The Ride New York City ~ Part Tour, Part Show, Total Entertainment

Just last week my Daughter ask me if I was interested in going to New York City in December to see the Christmas Lights.    She and I don't get away together a whole lot, so I jumped at the chance.
One of the things we are planning on doing while we are there is The Ride!

THE RIDE uses New York City and its renowned landmarks as the backdrop for a theatrical event that blurs the boundary between tour and performance. The city becomes a stage, and soon you can't tell where the street ends and the show begins!

THE RIDE gives you a front-row seat to the streets of New York City in a multi-million dollar motor coach that comes equipped with state-of-the-art audio/visual technology, including 40 plasma screen TVs and over 3000 LED lights. Enjoy the performance from the comfort of one-of-a-kind stadium seating and huge panoramic windows.

While navigating a 4.2-mile midtown path, our performers and native New Yorkers alike become performers for THE RIDE, showing guests an entirely new side of New York City they can't see anywhere else.

Whether you're new to the city or a long-time native, you'll find something to enjoy.

Get On, and Experience the Ride.
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- See more at: Experience The Ride!  @theride
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We Scared Up Some Fun For Our Grandson At Monster Mini Golf In Monroeville, Pennsylvania

School starts on Monday for our Grandson.  Once school starts, we won't be able to see him or have him stay over very often.   Since we wanted his last weekend to be FUN, we thought he might like to play miniature golf with a scary but cool monster theme.  Not only scary and cool, but Glow In The Dark Neon!  Now that is pretty cool!!  And it is all indoors, so it doesn't matter what the weather, fun can still be had.

Monster Mini Golf in Monroeville, Pennsylvania offers 18 holes of Indoor Glow In The Dark, Monster Themed mini golf with special effects happening all around you, while you are playing.    They have an arcade and redemption games, great music and an interactive DJ that provides an experience like you have never had before.

When we walked in the Monster Mini Golf building, my Grandson was in awe.  All he could do is just look around at all the bright, glow in the dark colors.
Then we got down to the business of golfing. First, you pick your glow in the dark golf ball in the color you like, then you get a matching golf club in a size that fits you.
 You may think this is going to be easy, but think again.  The courses are challenging enough for adults but yet playable for kids.

While we were golfing, the DJ ask the question.  In the Lion King, what was the name of Simba's Father?  Who ever answered the question first, won a prize.   They did something else while we were there also that interacted with those playing golf and the arcade games.   The DJ also played some super music that had my grandson golfing to the beat.

Monster Mini Golf is Mini Golf at its finest. Very different and more exciting than your normal run of the mill mini golf course.   Once you try it, you will want to do it again!

I bet having a Birthday party here would be very fun.  And, speaking of Birthday parties.   There are 2 beautiful Monster Themed party rooms that are great for Birthday parties, corporate events, field trips, scout outings and fund raisers.

I think this would be a great place to have a Halloween Party for the kids.  

I almost forgot about the gift shop.  You can buy some great Monster Mini Golf Shirts, Hats and more there.  In the shop, there is this old lady rocking in her chair.  At first, I thought she was real.   I had a good laugh at myself when I realized she was a dummy... Well, I guess I was the dummy.

Monster Mini Golf  
3813 William Penn Hwy
Monroeville, Pennsylvania 15146

Twitter @MMGMonroeville

*Thank you to and Monster Mini Golf Monroeville Pennsylvania for providing us with free tickets to try this course.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


The Pittsburgh Mills Sky Trail Adventure Rope Courses ~ Rain Can't Spoil The Indoor Fun

Meet Walter Pyle, The
Pittsburgh Mills Sky Trail Course Manager
We had our Grandson last Wednesday and Thursday.  We wanted to have one last hurrah before he went back to school for the year.
They were calling for rain on Thursday, so we were at a loss for things to do.   Then I remembered I had tickets to the Pittsburgh Mills Sky Trail Adventure Rope Courses.   What better way to make a 5 year old boy happy than to give him free rein to climb around on a bunch of rope courses.

When he seen how high the Rope Course was, he was a little scared, but then he seen the Sky Tykes Rope Course that is designed for kids less than 48 inches tall.   Whew!!  That kids course saved the day.    I told him to walk around on the Sky Tykes Course and then if he felt brave, we would go to the larger course.

Before you even start the course, a certified officer  puts you into a full body harness and a sling line that they insert into an overhead track.  You will not be unhooked until you return to the ground.

The Sky Mills Adventure Rope Course offers a 32 foot aerial Sky Trail Explorer.  It includes rope ladders, cargo nets, zigzag beams a plank and a zipline.   Yes... I did say a zipline.

So back to my Grandson.  After about 10 minutes of walking around on the Sky Tykes Rope Course, he decided he was brave enough to go up the steps to the larger course.
We got our sling line hooked on us for the rope course, and up the steps we went.   When we got up to the first level, he decided he wanted to go right back down.   Man.... I wanted to get to that zipline.   I had never been on a zipline and wanted to do it.   So, back down we went.   I passed our Grandson to my Hubs and told him to put him back on the Sky Tykes Rope Course, then back up I went.  I was going to make it to that zipline no matter what.

I can tell you, it is a little scary up there. Not sure why I was so scared because there were little kids up there walking the course like it was easy.    So, I put on my brave face and slowly made my way to the zipline.   I had to cross some pretty scary spots to get there.
If there was a kid in front of me, I wouldn't get on the ropes until he was across.  They made those ropes sway and  I didn't want them swaying any more than necessary.  My heart was hammering away!
Finally,... I made it to the zipline.   SO MUCH FUN!!   After doing it once, I thought I was pretty slick and had to do it again.

Oh yes!  This Rope Course had 2 levels.   See me way up there?  Thats as far as I got.   Wow!  That was a little higher up than I wanted to be.   Even though I knew I was safe, I was scared.  Just call me chicken little.  The higher I got, the more difficult the course looked.

After we were all finished, our Grandson told me how much fun he had.  The thing is.... I think I had more fun than he did.

Check out my video, I am on the zipline at the end! 

Connect on Facebook

Vist On Twitter 
590 Pittsburgh Mills Blvd
Tarentum, Pa 15084

*Thank you to and The Pittsburgh Mills Sky Trail for providing us with free tickets so we could try this course.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Green Candida Drink ~ How I Fight Candida And Balance The Gut Flora

Cleansing is one of the many ways I try to keep myself healthy.  But cleansing with harsh herbs can be a double edged sword.   It not only kills the bad bacteria, but the good, helpful bacteria as well. The problem with killing off the good as well as the bad???  The bad grows back faster than the good.

 I have been trying not to do any more Candida Cleansing that doesn't support good gut flora, so I have been growing my own herbs just to puree and drink.  The herbs I puree, are suppose to detox and balance the gut flora.   Here are some of the herbs I puree daily and drink twice a day.

Basil, Peppermint, Thyme, Oregano, Rosemary, Aloe, Garlic, Plus, I have a mixture of Clove and Cinnamon that I use.  

I sometimes throw in some ginger root or other herbs I have.

For the most part, I don't have any candida problems unless I eat really bad for awhile, then.... THRUSH!!   My tongue starts burning and turns a white color.    Like I said... this hardly ever happens.  But when it does, I mix up my fresh herbs with a little water and drink it down.

Last week my sister was here.  She has been having some real issues.  White tongue, yeast and bladder infections.   I started her on my Green Candida Drink.

Right away, it cleared her tongue up.  So, every night, she would have me make her another drink.
They taste horrible, but who cares as long as they work.

Here is my problem.   Winter is going to kill my fresh herb supply.   I am trying to make oil out of some of them and dry some.    I just don't know if the oil and dried herbs are going to work as well as the fresh does.

By the way, I drink this drink whether I have issues or not.  It just seems to keep everything running smoothly.

Do you grow your own herbs for cooking or cleansing?  What herbs do you grow?


Hell's Hollow Wildlife Adventure Trail In Mercer, Pennsylvania

While my sister was in visiting Pennsylvania from Florida, I had all sorts of things planned for her.  I was trying to find fun, unique things to do.  Something she hasn't done before.
When I came across Hells Hollow Wildlife Adventure Trail, I knew I had picked a winner.   You will not believe the fun we had.  I think we laughed most of the way.... that was when we weren't holding our breath in fear or trying NOT to pee our pants.

Hells Hollow is a 4 mile trail through the woods and fields that belong to the owner of the Spring Valley Golf Course.  You can hike this trail on foot or take a golf cart.   Let me tell you... Take the golf cart.  So much fun.  You will go up hills and when I say hills.... I mean hills.  Steep, dirt trail hills with rocks and tree roots.  Then, you will go down hells... I mean hills.  Going down can be a little scary for sissies.

Some of these trails can be muddy.... and I do mean muddy.  In this mud hole, I thought we might lose the golf cart.    You can get pretty dirty on this trail, but my sister and I were very, very careful and didn't want to come out covered in mud.  Just call us a sissy.

I thought I might pee my pants coming down the first hill.  My sister was driving and I thought I might go rolling out of the golf cart and down the hill.   When we were safe at the bottom, we laughed so hard that our face hurt.  I actually did lose my water bottle somewhere along the way.

When they say ADVENTURE TRAIL, they mean what they say, you will have a GREAT adventure.
Hold on for dear life!!!   You might want to bring clean clothes with you... not only because you might get muddy, but,... you might just crap your pants.

There is an old legend that is told to this day about an Indian called Harthegig who was murdered and still haunts Hell's Hollow to this day.
My sister and I sat in the woods and had lunch close to the place known as Spirit Falls. 

Some other things you will see along the way are deer, beaver, birds,... There is an old Iron Ore Furnace you will see, an old stone house from 1824 and so much other history.  Oh yes... I forgot to mention you might hear Harthegig rattling about in Spirit Falls.  Who knows, you might even catch a glimpse of him.

There is a VIDEO on their facebook page that you can check out.  It will tell you a lot more about the Hells Hollow Wildlife Adventure Trail.

Also!!!  Every year, around Halloween there is a Hell's Hollow Haunt that you need to check out.  They will ride you around in the Haunted Hay Wagon Of Horror.  Along they way you will be scared to the core... maybe in the Frightening Corn Field,... but, that isn't the end. They will take you to their Haunted, Bloody Barn where there are 3 levels of terror.  Who knows what and who is in that barn!!

Hells Hollow Haunt

Hell's Hollow Wildlife Adventure Trail

Twitter @Hells_Hollow

Located at 
340 Bestwick Rd
Mercer, Pa 16137


Bike The Burgh Tours ~ Tour Pittsburgh On Your Bike

Last week, my sister was home to Pennsylvania, from Florida, where she now lives.   I was trying to think of something fun and unique for us to do.  Then I came across Bike The Burgh Tours.   My sister is 67 and I am 64 so I thought maybe this might be a little bit too much for a couple of old ladies.

I sent an email to the administrator of Bike The Burgh Tours asking if the tour was difficult.  She assured me that I could do it.  If you can ride a bike, you can do this tour.

If you are looking for a unique way to REALLY see what Pittsburgh is all about, Check out Bike The Burgh Tours!  Fun for young and old alike!!

Pittsburgh is a beautiful town, a town I don't know a whole lot about.  I was very excited to learn a little bit more about it.
Our first Bike The Burgh Tour was, Bridges In The Burgh.      Did you know Pittsburgh is bursting with bridges?  There are 400 bridges in Pittsburgh!!  Crazy!!  Who would have thought!
Meet Val, owner of Bike The Burgh Tours
Not long into our bike tour, my sister started having trouble with her seat.  Val right away started fixing the problem herself.  I can tell you.... I was very impressed.
After the seat was repaired, Val told us some history of the Hot Metal Bridge we were standing on.  Then off we went to the next destination.  By the way, Val slows down or speeds up to make sure everyone can keep up with her.   That was a good thing for us since we are kind of out of shape when it comes to riding bikes.

I am not going to spoil the tour for those of you that haven't done this yet.  I will say, I got to see how beautiful Pittsburgh is.  We learned so much about the Bridges Of Pittsburgh, plus we got to see so many other points of interest.  And.... we got some really good exercise along the way.

Here is something to let you know how kind Val is.  When she found out we were riding our bikes to the casino after the tour to meet my Hubs, she made sure she told us she would bike us there so we wouldn't get lost.   Good thing too!!  I would have been still riding my bike around Pittsburgh looking for the Rivers Casino.
Thank you so much Val!!  What a kind, good person you are.

My younger sister wants to go on a Bike The Burgh Tour with me next.  We just have to figure out our schedules.   I would like to do one of the weekend tours.

So What Are You Waiting For
If you are going to be in Pittsburh and are looking for a way to learn more about the city, Or if you live in Pittsburh and want to see it in a whole new light, get in touch with Val at


Twitter @BiketheBurgh

Also!!!! If you don't have a bike, there are bike rentals right close to where you meet for the tour.


Monster Mini Golf In Monroeville Pennsylvania ~ Buy One Admit One Free

While we were on vacation in Virginia, the only thing my Grandson wanted to do was play Miniature Golf.     They went to play at a place that was strictly just miniature golf, with no bells and whistles.

I found a place basically right in my own backyard to take him to play.  It has Glow In The Dark Mini Golfing!!

Monster Mini Golf In Monroeville Pennsylvania features 18 holes of Monster themed, Indoor Glow In the Dark.

This is Mini Golf, With coll special effects, great music, state of the art arcade games, glow air hockey and tons of redemption games with great prizes.   Monster Mini Golf is a mini golf experience like you've never had before!   Monster Mini Golf is high energy, 3 dimensional and they even take it a step further with a Live DJ.  But wait!!! They take it one step further....  They give away prizes for the craziest reasons!!

There are 2 Private, and very Posh Party Rooms that are great for birthday parties, teen parties, field trips, fundraisers, corporate function, weddings, or any event you can think of.

For details and other locations visit   Prices range rom $8.00 to $9.00 per person.
Monster Mini Golf is open year round and frightly fun for all ages.

If you are a reader of my blog... You Are In Luck  You can SAVE with this great deal.

Buy One Admit One Free - 1 free golfer with a paying glofer of equal or greatere value.  Cannot be combined with any other offers.  Not valid for birthday parties or groups.  Valid at the Monroeville location only.
.php?regionid=75&bid=6316&dealid=1358 @usfg