic Minerals or vitamins with lots of minerals in them..
Breakfast is hard to figure out what to eat.  Here are some of the things I ate or drank
Smoothies or juices
Poached eggs with Millet Bread Toast
Vegetable Omlet
Fruit Plate
Cup of Dandelion and ... or milk thistle tea
Smoothie or juice
Salad with lemon/olive oil dressing
fruit and vegetable plate
Chicken or low mercury sea food ( I seldom ate sea food, it was mostly chicken for me )
yellow or sweet potato
Brown rice ( very seldom )
Roasted Vegetables
Right before bed I make a cup of thyme tea.  I had the tea every night.  Every couple of nights I would take my tea and have a bath in epsom salts.  I sometimes mix in cinnamon, peppermint, fennel, and wintergreen to help draw out toxins.  Sometimes I just do the epsom salts and other times I add one or more of the spices. 

Coffee enemas can also help with detoxing so I did one every couple of weeks.

I did the week of just Chlorella and now I am ready to add the week of Cilantro

Day 1 ... Chlorella and Cilantro together
I have taken the Chlorella and cilantro 3 times so far today.  Around 8 PM I started getting a really tight feeling in my tongue and neck area.  I used to get this a lot and thought it had something to do with candida... Now I am thinking it might have something to do with an overload of heavy metals in my bod.
I also started getting a slight headache.  I usually get a headache when I do a cleanse but seldom on the first day.  Normally I get one 4 to 5 days into the cleanse

Day 2 ...
I still have a tight feeling in my neck and tongue.  Plus my tongue is burning.  Other than that, things are normal.

Day 3 ...
Having some pain around my Gallbladder area.  Maybe it is because I am starting to get constipated.  I need to do everything I can do to keep my bowels moving.  That is one way the heavy metals with leave my body.   Also having a slight headache.
Here is a page I wrote on things I use to relieve constipation.  I plan on doing a Coffee Enema either tonight or tomorrow.

Day 4 ...
Still having some discomfort around the gallbladder area.  I am no longer constipated, but just have a really full feeling.

Day 5 ...
I am starting to get a headache over my right eye.  Plus I feel a little unbalanced when I stand up.  I guess you could call it woozy.

Day 6 amd 7 ...
Feeling pretty good.

So anyway, that is how things went the first week on Chlorella and Cilantro together.  I survived!!  So now, back to the maintenance dose of just Chlorella.


Keeping Alkaline With Baking Soda And Maple Syrup

I have had a tight feeling in my neck and tongue for a long time.  My tongue burns, my neck gets tight as well as my tongue.  It is a terrible feeling.  It usually comes on after eating.  I tried everything to get rid of it and I did.... for awhile.  But it always came back.

I found it was from eating to many carbs and sugars.  Even though I was eating good carbs, good sugars.. it was just too much.  Even though I ate a lot of vegetables, I still have to watch the carbs and sugars.

That is when I decided to use those PH test strips to test my urine to see how acidic or alkaline I was.  Oh man.... Not good.  I was more acidic than I thought.   That was when I figured out acid might be a lot of my problems.

I did everything I could think of to get myself to alkaline.  I was driving myself and my Husband crazy.

Then I tried the Baking Soda and Maple Syrup Protocol.

Here is the recipe for the Maple Syrup and Baking Soda. I am not sure if it works for cancer or not... I know some people swear by it in a group I am in.  I am just using it to keep myself alkaline and to stop my tongue from burning. It does work for that. I do have to be careful that I don't become too alkaline. That is as bad as being too acidic.
Baking Soda And Maple Syrup Treatment

3 Parts Maple Syrup
1 Part Aluminum free baking soda

For cancer take 3 teaspoons a day for 1-2 months
For candida take 1 teaspoon a day for 1-2 months

Eliminate from diet
Meat   (I still eat meats with no problems)
White Flour

How this is suppose to work ..... Both Candida and Cancer
thrives on sugar and can't live in an alkaline enviornment.
By mixing the maple syrup with baking soda, cancer eats the maple syrup 
and the baking soda is delivered right into the cancer cells to
make them alkaline from the inside out.

I had bought a 3 pound bag of baking soda on amazon and I did a video review.  In the video, I show how I mix it up with the maple syrup and drink it.

Doing this baking soda and maple syrup protocol  is working great for me.  My sister is doing it also.  She has lichens sclerosis and used to have to do a sitz bath often... like a couple times a day.  Now,  she doesn't ever do a sitz bath and considers herself to be free of lichens sclerosis.  She has been dealing with it for probably 20 or more years.  Now, keeping herself alkaline is working.   It probably took a few months before she stopped doing the sitz bath, but she could feel herself getting better each day.

Here is the problem that I had to watch out for.....  Getting too alkaline.
When that happens, I have to take less of the baking soda and maple syrup.    I am down to 1/2 teaspoon a day of the baking soda mixed  1 1/2 teaspoons of the maple syrup.
Sometimes I even go less.  I do 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda and 3/4 teaspoon maple syrup.

When I am doing a detox or cleanse, I stop the baking soda and maple syrup, but resume as soon as I finish.

The next thing I am doing is a Heavy Metal Cleanse!


Don't Let Sun Poisoning Ruin Your Good Times! Wear Protective Clothing

It is starting to look a lot like fall here in Pennsylvania.  That means cooler temperatures are on the way.  That also means we will be heading south to catch the suns rays!

I should have gotten a picture earlier when the rash
was really bad.  This is toward the end of it.
Speaking of the sun.  I got such a sunburn early on this year that I ended up with sun poisoning.  It was the worst I had ever had and took a long time to get rid of the rash on my arm.    It itched so bad that I would make my arm bleed by scratching it.

Since May, I have been wearing outfits with sleeves to try and protect my arms, shoulders, back, neck.  I look like I am dressed for winter when I go out.
Do you know that you can put on all the clothing you want and most times the sun still gets through?
I really didn't realize that until my arm kept getting worse, even though it was covered.

After doing some research, I am better prepared for traveling south and I am ready for the Sun!   Bring it on!  I will be wearing HydroChic Sun Protective Active Wear For Swim & Sport.

I am older and don't want to wear the traditional bathing suit that shows all my sags and wrinkles so I was happy to find a company that offers so many solutions to all ages of women.  HydroChic has a collection of swimwear for missy, plus sizes and young girls.  The style can convert to gym wear by adding coordinating pieces... and if you want to go from the gym or swimming to a restaurant, just put on one of their swim dresses.

We are renting a condo in Venice, Florida, close to the beach.  I like to go looking for black shark teeth.   Usually when I am finished playing in the water, looking for the teeth, we like to go to the restaurant (Sharky's On The Pier) just steps away from the beach.   This outfit will work perfectly for going from the water to the restaurant.  It is quick drying and dual purpose.  Normally, I would have to either go back to the condo or change in the restroom to get out of my wet clothing.  Not anymore!

I picked the Baseball Babe Inspired Long 3/4 Sleeve Rash Guard Swim Suit Shirt and the Land and Sea Swim Capris.
And check out this bra! You can read my review here The Bra For Women Who Hate Bras

All the clothing at HydroChic is made from high quality, quick drying fabrics that  has sun and superior Ultra® chlorine resistance built into the fabric. UPF 50+ Sun Protection.  Now if I go out in the sun and get burned, it is my own fault.  With all the clothing choices HydroChic offers, I have no excuse.

To see more, check out my video on facebook

HydroChic is available at select stores throughout the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa and Israel.  PLUS, you can buy it online at

HydroChic, LLC. was co-founded by Daniella Teutsch and Sara Wolf, and launched in May, 2008. The idea came to them one day at the Jersey Shore as they watched women of all ages slather themselves with sunscreen and pull sloppy men’s t-shirts over their traditional bathing suits to protect their skin from sun damage. They knew that more fashionable coverage options were missing in the swimwear market. Only then did they realize how many other women were searching for the very same swimwear solutions. HydroChic is based in New Rochelle, NY. 

The Bra For Women Who Hate Bras ~ HydroChic Supreme Swim and Sports Bra

I hate wearing a bra, but since I have fibroid tumors.  Lots of them! I have to wear a bra that supports me fully and is comfortable. My right breast has more of the fibroid tumors than my left.   They can be very, very painful, especially painful if you wear the wrong bra.

I have a couple of lumps right where the lower part of the bra lays.   So, I have to find a bra that supports and is comfortable as well.   It may sound easy to you ... but finding a bra that works for me is not an easy job.
Under wire bras are OUT!!  The wire lays right where I have a couple of lumps in my right breast.   Wireless bras provide no support, especially when I am exercising.
Who designs these bras anyway????  Most likely some man who has no idea what a bra should feel like.

How would you like a bra that was designed by women, for women?   Yes Please!!  Well you are in luck.  HydroChic makes a Supreme Swim and Sports Bra that ROCKS!!  So comfortable and it supports me to where my boobs don't bounce when I am exercising.   This bra is so comfortable that I don't want to wear anything else.   It is like not wearing a bra at all... That is how comfortable it is.
It is so lightweight that I wonder how it supports, but it does and it supports me very well.

Have you ever worn a bra and your fat hangs out the bottom under the band?  I have that problem and I think it looks terrible.  The Supreme Swim and Sports Bra with it's modest cut, keeps my fat from showing... at least directly under the bra... it still hangs out at my waist area but that has nothing to do with the bra.  I need to work on that part.
It has a double layer construction, a soft under the bust band, and, if you wear it swimming it is quick drying no see through padding.
They not only make this bra in Missy size but in a Plus Size Classic Cut.

The Supreme Swim and Sports Bra is great to exercise in.  It moves right with me to where I feel like I have no bra on at all.  Perfect for my yoga.

And by the way all clothing made by HydroChic have UPF +50 Sun Protection and is Chlorine Proof.  Just wanted to let you know that you can wear these in the sun to help keep you from getting burned, and when you wear them in a pool with chlorine, you don't have to worry about them fading.

Check out my video on facebook 

Also you can learn more about HydroChic by visiting them on  or check out their facebook page.


Eat Well Move Well Live Well By Roland and Galina Denzel #BookReview

I have family and friends that want to live a healthy lifestyle, they try hard.  But they just can't do it.  There is a lot more to actually living healthy than you think and it can be very overwhelming.

Right now, a friend of mine is having a lot of stomach issues.  I know how to help her, but I am not going to butt into her life and try to tell her how she should be eating, drinking, moving.... LIVING. Instead, I am going to ask her if she would like to read the book,.. Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well, 52 Ways To Feel Better In A Week by Roland and Galina Denzel.
This book has everything in it she needs to fix her problem.  Oh... did I mention she is also having problems with her legs?  Well, she is.  My thoughts is she needs to Eat a Healthy diet.  Exercise More. I could go on and on.   But if I tell her that, she would be very offended.  So instead, I am going to tell her about this great book I just read and tell her she would love reading it also.

Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well covers everything from cooking, eating, nutrition, movement, exercise, to your lifestyle, mind and body.  It covers everything.  And if you think you know a lot about being healthy.. Think Again!  Each page I turn in this book teaches me something I didn't know.

One of the chapters, Food Is Medicine.  I have been saying that same thing, and living it for a long time now.  It has become second nature to me to eat for my health.   I use herbs daily not only for spicing up my food, but for healing.  I actually grow my own herbs, or some of them.

Speaking of Food as medicine.  I have been infusing my water with herbs for years and wondering why it never tasted very infused.   Well after reading this book, I learned why.  Now, my infused water tastes of the herbs I use in it.
If you get a white, yeasty tongue in the mornings or throughout the day.  Try infusing some lemon, basil, sage, thyme, oregano, peppermint and I throw in a hot pepper to the mix.  Works great to keep your tongue fresh and clean and tastes so refreshing.  Especially now that I know how to infuse the right way.

Choose Your Own Health Adventure
Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well 
Gives 52 Ways to Feel Better In A Week!

With confusing new headlines released each day, navigating a healthy lifestyle can feel overwhelming.  With this in mind, Galina and Roland Denzel, authors of "The Real Food Reset" and Roland's how-to-weight-loss memoir "Man On Top", created a fail-proof approach to "healthy up" your life.  Pick a single chapter (out of 52) in any category; Cooking, Movement & Exercise, Nutrition, Work & Home, Mind & Body and feel better in a week.  With humor, compassion, a solid scientific foundation and over 200  "Take Action Right Now" tips, their newest book "Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well: 52 Ways to Feel Better in a Week" introduces readers to small steps that can lead to big changes toward more fulfilling lives. (Propriometrics Press)

For example, as you read this, are your ears over your shoulders?  Do your neck a favor and line them up.  Do you have a "sucky-day" menu to help recover from a day gone south?  If not, this book will help you create one.  "Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well" includes suggestions on everything from alignment and walking to fish, fats and fermented foods.  Sleeping, vacationing, working, de-stressing, building a support network and so much more are explored.  Each chapter includes simple tasks to enable anyone to embark on real, immediate change.  The book features interviews with relatable experts, exercise with photos and recipes alongside the authors' own personal anecdotes about their growth toward better health.  With insight into habit-changing and human behavior, the book challenges commonly held ideas of normal, helping you wade through fads to find teh way toward lasting change. 

About the Authors
International wellness coaches Galina and Roland Denzel help people achieve their health goals through simple solutions brought about by easy, manageable changes.  They share a practice in Southern California and reach thousands more via their website,  Between them they've published numerous books, including "Man on Tp" their weight loss guide based on Roland's own seventy five pound weight loss journey.  "The Real Food Reset", a practical thirty-day guide to reconnecting with real food and several whole-food cookbooks.  Along with their training in corrective exercise, nutrition and coaching, they bring a wealth of personal experience, warmth, humor and a heavy dose of wisdom to the table.

Learning You Have Macular Degeneration Calls For A Lifestyle Change.

My Husband has been misdiagnosed for over 2 years now. He went to a few different eye doctors including The Cleveland Clinic, because he was having dark blurry areas. They said they couldn't find anything. He had a lens put in 2 years ago because of glaucoma, so they kept saying he was still healing. Finally.... a doctor in Pittsburgh figured out his problem. Dry Macular Degeneration. Not good, but at least we have an answer and someplace to start treating it.

The doctor suggested he get the AREDS 2 Formula because there have been studies done on this particular brand and has been proven it works. He said his patients have had good luck with it. I won't reverse the disease, but may stop it from getting worse.

Here are some other things the Dr suggested he do.
Bilberry (we just ordered 2 bottles on amazon)
No Caffeine ( he now drinks herbal tea)
No Smoking (he stopped many years ago)
Healthy Diet
Wear a good pair of UV blocking sunglasses

There are a few other things he is doing ... like taking rutin. Rutin shrinks capillaries and is suppose to help with high blood pressure so he is taking it.  He is also taking Omega 3.

There is also a grid he uses to monitor the macular degeneration between Dr visits.

Hopefully, everything we are doing is going to help to save his vision.

If anyone has or knows of anything else we can do, or a great book on macular degeneration... I would be interested.   The problem with most of the books though is the author doesn't know what they are talking about.   I want a GOOD BOOK!!


Movement Solutions For The Under-Motivated Areas Of The Body

If we were to think of exercise as food, a five-mile run might be a steak.  It is full of nutrients and can be very satisfying, but without side dishes, it's not a complete meal.  If you ever eat steak, you'll soon miss important vitamins and begin feeling the symptoms.  Similarly, your current workout might be rich in certain "movement nutrients" and lacking in others.

This is why biomechanist Katy Bowman has created a movement supplements in the form of two new DVD releases; "Nutritious Movement's Daily Movement Multivitamin" and Nutritious Movement for a Healthy Pelvis".  Each includes exercises, stretches, and alignment tips to help all bodies to improve the nutrition of their current movement diet.

The DVDs are available now for $19.95 at and  They may also be downloaded ate

According to Katy Bowman, M.S.,  "We tend to focus on a few exercises in hopes to melt pounds away or chisel six-pack abs.  Despite our best intentions to exercise, whether it be running marathons, practicing yoga, or winning the CrossFit games, certain areas of the body remain under-moved.  These moves are designed to decrease typically sedentary areas within the body, and help users feel better in their bodies at any age and any fitness level."

As the name implies, the "Daily Movement Multivitamin" fills in the movement gaps left by many conventional fitness programs.  Sore feet, headaches, backaches, aching knees, digestive problems, cardiovascular disease, and so many more ailments can be symptoms of a poor movement diet.  This DVD hits the reset button to help nourish what Katy considers the "sticky spots" in the body.  It includes a standing and a floor sequence, a posture recap, a five-step alignment lesson and a printable exercise routine.  Some props are helpful including a chair, bolster or towel, a yoga block or thick book and a yoga strap (or even a long scarf).  It is appropriate for all age and fitness levels.

According to Voices for PFC, 25% of women 20 and older suffer with pelvic floor disorders. And it isn't only a problem for women.  "Nutritious Movement for a Healthy Pelvis" take a whole-body, holistic approach to improving the strength, mobility, health and function to the pelvis naturally.  You won't find any kegels spot-treating the issue here.  The DVD provides six foundational exercises, five advanced exercises, a three-minute flowing routine and a printable reference guide.  The same props are useful.  It will benefit men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

About Katy Bowman
A biomechanist by training and a problem-solver at heart, Katy has the ability to blend a scientific approach with straight talk about sensible solutions and an unwavering sense of humor, earning her legions of followers.  Her award-winning blog and podcast,  Katy Says, reach hundreds of thousands of people every month.  Thousands have taken her live classes.  Her books, the bestselling "Move Your DNA" (2014), "Diastasis Recti" (2015), "Don't Just Sit There (2015", Whole Body Barefoot" (2015), "Alignment Matters" (2013), and "Every Woman's Guide to Foot Pain and Relief" (2011) have critically acclaimed and translated worldwide. In between her book-writing efforts, Katy directs and teaches at Nutritious Movement Center Northwest, travels the globe to teach the Nutritious Movement courses in person and spend as much time outside as possible with her husband and two young children.  She is a regular source for national health publications and is often featured on radio, television talk shows and news segments.  IDEA recently named her one of their "Top 14 Rising Stars in Fitness."
 Katy's program and center can be found at
Twitter @NutritiousMvmt
Instagram @nutritiousmovement


How My Sister And I Are Balancing Our PH Levels

My sister has been fighting a bladder and a yeast infection for over a year now.   She had gone to the Dr. in December 2014 for a routine check up.  He put her on Premarin for vaginal dryness.  He told her that was the only way she was going to get rid of it.     She did tell him she didn't want to take it, but of course.... he insisted.   She knew what could happen.  She got off Premarin years ago because of bladder infections.  Why she would agree to take it again is beyond me.

Well wouldn't you know she ended up with the bladder infection.  She then went back to him and he put her on antibiotics to cure the bladder infection.    She wouldn't even tell me this!!!  She knows how against antibiotics I am.   Well those antibiotics caused her to get a horrible yeast infection.
She also has what they call Lichen Sclerosis.

For over 6 months she went to Doctors to try and heal.  They kept putting her on more and different antibiotics.    She was trying to deal with this herself.  She felt so bad that she listened and did what the doctors told her to do.     Then she called me for help.... she was so down, and afraid if she didn't do something, she was going to die.  

I had her get on a diet, pretty much like the Paleo diet, only modified to suit her.   Her problem was, she kept eating kefir.  I told her that wouldn't help her, but she insisted it didn't bother her.   One day, a light went off  and she gave up kefir.
Diet alone wasn't helping and we were doing anything and everything we could think of to heal her.   She was slowing getting better, but kept slipping back.
Then she started working on her ph levels.... nothing she did was helping.  She couldn't keep her PH levels in the alkaline range.

After my colonoscopy, I started having the same issues.  Bladder and possible yeast infection.
I have never been one to just sit back and let things happen, plus I knew after her experience with doctors, I wasn't going to go and let them put me on antibiotics.  No way was that happening.

First I bought some PH testing strips and tested my PH.  It was in the VERY ACIDIC range.  I started searching for ways to make myself more alkaline.    I had already been eating alkaline and obviously  that wasn't working.   I tried liver cleansing.  NOTHING was working.
Then, I thought if my urine was acidic, my whole body was probably acidic.     I started searching uric acid and found a capsule with certain herbs in it that I thought might work, ( Vitamin C, tart cherry juice, celery seed, quercetin, tumeric, artichoke Boswellia, ginger and more),  plus I added some tumeric, rutin, bilberry, and milk thistle.    I also bought a bottle of TART Cherry Juice.  It is very important that I used the tart cherry.

I took 2 capsules in the morning.  Then I would take 2 tablespoons of tart cherry juice, the tumeric, rutin, bilberry and milk thistle in the afternoon about 1/2 to 1 hour before I ate my supper.

Do you know this started working within a couple of days!!   I am now mostly alkaline.  I do have a few days now and then that I run a little acidic, but never VERY ACIDIC like before.
I told my sister about this also so she could try it.   She is no longer having bladder and yeast infections and neither am I.

Also, I have been dealing with a burning tongue for years.  I would get rid of it, but it always came back.  Now, taking the Uric Acid flush pills, I am digesting my foods better and my tongue doesn't burn like before.   I still watch my diet, just like I did before, but now the diet and the uric acid flush pills are working together.   I think most... not all of my problems have had to do with uric acid.

Both my sister and I are doing so much better than we were.  I was blaming most of my problems on Candida.   Now I think it was mostly acid related because our PH was out of balance