Roasted Red Tomato Soup

There is nothing better than smelling these vegetables as they are roasting.  The smell filled my whole kitchen.  It made me so hungry, that I couldn't wait until it was soup!
This is before and after roasting the
vegetables.  I browned the basil a little more
than I would have liked, but all turned out well.

To Roast the Tomatoes And Vegetables
.  Cut about 3 pounds of tomatoes in quarters or Cherry tomatoes in half
.  4 Cloves of Garlic Peeled
.  2 Hot Banana Peppers Cut into 2 inch pieces(Optional)
.  2 Medium Carrots cut into 2 inch pieces
.  1 Small Onion ( I didn't have onion so I added a handful of chives)
.  1 Handful Fresh Basil 
.  1/4 Cup Olive Oil
Place vegetables on a sheet of aluminum foil
Pour The olive oil over and mix vegetables with your hands
Sprinkle some salt on top of vegetables
Bake at 375* For about 40 minutes
Raise Temapature to 400* and bake another 20 Minutes

Remove from oven and cool.
Put all vegetables into a blender and blend until smooth.

Store in refrigerator until ready to heat and eat.

This tasted so good that I can't wait for more of  our
tomatoes to ripen so we can make it again.
This would also make a great sauce for over spaghetti


Pittsburgh Mills Sky Trail Plus Ropes Course #COUPON

We have a very active 5 year old Grandson.  Very active!!  He loves doing so many different things and is good at them.   But, he can get a little wild if he doesn't get his exercise in during the day.

When Dominic comes to visit, I like to have a lot of things planned to keep him busy and active.   That way, he will sleep well and stay asleep all night..  At least that is what I hope for.

Last week, he stayed all night for 2 nights.   Of course, it rained for some of it.   I had a lot of outdoor activities planned that didn't happen because of the rain.    We had a hard time thinking of things to do to keep him busy.

The next time Dominic comes to stay... I am ready!!.  Even if it rains. I found an awesome place to take him!!  Pittsburgh Mills Sky Trail!!

The Pittsburgh Mills Sky Trail is a 32 foot tall, 2 level ropes course complete with 30 exciting elements including zig-zag beams, cargo nets, angled rope ladders, crisscross walks and more.   Participants choose their own path throught the elements and go at their own pace.   The rope course is also equipped with a Sky Rail Zip Line connection measuring 69' long.  Participants soar down the length of the ropes course on a self guided zipping experience and are able to enjoy it's thrills over and over.   For young adventures, there is a specially designed Sky Tykes ropes course for kids ages 2-7.

SAVE Ropes Course COUPON Pittsburgh Mills #SkyTrail @SkyTrailMills Ages 2 to 102

Gift Cards available too!

Follow Pittsburgh Mills Sky Trail for more info!


Maximum Booty Lifting & Core Activation Workout With Patricia Friberg ~Bottom Line & A Core Defined

The Bottom Line & A Core Defined is a Pilates and Strength based workout.  This step-wise program will help you learn to activate the core including the gluteal and adominal muscles.  Then the workout advances to provide the necessary challenges for a strong core and lifted bottom.  This program will help improve your posture and overall athletic performance.

The DVD is broken down into sections that include:

Explanation on how to use the program;  An explanation from Physical Therapist, Rebecca Gunn, who gives an expert perspective on core work and why it's important.

A section on alignment set up and proper position to get the most from the workout.

Bottom Activation 1 ~ Exercises for building endurance in the backside.
Bottom Activation 2 

A Core Defined ~ Patricia demonstrates the entire workout as Adam and Trudy show variations with and withut a band.

"After countless hours spent working in rehab facilities as well as with professional athletes, Patricia has a unique understanding of the importance of moving from a strong core.  This program will help you learn how to activate your core and develop gluteal strength.  This strength will help prevent injuries and give you the performance edge" Rebecca Guinn PT, OCS

About Patricia Friberg:
All around Health and Fitness expert, Patricia Friberg is the creator of the award winning Belly Beautiful Workout series and has been motivation students in her private and group fitness classes for over 20 years.  She teaches a variety of formats including: Pilates, Spinning, Kickboxing, Step, BOSU, Body Pump, Circuit, Outdoor Boot Camp, and Yoga.  Patricia is fully certified by Stott Pilates and holds certifications in GYROTONIC, GYROKINESIS, Yoga, Barre, Schwinn Cycling as well as the American Council on Exercise.  She teaches in premier clubs and studios across the country including Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, including Harpo Studios, Yoga Works and Equinox.  She trains professional athletes including players in NBA, and NFL and is a regular contributor on Fitness Glow.  Patricia is ACE certified and a member of IDEA.

Outside of fitness, Patricia is a licensed mental health counselor with a Master's degree from Pratt Institute.  Currently Patricia lives in Southern California with her husband and two boys.  Patricia is proud to volunteer her time annually to her "Power for Pink Workout" DVD and workout events that raise money for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  She also continues to volunteer as the fitness advisor to the non-profit JAM school program.

I know that to keep myself standing erect as I age, I am going to need some strong core muscles.  My family has always had what we call a pot belly.  Who knew that was because we needed to strengthen our abdominal area.  NOW I KNOW and am doing everything I can to keep myself strong.   I have even gotten my Husband downstairs in our basement working out with me.

The equipment recommended but not included in this DVD are a small fitness ball and a loop band.   I have got to get me one or two of those loop bands.   Have you ever seen them?  They sure do look like you could get a super workout with them.   But, even without the band, I got a great workout.  So all is well.

Visit Patricia Friberg

Twitter @patricia_fit

Patricia Friberg Lifestyle & Fitness Expert


Yes!! You Can Paint The Garage Floor #DIY

Last year I painted my back cement porch.  It turned out very well and even held up through our cold Pennsylvania winter.  I only had to touch it up in a couple of places this year.  I expected to have to do the whole thing over again.

I used a cheaper paint on the sidewalk and it didn't hold up so well.  Now, I need to redo it because it looks really bad.

This year, I decided to do our garage floor.  The salt dripping off the cars in the winter eats right through the cement.   

I decided to use an epoxy paint for the garage since hot tires will pick the latex paint right off the floor.

I do know the salt off our vehicles will probably eat through the paint just like it does the cement, but that is okay because I will just touch it up as needed.

Even though it didn't turn out as nice as I wanted it to, it still looks much fresher and cleaner than before.

In the before photo, you see a rug going down the center of the garage.  That is because the floor is so slippery.  

You can add sand to the paint to make it less slippery, but then it is harder to sweep and clean the floor.

My Hubs says it looks 90% better.  Lets just hope it lasts awhile.   I will let you know on that.

So far, that is what I have done to my garage.  Now I need to work on a good storage solution!!


Leslie Sansone Does It Again In Her Tone Every Zone Walk

When it comes to getting your exercise and walking, Leslie Sansone has got you covered.  The newest DVD from America's #1 Walking Expert Leslie Sansone mixes up her unique style of indoor fitness walking with extra helpings of toning for health boosting, body slimming results.  The  "Just Walk : The Tone Every Zone Walk" DVD is the calker's way to circuit train.  The DVD offers three 20-minute workouts that may be done individually or in any combination.  In Amazon stores now for the suggested retail price of $14.98

Sansones strength moves are no more difficult to master than her famously simple walking steps.

The first circuit workout alternates walking with upper body toning.  Light hand weights are recommended for the strength moves.  Arms, chest, back, even the core get involved.

The second circuit alternates lower body strength training with walking.  Here, again weights are recommended.

The third walk is all cardio, fast walk that incorporates standing moves to activate the muscles of the core seamlessly.  No weights are used.

Exercisers of various ages and fitness levels join Leslie on camera.  The entire DVD may be played in its entirety for a full hour of fitness, enjoyed 20 minutes at a time or with the three segments played in any combination.

For 25 years, Leslie Sansone has taught people of all ages how to get fit, stay fit and feel better about life.  She has 70 million walk fans, and counting.  What started as a few classes to her fitness center has grown into the #1 walking program in the world, having sold over 15 million DVDs to date.

For me, this Just Walk, The Tone Every Zone DVD is going to work very well.   My Dr told me if I don't reduce my osteoporosis, he will suggest that I go on medication to help my bones.   That stuff is wicked bad for me.  I refuse to go on it, so I need to step up my exercise routine and this is the perfect way to do it.

About Leslie Sansone
Leslie Sansone is a nationally recognized fitness expert, and creator of the Walk at Hope program.  She believes that our bodies were made to move and we can walk our way to health and wellness.  She contributes her tiem, her expertise, and financial support to health organizations including the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, American Diabetic Association, and MDA.  She served on the Leadership Council for IDEA and holds eight certifications including the prestigious American College of Sports Medicine and Cooper Institute: Group Exercise Leader.  Sansone was chosen to be one of the three keynote speakers for the 2008 American College of Sports Medicine National Fitness and Health Summit.

About Anchor Bay Entertainment
Anchor Bay Entertainment is a leading independent home entertainment company celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2015.  Anchor Bay acquires and releases a wide array of filmed entertainment in the theatrical and home entertainment markets, including STARZ Original series, childrens entertainment, fitness ( Anchor Bay Fitness ), sports and specialty films on Blu-ray and DVD formats.  The company has long term distribution agreements in place for select programing with the Weinstein Company, AMC Networks and RADiUS, among others.   Headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA, Anchor Bay Entertainment is a full service distributor in the North American market.  Anchor Bay Entertainment is a STARZ (NASDAQ: STRZA, STRZB business.

You can follow Anchor Bay's fitness news on Facebook  and also on twitter @anchorbayentfit
If you would like to follow Leslie Sansone on twitter @LeslieWalks
Just Walk ~ The Tone Every Zone Walk


Looking For #Shoes That Are Incredibly #Comfortable That Help With #Plantarfasciitis And #Metatarsal Problems

One thing I like about being a blogger is getting to review products.   I like trying something out before I buy it.  Sometimes, I run into a product that I have reviewed that I just can't live without.

About a year and a half ago, I had a lot of problems with my feet.   I had really bad foot pain in my metatarsal, arch and my heel.   I had plantar fasciitis and who knows what else.  Walking was very painful.

OOFOS had sent me a pair of their recovery footwear to try.  Here is the review I did on it. Feel Good Footwear ~ OOFOS Recovery Footwear Review ~ Feel The OO!    The first time I put my foot in these shoes, THEY HAD ME!!!

So over a year later, my feet feel great!!  I have bought several pair of new OOFOS.   I was in Las Vegas and found a store that carried them.   We traveled by bus for a long time to get there.  But I got myself a pair of the orange ones that I had been wanting.   

Check out all the colors I have in their flip flops.   I want a pair of yellow and dark blue.  Then I think I will have mostly all the colors.

I also bought some OOFOS Clogs to wear in the house.

By wearing OOFOS my feet have healed so I can wear my other shoes for awhile.   I can't go all day walking in them like I can the OOFOS, but at least I can wear them again.

In March, my Mother In Law told me she was having a lot of trouble with her feet.   We happened to stop over to visit her and she showed me her feet.   She had sores on her toes and the bottoms of her feet were hurting her.   She is a diabetic so she needs to be very careful with her feet.  I told my Hubs to run over to the house and get my OOFOS for her to try.   
When my Hubs got back with my OOFOS Clogs, my MIL tried them on and loved them.     Here is what she said to me.   
Since you don't want these... I will take them.    WHAT???  I snapped my head around to look at my Hubs. Oh my gosh.... no way did I want to give up my OOFOS Clogs that I wear every day in the house.  

My Hubs said, that's okay.  Let her have them.  I just called the store in Ohio and they have 2 pair left.  I had them put them back.   Whew!!  Thank goodness my Hubs looks out for me.
Now I have a back-up incase anyone else thinks they need my OOFOS.

We ended up buying my Mother in Law another pair of OOFOS.  Now she has a black and a brown pair of clogs.  
She actually said they healed her feet.

I also bought my sister a pair of OOCLOGS for her Birthday last year.  My other sister who lives in Florida is coming to visit for the summer and I have a pair of Hot Pink Flip Flops for her to wear.

I am still looking for shoes to wear in rainy, cold, snowy weather.   I love my OOFOS, but they just don't work for our Pennsylvania winters.

My OOFOS have a foam footbed and a very good arch.   Does anyone know of any shoes out there like this or ones that are incredibly comfortable that would work for fall and winter weather?

I will be doing the Sparkle Color Run in September and hope to find something by then.


How A Young Mother Got Her Sexy Back! Thanks to UjENA Swimwear ~ USAMade

My Husbands Daughter has been busy having babies, nursing, being a wife and mother, taking care of the home and working a full time job.  No time to be sexy... let alone even feel sexy.

2 kids and 5 years later, Scyler is ready to get her sexy back on.  You are probably wondering how she is going to do that.

UjENA Swimwear to the rescue!!!  UjENA Swimwear has been making women feel sexy since 1984.
They are a USA-Made designer swimwear manufacturer whose swimsuit collections include bikinis, one piece swimsuits, prints, full coverage bathing suits, Swimdresses, Vintage Style Swimwear, Brazillian, thong, g-string, sheer, gauze, crochet, sheer when wet, tankini and tonoa swim wear.

UjEANA offers mix and match swimwear and separates in halter tops, triangle tops, classic twist tops, push up tops and underwire tops.
Bottoms range from high waisted full coverage, to shaper bottoms, cheeky styles, scrunch back, side tie and booty shorts.
So with all those styles in swimwear, any woman, any size, any age can feel sexy.

Are you looking for fashion swimwear?  UjENA'S metallic collection, Bikini Bar, Chamois Suit and Crochet Bikinis are all handmade in their California Factory in Lace, Ruffles, Sequins and Animal Prints.   Show off your American Spirit... Go USA!!! in a range of patriotic swimwear styles.  From Stars and Stripes, to the American Girl and Fireworks Flash.  UjEANA also manufactures beachwear, resort wear, cruise wear, clubwear, womens gauze sundresses and cover-ups for everyone.

The UjENA one piece swimsuit collection is very popular among cruise travelers.  There are cover-ups, sarongs, dress, shirts, fashion pants, skirts and activewear that are perfect for your next Caribbean, Mexican or Hawaiian Cruise.  Plan your vacation and order a bikini and beach wear cover-up to match.   Wether it is bikinis, swimsuits, one piece bathing suits, g-strings, thongs, tankinis, or full coverage bathing suits, UjENA is the designer swimwear provider for all your beachwear needs.

And here Scyler is rockin her new UjENA Tankini !!
We chose the Teal Open-Back Tankini - New 2015 Collection
Bringing Sexy Back!!  This tankini is for Every Body with a little bit of sexiness added!

The top of the tankini can be left like Scyler is wearing it, or if you like it tighter in the bust line, you can move the scrunchies down lower for a tighter fit.  Your Choice!

This open back tankini was designed for those that love their backs but still want to cover their stomachs.  Perfect to hang out by the pool with your kids, window shop at the coolest beach front stores, read a book under a canopy or have drinks poolside with your girlfriends!  

This full-fit bikinin is a must have for your swimwear collection.  Plunging neck line looks great on all bust sizes and full scoop bottoms are just the right coverage.

This swimsuit comes with scrunchies that you can move up or down to get the best fit for your bust size.

Scyler remarked at how well this UjENA Tankini covered her stomach area so it made it look slimmer.  She also liked how the top tied in the back making it feel very secure on her.  She never got the feeling that it would fall off.

Another thing that impressed her is the quality of the suit.  The material laid very nicely against her body.  Never bunching up like many swimsuits do.

Handmade in the UjENA California factory

Teal Open-Back Tankini Halter Top
. Halter style
. Removable padding
. Open back/Ties in back
. Front lining
. Rouched accents
. Ties at neck
. Waist length
. Fully lined
. Matte Teal Nylon/Lycra fabric

UjENA Swimwear Has Been Making Women Feel Sexy Since 1984.  Check out their great USA Made swimsuit collection.

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