Why Buy A New Grill When You Can Get Replacement Parts For The Weber Grill

4 Years ago, my Hubs decided he wanted a Weber Grill because they are suppose to be the BEST!!  Or so he thought!

We love grilling and use our grill Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall.   My Hubs has been known to be outside grilling in the middle of a snow storm.

The problem is, our Pennsylvania weather is really hard on grills, even though we have it under our covered patio with another cover over it.  It still rusted.
The outside of the grill still looks GREAT, but the flavonizer bars and the cooking grates are getting very rusty.

I tried steam cleaning these and it got the grease and dirt off, but not the rust.   I even brushed them with a steel brush.
This grill isn't that old and for the price we paid for it, I could have had a new grill every year.  Yes, it would be a cheap brand, but so what??  It would look fresh and clean instead of old and rusty.

I hated the thoughts of buying a new grill and said to my Hubs... too bad we can't just buy some parts and pieces  for our grill instead of buying a new one.     He said, you can.  They sell Grill Parts and Accessories to fit almost any grill out there.

So just letting you all know... don't replace your grill until you try to change some of the pieces and parts!!

Obsidian Sphere ~ Shield Yourself From Negative Energy

I did a blog post awhile back saying I was interested in Healing Stones and Crystals.     Well look what I found at a yard sale.

When I bought this Obsidian Sphere, I had no idea what it was.  I just thought it was kind of neat.
I researched spheres, and found out this was an Obsidian Sphere.

Obsidian forms from molten Lava that has cooled very quickly. I am pretty sure this one is from Mexico.

The Obsidian is suppose to shield you from negativity and their energy is said to stimulate the gift of prophecy.

This crystal is used by many that do spiritual or healing work as it grounds you to Mother Gala.

                                     Here is a picture to show you the real size of this sphere

          It was just so different and I have never seen anything like it.  So, I bought it.


Pawn Stars Las Vegas ~ It Was Worth The Visit

Do any of you watch Pawn Stars on TV? My hubs doesn't miss an episode.     He decided, since we had nothing to do that we pay them a visit.

We took the Deuce bus from the strip heading south towards Old Town Las Vegas, and got off at Garces Ave Stop.  When we got off the bus we headed East up Garces Ave .  It is just about a 3 to 5 minute walk.  You will come to Las Vegas Blvd.  It is on the right across the street.

When we got there, of course the stars weren't there and we figured they were really never there except for filming.

Then out walks Chumlee to pose for pictures.  You know,  I expected him to be cocky.  He isn't, he seems very friendly and very down to Earth.  He smiled and talked as people took picture after picture.

They do sell antiques as well as things for tourists like tee shirts, coins with their picture on it among other things.

Here are just a couple of the antique pictures my Hubs took.

Pawn Stars
713 S. Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV  89101
Phone 702-385-7912

Hours.. Monday Through Sunday 9:00 AM To 9:00 PM

We personally had a good time, but be warned that you could wait in line for a very long time before getting in.


The Dark Side Of Blogging ~ What Is Your Pet Peeve With Bloggers?

Blogging has opened my eyes about many things.   Some really good and some really BAD!!!

I have met so many great bloggers that are fantastic.   I have even made a trip or two to meet up with them.  I traveled from Pennsylvania to Montana to meet up with Manzanita!!

I enjoy blogging.  I do it for fun and entertainment.  But, there is a DARK side to some bloggers that I would rather not deal with.

Here are some of my beefs with some bloggers.

 I hate going on a blog, trying to leave a comment and I get all kinds of pop ups coming at me.   I just click out of your blog and will never go back.   Some blogs you don't even have to be leaving a comment and you get pop ups.
This just shows me you are so desperate for followers to your twitter, facebook, blog or whatever that you have to restort to this method

Come on guys.... why do you think you have to email me in the first place?

What's up with that anyway.  You know most people don't want your newsletter so you have to trick us.

Are you really that desperate???  Come on.....  If we want your newsletter, we will sign up for it.

This is just down right WRONG!!  I have had it done to me, and the company even told me the blog they were coming from.

So what is your pet peeve with bloggers?

Old Desk Redo #DIY

When my inlaws were moving out of their house, my Hubs and I were in charge of getting rid of all their possessions.

We got rid of most of the furniture.  What we couldn't sell, we stored until we can figure out what to do with it.

His Dad had this really old desk that they had painted, painted again and then repainted.   It ened up being a mess.

No one wanted to buy it.  We had it down to $20 and still no one wanted it.    I told my Hubs to refinish it and I would use it in our home office.

He got into such a mess with this desk.
When he tried to take the paint off, it was bright red underneath.

Do you remember when they used to use paint to make a painted surface look like it had wood grain?

At one point my Hubs said he is done with trying to get the paint off this desk.  He was just going to get rid of it.    Then, his Dad died.   Since it was his Dads desk, my Hubs didn't have the heart to toss it.

I told him just to stain where he could and  use paint where he couldn't get the old paint off.    So that is what he did.

I think it turned out pretty nice and now I have my own desk to use.

No, it isn't perfect... but I like it!!


Have You Ever Seen How They De-Ice An Airplane?

The day we left for Las Vegas, it was so cold and snowy that I thought they might cancel our flight.  The Pittsburgh airport and Southwest Airlines has the weather under control, and can handle almost any situation. 

Have you ever wondered how they clear so much snow in such a short amount of time?   
Take a look at this.   This is how they do it.  Snow plow after snow plow,  one right behind the other and staggered so they are plowing a very wide area.
Check out all the snow on the plane.  It was a -11 degrees the nay we left so you know the plane was all iced over.
Have you ever wondered how they de-ice an airplane?

These were taken out of the airplane window.
We sat on the plane for 50 minutes while they were de-icing us.    We were flying into Denver  Colorado to catch our flight to Las Vegas.  We only had 40 minutes once we landed to get to our connecting flight.   When the de-icing took 50 minutes, we knew we weren't going to make the flight.

Finally, we landed in Denver.  We actually passed our airplane still hooked up and loading.   We thought if we could make a run for it, we could make it.
We must have looked a sight....  My Hubs with his knee replacement and me with my hip replacement on a mad dash through the airport.

When we got to our gate there was another couple that had been on the same flight as we were on waiting to go to Las Vegas  also.

They had already closed all the doors.  OH NO!!!  But..... They called ahead to the captain and he would let the 4 of us have the 4 last seats ...,, But,  they couldn't wait for our luggage to be transferred.   The luggage they said would be on the next flight.
That's fine..., let's go!!

Thank You Southwest Airlines, for getting us to Las Vegas safely.   Also,  thank you for delivering our bags the same night.


Using A Smudge Pot For Burning Herbs ~ Create Peace And Harmony In The Home

I am sure many of you burn incense, but have you ever burned herbs in a smudge pot?  It can make your house smell wonderful.   I am planning on growing a lot of my own herbs this summer to burn and of course to use in my cooking.

I have Lavender ready to burn that I grew last year.   Lavender is considered a relaxing herb.

When we were in Montana, we went to the Blackfeet Indian reservation.  While there, I learned about Smudge Pots and the burning of herbs to create harmony and peace in the home.

The Shamanic Smudging is an old tribal tradition and today is most times is just called smudging.  It has been used for centuries.   Different tribes use different herbs.  Probably because of what grew in their area.
Each tribe also has different prayes that tells the smoke to do a certain thing... like cleansing, protection or banishing negative energies.
They smudge in four directions.   You can also smudge yourself to stay balanced and in a peaceful state of mind.  Smudging is great to do while you meditate.

How to smudge yourself (This is how it was explained to me.)
. For this you need a smudge stick and a feather to fan the smoke to your body, or you can just put your smudge pot on the ground and stand over it.
. Start at the top of the body and move downwards. It is really hard to get the back of yourself but do it the best you can
. Now here is a good one for you.  Smudging naked is best!!

I don't follow any rituals.   Just the smell of the herbs burning is enough for me.

What do you do to make your house smell good?


Raw Strawberry Applesauce

My Hubs always tells me he doesn't much like applesauce, but when I made the Raw Strawberry Applesauce, he completely changed his tune.

I only made a small amount since I figured the Hubs would snoot up his nose.

After he tasted it and loved it, I wish I would have made more, but... it is so easy to make that you can just whip it up in no time.

Of course I used my Nutri Ninja.  You can read my review here The Nutri Ninja 2-in-1 One Power Pod Two Appliances ~ A Food Processoror A Nutri Ninja.  You can also use the Ninja Ultima Dual Stage Blender ~ Takes Healthy To A Whole New Level
Either one of these blenders would work very well.

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