Be My Valentine Love Potion Smoothie

Now that I have my Nutra Ninja 2 in 1, I am making all sorts of smoothies, juices and of course since it is also a food processor I am making all sorts of treats.

Today, since Valentines Day is just around the corner.  I made this Love Potion.

Love Potion Smoothie
1/4 Stalk Celery
1/2 Avacado
Small piece of Ginger (If you don't have it, use powdered)
1 teaspoon Organic Coconut Oil
2 TablespoonA Orgainc Raw Honey
5 Ice Cubes
Put all into Nutri Ninja and blend

Why do I call this a Love Potion?  For the simple reason some of the foods I am using is a natural aphrodisiac.
For instance,  Celery contains androsterone and adrostenol which when ingested serve as a sexual attractant.  At least that's what they say.  I have injested a lot of celery and my Hubs still sits on the couch watching TV.
Avacado also has a reputation as an aphrodisiac, and of course, ginger spices things up.  Coconut increases blood flow, so that may help in the love department also.
Almonds are a ancient symbol of fertility,  and Organic raw honey is suppose to support testosterone production so we can't forget to add that.

If you just want to go for pretty... just make this simple smoothie using Raspberries, Banana and almond milk.

What kind of smoothies do you make?


Maven iPhone 6 Power Case Review ~ I Can Charge My iPhone While I Am Using It

What a great idea!!  To have a iPhone case that protects my phone, and keeps it charged at the same time.  

If you are like me and don't like to carry a lot of extra equipment with you when you travel

This comes in 4 Great colors.  Black, Blue, Silver and Red.

I loved the red as soon as I set my eyes on it.   Very easy to spot my phone when I have it lying around and I forget where I left it.

You can see how easlily the 

I have an Otter Box for my iPhone 6, but it is so bulky and big that I have a lot of trouble finding a safe spot to fit it in.

The Maven is a very sleek design and easily fits in most of my pockets.
I mostly carry it in my purse, so I am happy that it doesn't take up a lot of space.

The MAVEN boasts:
·         3000mAh
·         110% more power
·         weighs in at only 3.36 ounces (rounded up to 3.4)
·         MFi approved
·         4 color options
·         charge & sync capabilities
·         optimized speaker channels
·         led button with dual functionality- power on/off and battery indicator

Check out my video and see how easy it is to use the Maven iPhone 6 Power Case

Even if you don't have an iPhone 6, be sure to check Lenmar The MERIDIAN which is for the iPhone 5.  They also have portable battery chargers like the one I did a review on The Lenmar Helix Portable Power Pack.

 Learn More 
 Maven for the iPhone 6

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Maven iPhone 6 Power Case at Battery World

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The Best Friend Smoothie ~ New England Patriots Julian Edelman And Shane Vereen Team Up With Ninja

Are you all ready for the Super Bowl?  I am not quite ready but I will be.  I plan on getting my Ninja out and whipping up my own smoothie with my Hubs and Best Friend.     
Our local grocery store has raspberries on sale so I am sure we will be using raspberries in our smoothie.

New England Patriots Julian Edelman and Shane Vereen have teamed up with Ninja® to unveil the ultimate drink in friendship: The Best Friend Smoothie, on Smoothie Tyme. Fuel up for Sunday’s big game with this great new recipe! The football stars and a delicious smoothie prepped in a Nutri Ninja® aren’t the only elements of fun. Be sure to stay tuned for a special appearance by another Pats team member!

Join the Conversation and watch Julian Edelman, Shane Vereen and Ryan Allen make the Best Friend Smoothie with Nutri Ninja

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The Best Friend Smoothie Recipe

Two Parts Friendship, One Part Nutrient Extraction


  • 1 cup fresh pineapple
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1/2 cup greek yogurt
  • 1 scoop protein powder
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 best friend


24-ounce Nutri Ninja® Cup
  1. Place all of the ingredients into the Nutri Ninja® Cup (except, of course, your BFF).
  2. Select Auto-iQ™ ULTRA BLEND.
  3. Enjoy smoothie with your Best Friend.

What Would You Make With Your Best Friend?


Should I Get A Down Or Wool Comforter ~ Which is the warmest?

My Hubs and I are having a discussion about what would be the best way to go in a comforter for winter use.    

We have 2 full size beds that I need to buy for.   I want both comforters to match and I want them to be warm.  Really warm!!

I have a Down Comforter that was given to me.

I like that it is lighter weight than a wool comforter, but how warm are they?  This one was given to me and I didn't realize all the down was gone from the middle.... so it isn't really warm.  Are they warm when new?  How Warm?

Plus, the Down comforters I have seen don't come in a lot of colors.   Maybe I need to do another search.

My Hubs has this wool blanket/comforter that he loves.  He says it is really warm.

I think it is a little on the heavy side.  But yet, I like that it looks like a blanket on one side and has sheeps wool on the underside.   

This wool blanket is probably 15 years old, so they do last a long time.  At least this one did.

I have read all the benefits of Down and Wool Comforters.  But, I am still having a hard time deciding what we want.

Neither Down nor Wool should be laundered a lot because they break down.  I like to wash my comforters so they are clean.

Well, that is my dilemma.  Should I opt for Wool, or go with a Down Comforter for both beds?


Monogrammed Jewelry Is Back @MonogramOnline ~ Your Name! Your Style!

*Kaylee received this necklace for review purposes.  No other form of compensation took place.
 I can remember when I was a kid.  Everyone had everything they owned monogramed.     The old ladies and men had their hankies monogramed.
Women would embroider a monogram on their bedspreads, towels, anything and everything was monogramed.
 The young girls had their sweaters monogramed.   We could even buy Monogramed jewelry.
That was a long time ago. The Good Ole Days!!    But guess what... Monogram is back and more beautiful than ever.
At, you can find Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets, Cufflinks, Money Clips, Bags and Totes, Coffee Mugs, Glassware, Kitchen Ware and even iPhone Cases.  Yep!!  I can even get a monogramed case for my cell phone.
Really, there is so much more than what I have listed.  You just need to stop over and check them out for yourself.

They have some really gorgeous jewelry Check out the beautiful Sterling Silver Name Necklace I got for my Granddaughter from
This isn't the only style they sell.  You can get your name, or if you want, just your initals.   They have gold, sterling silver.
Choose gifts for men, women, kids and of course the home.  There is something for everyone here.

When I gave this necklace to my Granddaughter, she was so excited.  She never had a necklace with her name on it.  

About MonogramOnline
  It is a shopper's one stop shop haven.  They provide a wide selection of Unique Personalized Gifts for all ages.  Their website store offers an extensive collection of hottest custom items at great prices.   From its origin as a jewelry manufacturer, MonogramOnline has developed and evolved combining modern technology, old world craftmanship and creative marketing in mass retail.  They produce a limitless selection with custom items ranging from jewelry to office, outdoors, kitchen and more!  At MonogramOnline, they are dedicated to providing their customers with the finest products available!

MonogramOnline also has a Rewards program.  You can Shop and earn.  Every $1 = 1 Point.  You can refer your friends to get more points.  You get 25 points when friends create and account.  If they order, you get 100 points.  You can redeem your points for cash off your next order.   Sounds like a great way to get some new jewelry.

Oh yes... when you do order from MonogramOnline, they keep you up to date of what is happening with your jewelry.   They send you an email telling you they have started production.  Then, they also email you to let you know it is done and ready to ship.   I like that!!!!

With Valentines Day coming up next month.... Be sure to check out to find that special something for your sweetie!!
Buy Now

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MonogramOnline On Twitter @MonogramOnline

Kaylee received this for review purposes.  No other form of compensation took place.


Buy Or Make Your Own Touch Screen Texting Gloves #DIY

I have been trying to find a pair of gloves that work for texting but are still warm.   Not easy to do.  If any company has a pair... I would love to know.

I decided to try making my own.

You can turn any pair of gloves you own into touchscreen texting gloves.   All you need is some metalic thread.

I bought the Metallic Embroidery Floss at Walmart for about $6 and it will do a lot of gloves.

If you can sew better than I can, you will have a great pair of touchscreen texting gloves.   The ones above that I did are not warm enough, but I just tried this to see if it would work.

 Non Skid Touchscreen Glove By Boss Tech  
Price  $10 to $12 on Amazon are really nice.  I love the way they feel and they are made thick enough that they are really warm.    My Hubs thinks they are the most comfortable gloves he owns.

They come in these sizes
Mens One Size Fits Most Adults
Womens One Size Fits Most Adults

The gloves stretchy so they will fit snug for better use with a touchscreen.   They are also washable.  For me that is a real plus!

They feature a non-slip palm with three touchscreen fingertips on each hand.  The non-slip palm is great for holding your cell phone.  No way will it slip out of your hand.
Since the Non Skid Touchscreen Glove is made of a thick knit and is washable,  I am sure these would last a long time.

The problem was... they didn't work well for our touch screen iPhones.   So, I sewed some metalic thread on them and made them work.
But... they are a great price and since we both like them so much.  Paying $10 to $12 isn't a problem and well worth it.  These gloves are very nice!!
If you are interested in a pair of Boss Tech gloves, just go to Amazon and do a search.  You will come up with them easily.
Isotoner has a lot of different styles to choose from.  This is my first pair of Isotoner Gloves.... They cost a bundle and don't work, NOR DO THEY KEEP MY HANDS WARM.  At $40 some dollars for a pair of these... I will pass.

For Christmas, my Granddaughters got me these pink Isotoner Signature gloves.    They work really well for the touch screen texting.   I love the color and they feel good on my hands.

They do protect from the elements, but could be even warmer.

The cost is around $40 in a department store.

I know there has got to be a company out there that makes a really warm pair of texting Touch Screen Gloves that really work well.   I just haven't been able to find them yet.   Until I do, I will be sewing metallic thread on mine to make them work.


#Giveaway SleeKeys iPad Air Keyboard / Case For Apple iPad From SleekTech

* No form of compensation took place. This is for an iPad Air. I happen to have an iPad 4

If you have an Apple iPad and are like me, you miss having the option of a key board.  It is so much easier for me to work with a keyboard rather than with the one on the iPad.

Introducing SleeKeys.  From SleekTech. The iPad case with integrated physical keyboard.

This revolutionary, patent-pending typing solution gives your iPad a tactile QWERTY keyboard at a moment's notice.  And, it virtually disappears in an instant when you don't want it.

Have the perfect tablet?  Pair it with the perfect keyboard.  SleeKeys.

We all have our issues with the touch keyboards.  To type a message correctly, your eyes jump from keyboard to message with every word, turning messaging into a technical drag.   Do you ever wish you could keep the sleek beauty your iPad presents, but with the additional benefit of smooth pleasurable typing?

Introducing SleeKeys  ... the exciting new offering from SleekTech.  They have designed a wrap around iPad case with a hidden tactile keyboard.  SleeKeys can be deployed with one hand to align perfectly on the iPad screen, and can instantly be stowed away and out of view, too.  This revolutionary, patent-pending typing solution gives your iPad a tactile QWERTY keyboard at a moments notice.
SleeKeys can be positioned into three different angles, allowing users to custom design it to their style and comfort.  And, it virtually disappears in an instant when you don't want it.  SleeKeys will never get in your way when not in use and doesn't interfere with the regular iPad activity.

With no Bluetooth or electrical power needs, SleeKeys is incredibly thin, lightweight and useful.  Also, no additional electricity is drained from your iPad when using SleeKeys.  The absence of Bluetooth dependency allows SleeKeys to be razor thin.

The built quality bests that of nearly every iPad keyboard offered, and contoured keys provide you with optimmum typing accuracy and feedback.  For that purpose too, spacing between one key and the next is maximized

SleeKeys weighs only 3.5 ounces, which is less than 1/4 of the iPads weight.  This gives you a keyboard that enables you to make less typing mistakes, allows you to type faster than ever, and doesn't bulk up your iPads look.

MADE IN THE USA.  SleeKeys is designed in New York and New Jersey ... NOT OVERSEAS.   SleeKeys spent the extra months at the drawing board to ensure design perfection, structural integrity and overall durability.

Any decent Bluetooth keyboard would cost you $80 to $120. SleeKeys can get this keyboard in your hands for the low price of $59.99.   Plus, you get the awesome package of a sleek case and a revolutionary keyboard.

SleeKeys believes... Anything worth doing is worth doing right!!

  • SleeKeys is the only Keyboard that works without Batteries or Bluetooth! Does not need any charging or pairing. No additional battery life is drained from the iPad when using SleeKeys
  • Travel-friendly SleeKeys is designed for on the go use. With no setup necessary, SleeKeys can be used virtually anywhere. Simply flip the keyboard on the screen to start typing.
  • Stylish Slim PU leather case that protects your iPad air from falls. Case looks like a fashionable leather notebook with magnetic closing belt.
  • 3 features in 1 - Serves as a high quality protective case, keyboard and a 2 position stand.

Read more about SleeKeys

Buy the iPad Air Keyboard / Case Now

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SleeTECH Will be giving away a SleeKeys iPad Air Keyboard / Case for your Apple iPad Air
#Giveaway Begins On 12/28 and Ends 1/15 At 12:00 AM EST  ~ US only
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My Bathroom Storage Problem Solved


I had shown you my bathroom in an earlier post about Needing a bathroom REDO.  Check it out and see what a difference in my bathroom!!   Storage was one of my main issues.   I had my cupboards and drawers packed full.   Plus, in my spare bedroom, I would store all of the things that didn't fit.

Above my toilet, I wanted a plant.  I had my Lucky Bamboo Plant that I had no idea what to do with.  It fits perfectly into one of my baskets.

Straight ahead, you can see we added a shelf.  I have so much perfume that I just had crammed in a drawer.  Now, I have it out where I can use it when I want.

One of the things I did was to put a small shelf on the back of my toilet that holds some of the things I may need daily.
Toilet Paper and perfume.  In the jars at the top are fingernail clippers and other little things that you have no idea what to do with but you might need them on a daily basis.

I like having the toilet paper close.  When I run out, I don't want to have to go anywhere to get it.  I want it right there!

This particular shelf is not going to stay.  I am looking for something else to put there.  I just haven't found it yet.

Before and After
You may remember a post I did on my messy bathroom cabinet.  My Hubs added a shelf to help with storage.
Yes, it does need painted, but it sure helped me with the cleaning supplies and extra toilet paper.

I bet a lot of you have messy drawers.  You open a drawer and things fly everywhere.

My Hubs is building me dividers for my drawers to help me stay organized.
So much easier to find things now.

Here is something I really like.  My Hubs made me a row of hanging baskets to keep anything in them I want.   Isn't this a GREAT idea!!

Hanging on my shower door, I have a huge bag that I store a few things in like my pjs I will be wearing that night.

Inside my tub was a huge mess.  I had shampoo bottles, conditioner, my razor, soap, shower gel, candles ... just anything I thought I might need.

I was at a yard sale and found these cute little flower pots that are tan on the outside and glazed a red on the inside.   I knew there would be something I could use them for.   I only paid 25 cents each so I couldn't go wrong.
I know there is still a lot of things I could do in here to make more storage.. but for right now, this is working out.    I do want to change the shelf I have on the toilet and get something more functional.   I am just not sure what at this point.